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10-01-2008, 16:46
Not the only thread on this I see, but still, this is subtly different to what others are posting.

After re-reading the Armageddon rules again, (not the first re-read), I think the best conversion would be the following:

*Each model is a unit
(So a squad of 5 marines, would be like a formation with 5 marine units)

*Army's must set up an additional 15cm apart (to counteract the increased firefight range)

*Firefight range is 30cm (doubled its epic range, 12" so nearly 40k rapid fire range)

*Weapon ranges are quadrupled and firepower quartered, or doubled and halved, tripled and divided by 3, or any other similar combination (to make weapon ranges more like 40k but not increase the actual effective firepower of the unit)

*Vehicles are war engines (they have damage capacity).

*Units taking an engage action may move twice if they forgo the option of using their fire fight shooting (this way units may still assult in close combat without always getting driven off by the increased range in firefights)

With these rules in place the a 40k scale game would work fine. All thats left is to rewrite most the units to fit. That is separating 5 complete marine units into one squad of 5 slightly different marines. Or combining 5 epic tanks into one 40k scale tank.

Some examples:


speed 45cm, armor 4+ (armored vehicle), close combat 6+, firefight 5+, 2 lascannon 180cm AT4+, 5 heavy bolter 90cm AP6+
reinforced armor, thick rear, transport 10 marines/ 5 termies
Damage Capacity 5

Tactical marines squad

1 sargent
speed 15cm, armor 4+, close combat 3+, firefight 3+, boltpistol 45cm AP 5+
3 marine
speed 15cm, armor 4+, close combat 4+, firefight 4+, bolter 60cm AP 5+
1 marine with rocket launcher
speed 15cm armor 4+, close combat 5+, firefight 5+, missile launcher 180 AT 5+