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15-01-2008, 13:33
I have the stats for an Epic unit (Khorne Lord of Battle from WD148, written for Epic: Space Marine - Renegade, I think. I have never played Epic and have no idea what the stats mean, and the old rules are not available online.

Can anyone help me convert the Lord of Battle's stats into 40k stats? If so, pm me and I will send you the stats/ page scan from WD.



Chaos and Evil
15-01-2008, 17:39
The Lord of Battles has stats for the current version of Epic... here they are in full (It's legal to post the stats to Epic units):

Speed 25cm
Armour Save : 4+ (Re-rollable)
Close Combat to-hit roll: 2+
Firefight to-hit roll: 4+

Death Storm - 45cm range - 4x AT4+ / AP4+
Chain Fist - Base Contact - Macro Weapon, Extra Attacks +3
2x Battlecannon - 75cm - AP4+ / AT4+

Damage Capacity 6, Thick Rear Armour, Fearless.

Remember that AP means Anti-Personell rating in Epic, not Armour-Piercing, so an AP3+ shot is one that hits an enemy infantry target on a roll of 3+, not one that penetrates armour.

Okay so let's make sense of that with a comparison with a Leman Russ:

Leman Russ
Speed 20cm
Armour Save 4+ (Re-rollable)
Close Combat to-hit roll: 6+
Firefight to-hit roll: 4+

Battlecannon - 75cm range - AP4+ / AT4+
2x Heavy Bolters - 30cm range - AP5+
Lascannon - 45cm range - AT5+

So, a Lord of Battle is slightly faster than a Leman Russ. It has two Leman Russ battlecannons, as well as four 'Deathstorm' weapons, which have the same stats as a battlecannon except they have only 45cm range instead of 75cm range, and it has a titan-class chainfist. It's also reealy good at hitting enemies in CC (Each CC attack it rolls will hit on a 2+). Its rear armour is pretty good (Directly comparable to that of a Land Raider in Epic). It has 6 Structure Points.

So, for 40k, something like:

Lord of Battles:
Armour Profile : 14 / 14 / 13
Structure Points : 6

2x Battlecannons (S8 AP3 large template).
4x Deathstorm Cannons (S8 AP3 large template, 2/3rd the range of a Battlecannon)
Titan-class close combat weapon (Use the imperial titan CCW as a template)

Special Rules: May fleet and then charge into close combat as if it were a non-titan unit.

All vehicles are fearless in 40k, so the fearless special rule can't be transferred from Epic.

Hope that helps.

16-01-2008, 08:03
Wow :) Thanks for that! Much appreciated.


Chaos and Evil
16-01-2008, 11:27
Now play Epic instead. :p

16-01-2008, 12:40
Now play Epic instead. :p

After spending all that money on my Chaos Horde of Ebay?!?

I'd love to. Epic may be better (as I have heard several times), but we go to war with the models we have... ;)