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Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 03:56
I've just finnished up my Rare Trade Chart for my campaign! Feel free to use it and any feedback is appreciated!

- Cirrus


TRADIN' (Orks and Diggaz only)

Common items can be bought quite readily in Mektown, either from a trading post or
directly from da Mekboy'z workshop. Players can purchase as many of these items as they want. The price for common items (such as choppas and shootas) is fixed, so players always pay the same for them.

Rare items are hard or even impossible to find. Only occasionally do such items turn up for sale and the price asked is often way and above their true value. Players must be prepared to snap up useful items as they are offered, especially the really hard-to-get weapons and equipment.

To represent the scarcity of rare items each player makes a dice roll at the start of their trading session to determine what goods are offered to the mob's Nob. To determine how many rare items are offered roll a D3 (ie, a D6 counting 1-2 as 1, 3-4 as 2 and 5-6 as 3). This is the number of items offered to the Nob as he scours the trade posts and visits his contacts in the brewhouses, gambling houses, and slop shops.

Roll D66 for each item and consult the Rare Trade chart to discover what is on offer. The player may buy any of the items offered, but only one of each item unless the same result is rolled more than once. Note that each player rolls separately for his trading Ė the mobs donít necessarily hide out in the same
place nor do they have the same contacts. One player cannot buy goods offered to another.


If a player wishes he can use a mobster to search around Mektown and make enquiries about further rare items which might be for sale. A mobster who does this cannot collect income from the mob's scrapmine that turn; searching out rare items is an alternative to collecting income.

For each mobster employed in this fashion you may add a further +1 randomly generated rare items to the list of those offered for sale.


The mob's Nob may attempt to haggle with the Mekboyz or various merchants he may come across in hopes of intimidating them into giving him a better bargain. Roll a D6. On the roll of 1-5, the merchant snarls back at your Nob and the attempt has failed and he must pay full price for the piece of equipment. On the roll of a 6, the Nob has successfully bullied the seller into offering him a better price. This reduces the cost of the item for sale by -D3 teef to a minimum of 3.

The Diggaz may never haggle as they simply aren't nearly 'ard or tough enough to instill any sense of fear in the eyes of an Ork and furthermore must pay 1 toof extra for each item they come across to account for the Mekboy's special 'Digga deals'.


The following chart is used to determine what rare trade items are offered for sale to the mob leader. D3 items are offered automatically and a further +1 for each mobster sent to search them out. The prices of
rare items are given on the main trade charts.

D66 Roll Item

11-14 Hand-to-Hand Weapons
1-4 - Chain Choppa
1-3 Hand Chain Choppa 4-6 'Uge Chain Choppa
5 - Power Choppa
1-3 Hand Power Choppa 4-6 'Uge Power Choppa
6 - Power Claw

15 Rare Weapons
1-3 - Hand Skorcha
4-5 - Kustom Mega Blasta
6 - Da Bestest Gun Evva!

16 Gas Bombz
1-2 - Choke Bombz
3-4 - Scare Bombz
5-6 - Mad Bombz

21-23 Uvver Bombz
1 - Super Stikkbombz
2 - Blasta Hammaz
3 - Trukkbusta Bombz
4 - Flash Bombz
5-6 - Smoke Bombz

24-25 Big Gunz
1-3 - ZZAP! Gun
4-6 - Lobba

26-34 Squig Shop
1-2 - Pokitt Squigs
3-5 - Squig Steaks
6 - Bomb Squigs

35 Grapple Gun

36-44 Brewhouse
1-3 - Fungibeer Cocktails
4-6 - Snikrot Brewgob's Firebeer

45 Aimin' Goggles

46 Rokkit Pack

51-52 Toolz
1-3 - Mek's Toolz
4-6 - Doc's Toolz

53 Teleporta

54 Kustom Force Field

55 Mega Armor
1-3 - Kombi-Shoota/Hand Skorcha Variant
4-6 - Kombi-Shoota/Single-Shot Rokkit Launcha Variant

56 Lifta-Droppa

61 Finda

62-64 Extra Ammo

65-66 Digga Tek
1-2 - Hand-to-Hand Weapons
3-4 - Gunz
5 - Armor
6 - Gizmos

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 03:57


POWER CHOPPA - D3+3 teef
'UGE POWER CHOPPA - D3+4 teef (mirror Digga power weapon)

- Power Choppas are choppas that have been upgraded with a powerful battery pack or generator giving it a crackling field of electricity across the blade that discharges into it's target upon impact.
- Power Chppas use the following profile and may only be used in close combat.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
close combat - - +2 1 -2 -

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes close combat - - +3 1 -2 - Double Handed. Opponent wins draws.

POWER CLAW - D6+6 teef

- The Power Claw is a hefty mechanized glove that is self powered and can crush buggies, buildings, and just about anything else the warrior wants with ease.
- The Power Claw uses the following profile and may only be used in close combat.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes close combat - - 6 1 -3 -

CHAIN CHOPPA - D3+2 teef

- Chain Choppas are deadly and noisy weapons with a powerful set of jagged motorized chainsaw teeth and are an extremely popular invention of the Mekboyz as they are about as loud and violent as hand weapons can get.
- Chain Choppas have the following profile.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Long Short Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
close combat - - as user +1 2 -1 -

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Long Short Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
close combat - - as user +2 2 -1 - Double handed. Opponent wins draws

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 03:58


- Fungibeer is a very flammable liquid due to it's high proof of alcoholic content and many Orks make use of this tasty beverage as a thrown flame weapon, splashing blankets of fire onto their targets.
- Fungibeer Cocktails are used in the same way as stikkbombz in that they are thrown weapons and use the same rules for throwing and scatter. The Fungibeer Cocktails use the following profile.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
-1 -1 4 1 -2 auto Blast template. Set on fire. D3 hits versus vehicles.

- When a Fungibeer Cocktail lands either on it's target or in an open area, place the 2 inch blast template where it lands damaging any models completely beneath the template or partially on a D6 roll 4, 5, or 6 and rolling to wound and set on fire as normal. Do not remove the template. Instead, roll a D6 at the end of each turn the template remains in play. On the roll of a 1-3, the wall of fire burns out and the template is immediately removed from play. On a 4-6, the template stays alight and any models moving through or partially through (4+ on a D6) the wall of fire immediately take damage as though they had just been hit with the Fungibeer Cocktail.
- The Fungibeer Cocktail cannot be kustomized by the Mek.


- Out of all the different brands and proofs of Fungibeer that are found in the brewhouses around Mektown, Snikrot Brewgob's Firebeer is by far the strongest, bordering close to illegally high proofs of alcoholic content pushing well past the 300 mark along with a few other added special ingredients to give it that 'little extra kick', but as Snikrot's slogan will always tell you - 'It's a real skorcha, but it still goes down smoooooth'.
- Snikrot Brewgob's Firebeer may be used once per game and is replennished after every battle as part of the mob's expenses.
- In order to use Snikrot Brewgob's Firebeer, the warrior must first pass a Ld test as he builds up enough courage to choke down the violently searing liquor after which he is subject to Frenzy and Hatred to all enemy models until the effects of the firebeer wear off. Roll a D6 at the end of each turn the warrior is under the effects of the firebeer. On the roll of 3+ all is well and he may continue on his drunken rampage. On the roll of a 1-2, the firebeer has worn off and the warrior is subject to Stupidity for the rest of the battle as he stumbles through one of the worst and most painful throbbing hangovers of his life.
- In the case of Diggaz, after the effects of Frenzy and Hatred from the firebeer have worn off the warrior is subject to Stupidity for the rest of the battle and also must roll beneath his Toughness value or take D3 strength 2 hits as the effects of the firebeer have battered his system to the point of severe alcohol poisoning. Humans just can't hold their beer the same way as an Ork.

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 03:58

POKITT SQUIGS - D3+3 teef (Limit 0-1 Nobs only)

- Pokitt Squigs are simply smaller versions of their larger cousins - the Attack Squig. However, since they are extremely rare and difficult to come across they are generally only bought by wealthier mob leaders as exotic pets. As such, they can quite comfortably ride atop their owner's shoulders or be tucked away in a pocket or bag ready to pounce on a foe on command, mauling and distracting their owner's opponents thus providing invaluable assistance in close combat.
- The Pokitt Squig grants the warrior an extra attack dice at Strength 3 in hand-to-hand combat and always wins in the result of a tie. In the case of 'Uge Clubs and Choppas this negates the 'always loses ties' rule, and the Pokitt Squig never requires a free hand to use. If an opposing warrior is also using a Pokitt Squig, ties are only won based on Initiative or a dice roll as normal.

SQUIG STEAKS - D3+1 teef

- There are few things a squig enjoys chomping down upon more than a tasty Ork, Grot, or Digga. A juicy Squig Steak is one such thing.
- Squig steaks are used as a welcomed distraction to a snarling and charging squig as a thrown item using the same rules as throwing stikkbombz and use the following profile and are replenished after every battle as part of the mob's general expenses.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
- - - - - auto Tasty squig treat.

- These may be thrown at any time, even in the opponent's turn (in order to do this during the opponent's turn, the warrior must pass an Initiative test) and may be thrown at either a spot on the ground (-1 for small target) or enemy mob members as the player chooses and must roll to hit as normal and scatter if it misses. When the Squig Steak lands at it's intended target, measure the distance between the steak and the attacking squig. If the steak is within 12 inches from the squig, then the squig has caught the scent and will immediately turn it's attentions to the steak instead until it has reached the steak. If the steak has landed on an enemy mob member, the Squig will attack the unfortunate warrior for one round of combat.
- If the warrior has any Squig Steaks left on him if and when he is attacked by a Pokitt Squig, the Pokitt Squig is distracted by the slab of meat and will not attack the warrior for that round of combat. After the first round of combat, the Pokitt Squig has finnished it's snack and will attack as normal and automatically leaving the warrior without any Squig Steaks for the rest of the battle.

BOMB SQUIGS - D6+3 teef

- Bomb Squigs are simply an attack squig that has been strapped to the teeth so to speak with ridiculous amounts of explosives and stikkbombz and sent out to kamakaze it's target.
- The Bomb Squig may be used once per game and is replenished after each battle through the mob's general expenses.
- The Bomb Squig moves as an Attack Squig at a rate of 2D6 and will charge towards the closest enemy target if able to. Once it reaches base-to-base contact with it's target, it then bites down on the explosive charges in it's jaws, blasting itself and everything in close proximity with devestating force. This counts as a blast from a Super Stikkbomb. Place the 2 inch template above the Bomb Squig and resolve damage. The Bomb Squig is then removed from the table and may not be used again for the rest of the battle.

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 03:59

DA BESTEST GUN EVVA! - Cost of weapon + D6+2 teef

- Da Bestest Gun Evva! is a rare example of the Mekboy's art, made from the best materials to the finest standards and the most exacting tolerances, or simply the results of plain dumb luck. Such weapons are prized beyond mere teef. Orks have fought and died to own a weapon such as this.
- The weapon is normal for its type but automatically passes any Ammo roll it is required to make. If it is a weapon that would normally automatically fail its Ammo roll then it will pass on the D6 roll of a 4, 5 or 6. Roll a D6 to find out what kind of weapon you have been offered: 1-3 Pistol, 4-5 Gun, 6 Big Gun. You can choose any weapon from the category rolled.

HAND SKORCHA - D6+2 teef

- Hand Skorchaz are much smaller and less potent versions of the larger Skorcha in such that they can be carried comfortably in one hand, but inevitably due to their size and portability lack in range considerably compared to it's larger predecessor.
- Hand Skorchaz have the following profile and may be used in close combat. The Hand Skorcha can only be upgraded with the Shootier kustom job and roll for ammo tests each time it is fired.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Long Short Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
Hand Flamer Template - - 4 1 -2 4+ Set on fire. D3 hits vs. vehicles


- The Kustom Mega Blasta is a marvel of Ork technology which works by firing a blast of energy at the target. However, these are highly unstable and dangerous weapons and more often than not are equally as damaging to the user as the target.
- Kustom Mega Blastas use the following profile and have a chance of overheating. When fired on Maximum Power, the gun must wait for the warrior's next full turn to recharge before shooting again.

Firing on Low Energy:
Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Long Short Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
0-6 6-16 +1 - 4 1 -1 4+ Gets hot. 1 Sustained Fire dice

Firing on Maximum Power:
Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Long Short Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
0-6 6-24 +1 - 6 1 -2 4+ Gets hot. 1 turn to reload.

- Each time the gun is fired roll a D6. On the roll of a 1-2, the gun overheats and backfires with devestating force, inflicting a strength 4 hit on the user. The shot still fires regardless, even if the warrior goes down or out of action from the resulting kickback. On the roll of a 3-6, all is well and the gun fires as normal.

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 04:00

ZZAP! GUNZ - D6+17 teef

- ZZAP! Gunz are highly powerful if unpredictable and massively dangerous energy weapons that blast a thick bolt of lightning from the barrel, electrocuting and ultimately demolishing everything it comes into contact with.
- The ZZAP! Gun uses the following profile and has a chance of overheating, must roll for ammo tests each time the gun is fired, and takes 1 full turn to recharge.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
4D6 2D6 D6 -D3 4+ Gets Hot. Auto hits. Fork Lightning. 1 turn to reload.

- The ZZAP! Gun overheats on the roll of an 11 or 12 when rolling for it's strength that turn and backfires on the gunner with a strength 8 hit with no armor save possible. The shot still fires regardless, even if the warrior goes down or out of action from the resulting kickback. If the warrior goes out of action from the kickback, roll twice on the Serious Injury chart re-rolling Bitter Enmity.
- The ZZAP! Gun will automatically fork towards the closest target (even if the closest target is part of the same mob!) within it's 90 degree arc of fire even if they are in combat, so BE CAREFUL!! Roll a D6 for the first model that is hit. On the roll of a 4+ after the lightning has done it's damage to the warrior or vehicle, it then arcs from this figure to the next closest figure subtracting the strength by -1 for each model hit in this way. The lightning forks off of this model to the next on a roll of 5+ subtracting a further -1 from it's strength and off of each consecutive models on rolls of a 6 on a D6, subtracting -1 strength for each figure that is hit until it either reaches it's maximum range, fails a Fork Lightining roll, fails to wound a figure, or the shot's strength reaches 0. Measure all distance from the first model to the next and so forth, effectively making a zig-zagging pattern for it's range instead of a straight forward line.
- The ZZAP! Gun counts as a Very Big Gun and due to it's immense size and complexity must be mounted on a vehicle ie. 'Eavies cannot carry a ZZAP! Gun.
- ZZAP! Gunz may only be upgraded with the Longer Range kustom job.

LOBBAZ - D6+10 teef

- The Lobba is a named as such in that it 'lobs' it's payload in a high arc onto the enemy. How they go about lobbing their munitions varies. Most look like big mortars or howitzers but rokkits are a popular choice, too and some Mekboyz have even modified these into a more medieval-style catapult and trebuchet construction or even massive stikkbomb chukkaz. Regardless of their type, all lobbas work in relatively the same way - very dangerously.
- Lobbaz use the following profile and must roll for ammo tests each time it is fired and takes a full turn to reload.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
Guess 48" - - 5 D6 -2 4+ Blast template. Guess range. 1 turn to reload.

- Lobbaz are guess range weapons and may not be measured until after the shot has been taken. Guess the range to the target and roll the scatter dice in the same as a missed stikkbomb. If the result of a Hit and Misfire are rolled together then the lobba recoils with a strength 5 hit on the gunner. The shot still fires regardless, even if the warrior goes down or out of action from the resulting kickback.
- The Lobba counts as a Very Big Gun and due to it's immense size must be mounted on a vehicle ie. 'Eavies cannot carry a Lobba.
- The Lobba may only be upgraded with the Longer Range kustom job.

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 04:01

TELEPORTA - D6+8 teef

- The Teleporta is a magnificent piece of Orky technology in that it teleports the user and anyone in close proximity to the device several meters from their immediately previous positions in the blink of an eye. However, amazing as this device may be it's also amazingly dangerous and if used too frequently, the sudden jolts of energy produced by the Teleporta can cause serious harm to a warrior's system.
- When a warrior wants to use the Teleporta, simply place the 2 inch template overtop of him and any warriors completely inside the template are teleported, partially on a 4, 5, or 6. Everyone in the Teleporta bubble is moved 4D6 inches in a random direction and a dice is rolled for each warrior after the move is resolved. On a 1, the warrior's system couldn't handle the strain from the teleportation and suffers a strength 4 hit with no saves allowed.
- If the Teleporta is used for two or more consecutive turns in a row, the dice roll is increased to the result of a 1 or 2.


- Mekboyz have an uncanny understanding of technology and will sometimes build or scavenge powerful force field projectors that are used for protection from gunz, stikkbombz, and other high velocity objects such as trukks and rokkits.
- The Kustom Force Field uses the 2 inch template, protecting all models completely underneath the template, and partially on a roll of 4, 5, or 6. Each time the forcefield is used to deflect a shot, roll a dice. On the roll of a 4+, the shot is harmlessly deflected off of the bubble and nobody inside is harmed from the shot. On a roll of 1, something bad happens to the wiring and the force field is rendered useless for the rest of the battle and the shot is worked out as normal. On a roll of 2-3 the force field short circuits momentarilly and the shot is worked out as normal but may still be used to deflect further shots.
- In the case of stikkbombz, the stikkbomb will bounce and scatter away from the bubble as though the edge of the bubble was the target to begin with. If it scatters overtop of the bubble and would hit a warrior protected by the force field, the explosion has no further effect.
- In the case of vehicles moving into the bubble faster than a slow speed manoeuvre, if the force field has not short circuited treat this exactly as a crash against a terrain feature. If the vehicle has made a slow speed manoeuvre, then it may pass through the bubble as normal. If a warrior equipped with a Kustom Force Field is riding inside a vehicle, all rolls on the vehicle damage tables are decreased by -3 to a minimum of 1.
- The Kustom Force Field prevents warriors equipped with Rokkit Packs to charge under Rokkit Power through the bubble if it does not short circuit and must instead make their charge on foot. They may still attempt to charge using their Rokkit Packs. However, if the force field does not short circuit, the warrior crashes, taking a strength 4 hit and his move is ended immediately.

FINDA - D3+3 teef

- A Finda detects life signs within the proximity of the user. The device is relatively small, about the size of a pistol, and can be worn upon a belt or tucked away in a bag or pouch. A warrior who carries such a device improves his chances of spotting hidden foes.
- A model carrying a Finda quadrouples the range at which it will see hidden enemies. For example, a fighter with Initiative 2 will spot hidden enemy at 8" rather than 2".

LIFTA-DROPPA - D6+15 teef

- The Lifta-Droppa is a curious invention designed by master Mekboyz that quite literally does exactly as it's name states. It discharges an invisible beam of gravity based energy from the front of the device with a deafening and sudden blare that launches warriors, vehicles, and just about anything else several metres into the air and may alternatively be used to crush warriors, vehicles, and just about everything else into the dirt.
- The Lifta-Droppa counts as a Very Big Gun and due to it's immense size and complexity must be mounted on a vehicle ie. 'Eavies cannot carry a Lifta-Droppa.
- The Lifta-Droppa uses the following profile and takes a full turn to recharge.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
0-6 6-18 - -1 Special - - 4+ Blast template. 1 turn to reload.

- The Lifta-Droppa has two settings and may use either one of these when shooting but the player must declare which before the shot has been made.
- The Lifta setting works as follows. When the intended target has been hit (this may be a spot on the ground in which case counts as a small target), do not roll for wounds or damage. Instead, all models beneath the template are instantaneously flung 2D6 inches in a random direction indicated by the scatter dice taking a strength 4 hit each after crashing into the dirt. In the case of vehicles, they are only flung D6+2 inches in a random direction and takes D3 strength 3 hits. Furthermore, the vehicle may become overturned and immobilized as a result. Roll a dice and on the result of a 1 the vehicle has overturned and is immobilized for the rest of the battle.
- The Droppa setting works as follows. When the intended target has been hit (this may be a spot on the ground in which case counts as a small target), do not roll for wounds or damage. Instead, all models beneath the template count as moving through difficult ground for their next movement phase and must roll beneath their Strength characteristic or take a strength 4 hit and count as moving through very difficult ground for their next movement phase. In the case of vehicles, the vehicle will take D3 strength 3 hits and may only make a slow speed manoeuvre for it's next movement phase.
- Due to the maddening complexity of the Lifta-Droppa, it may never be kustomized by the Meks.

GRAPPLE GUN - D3+4 teef

- The Grapple Gun is a rather useful contraption developed by the Meks that consists mainly of a gnarled metal hook attached to a long cable which is fired from a relatively small gun.
- The Grapple Gun has a maximum range of 16 inches.
- A warrior can fire the Grapple Gun in the shooting phase instead of shooting with a gun or pistol. Choose the spot you wish to aim for and roll to hit as usual using the warrior’s BS. If a vehicle is hit then the grapple has attached itself to it and the warrior automatically and immediately boards the vehicle. After each shot, hit or miss, the grapple hook is immediately dragged back into the gun, (using a special right base relay cog), and will be ready to fire in the next turn.
- The Grapple Gun may also be used to shoot at established terrain features (a warrior may not shoot at an empty spot on the ground) and pieces of scrap as well as vehicles. In the case of terrain, he is moved onto or beside the feature as he chooses (or maximum range allows). In the case of scrap, roll under the warrior's strength characteristic on a D6. If he passes, he maintains his footing and pulls the scrap immediately towards him, placing the piece of scrap at his feet. If he fails, his footing faulters and is instead immediately placed beside the piece of scrap.

AIMIN' GOGGLES - D6+3 teef

- Aimin' Goggles are an ingenious and prized invention of the Meks. These generally take the form of a pair of goggles or a visor which grants the wearer a special telescopic interface that helps him with his aim and the added bonus of being able to see through smoke caused by Smoke Bombz.
- A stationary warrior wearing a set of Aimin' Goggles doubles the short range of his weapon when using a gun. Furthermore, the wearer can see and move through smoke without penalty. He can shoot through smoke but suffers a -1 to hit penalty when doing so, and lastly gains an overall +1 bonus to his Ballistic Skill.
- The Aimin' Goggles gain no advantage against a suddenly appearing or fleeting target, therefore thes bonuses do not apply if shooting at an appearing or disappearing target or at a charging target on overwatch.

ROKKIT PACK - D6+4 teef

- Rokkit Packs are crude rokkit powered jet pack devices that are strapped to the user's back, allowing him to blast himself towards his enemies at alarming speeds. Generally, only the most daring (or crazy) warriors will take a chance with strapping one of these to their backs.
- Rokkit Packs allow the user to double their movement distance only during a run or charge action in their movement phase. Furthermore, they may end their movement on top of terrain features up to a maximum height of 12 inches and does not have to perform a run or charge action in order to do this. If they are charging an enemy model, they may choose to use their Rokkit Packs and sheer velocity they exert when launching the user into combat adds +1 to their strength and a further +1 modifier to their combat score. Roll a dice each time the Rokkit Pack is used to charge in such a way. On the result of a 1 or 2, the warrior has pushed things too far and crashes horribly and immediately takes a strength 4 hit. If he survives the tumble, he is then placed into close combat as normal without the previous modifiers as he clambers to his feet.

EXTRA AMMO - D3+2 teef

- Conserving ammunition is a rather pointless and broing consideration to an Ork and as such tend to run out of ammo on a more than frequent basis, making it a good idea to carry a little bit extra to make sure their gunz keep firin' on full dakka.
- Extra Ammo allows the warrior to add +1 modifier to each ammo test he is required to make until one is failed. Furthermore, Extra Ammo may only be used with weapons that have an ammo roll to begin with ie. may not be used for stikkbombz or other weapons that automatically fail their ammo tests.
- Extra Ammo is replennished after each battle through the mob's various expenses.

MEK'S TOOLZ - D3+2 teef (Spanner Boyz only)

- Mek's Toolz are far more portable versions of the same general items available in the Spannerboy's garage, therefore allowing him to perform some on the fly maintenance to vehicles and their gunz during a battle.
- A Spanner Boy equipped with a set of Mek's Toolz can attempt to repait a vehicle which has been immobilized or tinker with it's big gun if it has sustained damage. In order to attempt a repair job, the warrior must reach the vehicle or gun in his movement phase and may not shoot or fight in close combat for the remainder of that turn. At the end of the turn, roll a D6 and look up the result on the table below.

1 KRUNCH!! Oops.. If it wasn't broken before, it is now! No further repair attempts can be made on the vehicle or gun for the rest of the battle.

2-4 Umm.. I fink dis bit goes dere.. The warrior makes no effective progress this turn, but may keep trying in his next turn or decide to give up and go somewhere else and even try again later.

5-6 Job's a Good 'Un! The vehicle or Big Gun is good as new, or at least as 'new' as it was at the beginning of the battle. Depending on what the Spanner Boy was working on, the Big Gun is fixed or the vehicle is made mobile again.

DOC'S TOOLZ - D3+2 teef

- A warrior using a set of Doc's Toolz can have a go at 'fixin' one of his wounded companions and will attempt to patch up his fallen comrades with great enthusiasm, if little actual technique. Luckily, Ork bodies respond well to staples and glue.
- A warrior who carries a set of Doc's Toolz can use them upon a friend who is down and in base contact. The warrior must move base-to-base and then spend the rest of the turn attending to his comrade. He cannot shoot, fight hand-to-hand or do anything else. At the end of the turn in the recovery phase an Injury roll is made for the down model as normal except that a score of 1-4 recovers the injured warrior to flesh wound, a 5 is down, and a 6 is out of action. Note that a warrior cannot use Doc's Toolz on himself, nor may another individual use them once its owner is injured or otherwise incapacitated.

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 04:01

- There are many different kinds of gas bombz. Some of these weapons are made in the factories of Mektown, others are fabricated by cunning Mekboyz in the comfort of their personal workshops. All of these weapons are rare and somewhat specialised in nature, so they are not commonly used by mob fighters. The different effects of the various gas bombz are discussed below.
- When you throw a gas bomb choose your target and work out where the bomb hits. Place a gas cloud marker (2 inch template) to represent the gas. Models within the cloud are hit automatically; models partially within the cloud are hit on a D6 roll of 4 or more, exactly as for ordinary weapons. Warriors hit by gas are not pinned as a result. In other words, although ‘hit’ the targets are not actually struck or hurt so the hit doesn’t count in quite the same way as a regular weapon hit.
- Any model hit by gas must roll a D6. If the score is less than the target’s Toughness it is not affected by the gas. If the score is equal to or more than the target’s Toughness it is affected as described below. A roll of a 6 always affects the target regardless of his Toughness. A model that is not already affected by the gas must make this roll if it finds itself within the gas cloud at the start of its turn.
- Gas clouds can last for several turns, or slowly disperse or drift away altogether. Test at the beginning of both players’ turns. At the start of each turn roll a D6.

1 The gas dissipates causing no further harm.
2-3 The gas remains where it is.
4-5 The cloud shrinks to a blast template in size.
6 The gas drifts D6" in a random direction. Any models enveloped by the gas are hit.

CHOKE BOMBZ - D3+3 teef

- Warriors affected by Choke fall to the dirt and are helpless whilst they remain in the cloud. Models can crawl 2" and attempt to leave the cloud, but they cannot shoot, fight or do anything else if within the cloud at the start of their turn. Once they have crawled free of the choking gas or it has dispersed they recover by the end of the turn.

SCARE BOMBZ - D3+3 teef

- A warrior affected by Scare gas must take an immediate Leadership test to keep his nerve. If failed the gas has sent the warrior into a panic and he is broken as described in the rules for Leadership tests.

MAD BOMBZ - D6+5 teef

- Warriors affected by this dangerous hallucinogenic fungus gas from the Mad Bombz become subject to all kinds of strange delusions and can behave in an extraordinary manner. If the model is within the gas cloud at the start of his turn roll a D6 and consult the chart below.
- If a Mad Bomb cloud dissipates it still affects models within it at the start of the turn, and if a cloud drifts it affects all models ‘hit’ by the gas as it drifts.

1 Holdin' Yer Breff! Wild and dizzying visions spin before the victim’s eyes as he battles to overcome his inner madness. Roll a further D6. On a score of 1-3 the victim resists the visions and is unaffected. On a 4-6 roll again on this chart.

2 Dey’re Crawlin' All Over Me! The victim is convinced that he is covered with spiders, beetle squigs, or other unpleasant creatures. The victim is pinned in place by sheer horror. He cannot test to avoid this and can do nothing for his next turn.

3 Over Dere! The victim is convinced the enemy is all around him, hiding behind every piece of
cover, lurking just out of sight, ready to drop from above. The victim does not move this turn but must blast off with any weapon he has in a totally random direction. If any model, friend or foe, lies in that 90 degree arc then it becomes a target just as normal.

4 Run Fer It! The victim is overcome with terror, his eyes widen and he starts to dribble and gibber. The model is automatically and immediately broken as if he had failed a Leadership test and broke his nerve. Move the model 2D6" away from the enemy – this constitutes the model’s movement for that turn.

5 Traitors! The victim becomes convinced his fellow fighters are out to get him, that the whole thing is a set-up, and the only way to escape is to kill them all. The fighter does not move that turn but shoots at the nearest friend.

6 Duhhhh... The victim lapses into a mindless slackjawed state for the remainder of the encounter. Do not roll again on this chart even if the model remains within the Mad Bomb gas. The fighter is unharmed and recovers after the game is over, but takes no further part in this encounter and can be removed from play. He does count as out of action for purposes of Bottle rolls.


SMOKE BOMBZ - D3+2 teef

- A Smoke Bomb releases a cloud of oily smoke that is impossible to see through without special visual devices such as a set of Aimin' Goggles or a Bionik Eye. When you throw a Smoke Bomb you must aim at a specific point of ground - this counts as a small target at -1 to hit. Work out where the bomb lands and place a gas cloud template (2 inch template) to show the extent of the smoke cloud. You can use a patch of cotton wool to represent this if you like. The height of the cloud is assumed to be 2".
- Models cannot see through smoke unless equipped to do so, and therefore cannot fire through it. Models within a smoke cloud can see nothing and can either stay where they are or attempt to move out of the cloud in their movement phase. Models moving within a cloud always move in a random direction (established using the Scatter dice) and at half speed. If enemy warriors find themselves engaged in hand-to-hand combat within a smoke cloud they still fight, but halve their WS characteristic rounding any odd halves up.
- A smoke cloud can last for several turns, slowly disperse or drift away altogether. Test at the beginning of each player’s turn. At the start of each turn roll a D6.
1-2 The cloud remains where it is until the end of the testing player’s turn and then dissipates with no further effect.
3-4 The cloud remains where it is.
5 The cloud shrinks to a blast template in size.
6 The cloud drifts D6" in a random direction established using a Scatter dice.

FLASH BOMBZ - D3+2 teef

- Also known simply as a flare, the Flash Bomb explodes with a burst of intense light, blinding or stunning those nearby. A Flash Bomb can dazzle warriors and damage sensitive equipment such as Aimin' Goggles.
- To use the Flash Bomb, throw the bomb as normal and place the 2 inch template where it lands. Models hit by the flash may be affected as described below. Note, however, that warriors hit by the flash are never pinned as a result. In other words, although ‘hit’ the targets are not actually struck or hurt so the hit doesn’t count the same as a regular weapon hit. Roll a D6 for each model. Any model which rolls under its Initiative characteristic is merely dazzled for the remainder of that turn, counting its WS and BS as 1. Otherwise the warrior is unharmed.
- Any model that does not roll under its Initiative is blinded. Blinded models are unable to see and so cannot move properly or shoot. If they do decide to move they do so at half speed and in a random direction. If engaged in hand-to-hand combat they can fight but their WS is reduced to 1. A model who is blinded remains blinded throughout his following turn, but may test at the start of each of his subsequent turns to recover his sight. Roll a D6. On the score of a 5 or 6 the model regains its sight and can see and move normally once more.
- If the target is equipped with a set of Aimin' Goggles, roll a D6. On the score of a 6 the sensitive technology is damaged beyond repair and is premanently destroyed.


- Blasta Hammaz are ludicrously wreckless and dangerous weapons that are quite simply a rokkit or stikkbomb that has been welded or strapped to the end of a long pole, effectively turning it into a hammer.
- Blasta Hammaz may be used once per battle and are replennished afterwards through the mob's expenses and use the following profile.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
close combat - - 6 D6 -3 - Double handed.

- Blasta Hammaz only apply to the first round of combat in which they are used up for the remainder of the battle, simply counting as a club afterwards.
- Blasta Hammaz may not be kustomized by the Meks.


- Mekboyz can't resist improving something, even if it makes that something hideously dangerous in the process. Super Stikkbombz are a case in point, each one is generally a bundle of krak bombz wired together to make one almighty bang.
- Super Stikkbombz use the following profile.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
-1 -2 6 D6 -3 auto Blast template.

- Super Stikkbombz may only be upgraded with the Shootier kustom job.


- Trukkbusta Bombz are directional explosive charges the size of manhole covers. They are used against vehicles and forts which krak stikkbombz just aren't heavy enough to break.
- Trukkbusta Bombz may only be used once per battle and are replennished after each match through the mob's general expenses. They are only used to attack vehicles and forts and use the following profile.

Short Long To Hit To Hit Save Ammo
Range Range Short Long Str. Dam. Mod. Roll Notes
- - 4 D3 - - Double penetration.

- Trukkbusta Bombz roll 2D6 for penetrating armor, giving them an armor penetration of 4+2D6. In order for a warrior to use a Trukkbusta Bomb, he must be in base contact with the vehicle or fort as he slaps the magnetized bomb onto his target and automatically hits, but still rolls randomly for location.
- Trukkbusta Bombz may not be kustomized by the Mek.


MEGA ARMOR - D6+15 teef

- Mega Armor is a suit of massively thick and heavy armor plates over a powered exoskeleton. Though slow, Mega Armor has the advantages of giving the user a hefty 1+ armor save (this will always fail on the roll of a 1) and includes a Kombi-Shoota/Hand Scorcha or Kombi-Shoota/Single-Shot Rokkit Launcha (may fire the Rokkit once per battle) and a Power Claw with a pre-installed set of Aimin' Goggles. The warrior may never carry any other weapons or equipment and may never ride bikes. However, such suits of mechanized armor are extremely luggy and terribly slow, thus a warrior in Mega Armor will always move at 3 quarters of the warrior's normal movement rate. ie. A warrior with a movement rate of 4 inches will only move at 3 inches instead and have a maximum run and charge rate of 6 inches instead of 8 while wearing the suit of Mega Armor. The warrior also subtracts -1 to all Initiative checks, adds +1 to all Strength checks, and will always lose Hand-to-Hand combat in the result of a tie.
- Only the Shoota portion of the Kombi-Shoota may be fully kustomized as normal by the Mek. The Hand Skorcha or Single-Shot Rokkit Launcha portion may only be given the Shootier kustom job.

11-01-2008, 05:02
Awesome! A lot of work you've put in too!

PM sent Cirrus.

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 13:18
Just a heads up and something to point out for those of you who might've already copied this, I have just altered the rules for Mega Armor making it's movement rate just a little bit faster which is a massively important change in the long run.

- Cirrus

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 19:41

- This works in the very same way as described in the Digganob supplement as though your mob had just dug up the piece of tek, needing to roll during their next battle to fiddle with and find out exactly what kind of item has been purchased with the one added difference that the item is already known to be a device from the specific category that has been rolled on the Rare Trade chart listed above. Furthermore, each item will cost D6+D3+4 teef.

(Figured I should add this little tidbit in as well just to close off any confusions that might arise from it's absence)

- Cirrus

12-01-2008, 01:10
Awesome! can you attach it as a document?

Cirrus the Blue
12-01-2008, 02:19
I need to get Microsoft Word or something before I can upload it. :( My last comp had that, but my new one doesn't 'cause I lost the software and instead it's in a .rtf file and warseer won't accept that unfortunately... I'll put it up soon as I get a decent program that I can upload it here with which shouldn't take more than a week or two, so check back! :)

- Cirrus

12-01-2008, 07:21
Sweet thanks :)

Also, you can upload a .txt file

Cirrus the Blue
12-01-2008, 07:56
The .txt file stretches everything out waaaaaaaaaaay too much and I know I'll be able to get the proper spacing I need if I use Word. I think my brother-in-law's comp has that installed, so it's not a problem. Should be up even by the end of the weekend. :) I'll post it along with the rest of my campaign rules besides the rest of the Gubbinz (which are arriving in the mail via classic White Dwarf issues) and also my scenarios that need finnishing up and the new special characters I'm also finnishing up. Those'll all come later, but everything else is pretty good to go I'd say.

- Cirrus

12-01-2008, 09:28
Very nice. almost a new expansion book.

Cirrus the Blue
12-01-2008, 12:05
Pretty much! It's already 25 pages without the extra scenarios, special characters, and extra gubbinz. :p

- Cirrus

13-01-2008, 11:26
love the new items. will have to borrow this for the new campaign

14-01-2008, 22:17
the download of this is up in another thread.
did someone else type it up?
or have you finally done it?

14-01-2008, 22:25
I've uploaded the PDF into the Warbands thread but here it is again:

14-01-2008, 22:32
now just cant wait for the senarios , spec characters and gubbinz!!!!

Cirrus the Blue
15-01-2008, 03:25
I've uploaded the PDF into the Warbands thread but here it is again:

Hey! Thanks so much for putting this up for me! :D I've done up one extra thing I forgot to put in before, but I've typed it up and will give you a copy in person this upcoming Sunday.

For everyone else, just add this on the end as it's a pretty important piece of equipment considering I put in gas grenades.

- Cirrus


GAS MASK - 2 teef

- Considering the immense volume of gasoline and fuel produced throughout Mektown, gas masks are used frequently by Orks who are exposed to these noxious fumes on a regular basis. They're also quite helpful should an opposing gang happen to lob a harmful gas bomb in the wearer's direction.

- Gas Masks allow the user to re-roll a failed Toughness test against dangerous gases such as the ones produced by Choke, Scare, and Mad Bombz. These masks must be modelled accordingly.

Cirrus the Blue
15-01-2008, 03:38
the download of this is up in another thread.
did someone else type it up?
or have you finally done it?

Actually, gave the printed version to a buddy of mine at the local gaming shop! It's great of him to have scanned and posted it up so quickly, too. :D

- Cirrus

22-01-2008, 00:42
Its such a fantastic contibution to the game, so I took the liberty of retyping and PDFing the rare trade chart into a slightly prettier format.

Cirrus the Blue
22-01-2008, 01:17
:eek: My head just exploded. THAT'S FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D THANK YOU!!!!!!!

- Cirrus

22-01-2008, 01:43
ohwow. that's ******* awesome.

Any chance you could post a template skallagrim?, I want to compile my new gubbins and items like that!

PS this should be submitted for firebase

22-01-2008, 04:34
well I didnt use a template per se, I just copied the posts in this thread into MS Publisher, changed the layout and retypeset it all, tossed in a few graphics that I ripped from various books and then distilled the file as a pdf.

For those who dont have/want to buy pagemaker, publisher, illustrator, or photoshop. much of the same can be created with totatly free opensource software.

for graphics you can use GIMP - www.gimp.org

for page layout and typesetting you can use Scribus - www.scribus.net

for PDF creation you can use PDFCreator - http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/

Hope that helps,


25-01-2008, 08:38
any news on the rest of the campaign?
like the spec characters and gubbinz?

and have you thought about posting this on the waaagh.com forum in the gorkamorka section?

Cirrus the Blue
25-01-2008, 08:42
Unfortunately I haven't had much time for the Special Characters as of yet 'cause my buddy's still borrowing the Digganob book and as for the gubbinz and scenarios, those are STILL snailing their way through the mail system... :( The rest of the campaign is up on the previous page posted by Breten, though. :) Soon as the White Dwarfs get here, I'll post the gubbinz at the very least. ;)

- Cirrus

And I'm seriously considering signing up on Waaagh! under my Nob's name Grimjaw and posting all my stuff up there soon, too. :D

Cirrus the Blue
25-01-2008, 08:47
BAH! :( Someone's already taken the name, so I suppose I'll just need to use my current one from here instead or figure out a different Orky type name...

- Cirrus

Cirrus the Blue
26-01-2008, 12:04
OKAY! Found a name. The name I'm gonna use is Big Boss Grimjaw if you need to find me on there. :)

- Cirrus

26-01-2008, 12:17
see you there