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11-01-2008, 13:20
I've been playing epic for years now, though I didn't really bother with the epic 40k period much. However, I've recently started to paint up an Ork force for E:A for the purposes of teaching and show casing so to speak. Now, I am an ardent Imperial player, and in particular love to field my guardsmen and occasional marine forces on the table. I have several orks, but they are just for display and painting rather than fielding.

My imperial tabletop experience has left me a little bit lost on the Ork front. The flexibility and style of the formation's are quite different. I was hoping whether any Epic Ork players might be able to help me with a small starting Ork list of appproximately two or three formations.

Please keep it simple so no flyers or AA guns for the list. Similarly, keeping warmachines out of the intial list is part of the plan (though I do have three gargants to add to it at a later date).

Any ideas, or suggested lists would be very welcome.



11-01-2008, 16:14
Simple and good formation would be

Big Blitz Brigade with 2 Oddboyz sporting either Soopaguns or Supa Zzaps.
Composition of the brigade would be in most cases 2 Gunzwagons with Oddboyz and then either 4 Gunwagonz and 2 Flaks or 2 Gunwagonz and 4 Flaks. 4 Flaks is quite common. This would be a good attacker to move at speed to deliver hard fire into wanted target. Potential attack ranges are 120/90/60 (double, advance and sustain).

Then for warbands
Big Warband with 2 Oddboyz. This is quite good garrison force as it can take quite a lot of punishment without breaking. Cheaper and more vulnerable would be Big Big Gunz mob with 2 Oddboyz. Remember to put these within cover to offset the poor saves.

A force that I use to help Landas are Kults. However I would use them without Landas as well.
Big Kult of Speed. I would suggest 8 Skorchas, 4 Warbikes and 4 Buggies. Though you can easily run out of Skorchas there. Though it would be ideal to have at least 4 or 6 as they give very good FF value and thus are quite valuable as supporting fire formation (double this and fire at the target and then assault with another).

I have rarely used Warbands with transports, but I suppose they could be used as well. They are just not my cup of tea when playing with Orks :). Same can be said about Stormboyz.