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The Highlander
13-01-2008, 16:17
Can anyone give my some advice on how to make some quick, easy and cheep epic terrain?

Chaos and Evil
13-01-2008, 17:33

Piles of sand / rocks / cut up bits of plasticard look like good ruins when spraypainted grey?

13-01-2008, 17:35
The combination of plasticcard, normal cardboard and various 40k bits works great as well! Check out some of the stuff CELS has made in this thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62654).

13-01-2008, 17:45
Its mainly buildings, woods and hills, same as regular 40k.

Buildings - all boxed versions of the 1st three editions came with buildings/ruins, each one of a different style. You can still buy the ruins sprues from GW (rather pricey) but lots knocking around on Ebay. For cheapness, anything cuboid will serve as a basis for a building, factory complex etc.

Hills - made in the same way as WH40k from polystyrene sheets (layered for larger hills). Painted and/or flocked as for WH40k, but you don't need to make them stepped as epic models tend to have lower centres of gravity and don't tip over easily.

Forests/trees - the easiest (and least impressive) way is to take felt/paper/plastic of a different colour/shade to your table surface. It is preferable to use actual tree models (mounted on 2p coins) to show the area is woodland - you move the tree models to fit around your units rather than the other way round. The advantage of epic is you can use the smallest (and cheapest) model railway trees...the disadvantage is that "cheap" model trees is a relative term. I know some players used crystalline shapes (read: chopped-up hexagonal pencils with suitable paint job) as forest analogues.

14-01-2008, 06:17
You can check model railroad stuff, I've found a few HO-scale items that are at least reasonably compatible with Epic-scale stuff. I'm sure someone will be along to mention they aren't the exact same scale naturally, but it's amazing what fudges well.

Dwarf Supreme
14-01-2008, 20:33
I concur, some HO scale stuff works great, especially trees.