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The Grand Wazoo
15-01-2008, 14:45
Hey guys.

I'm just wondering what is the oddest/most unlikely thing ever to happen in one of your games?

Personally, it would have to be an incident in my last match (LRB 5) with my Chaos Dwarves ( http://bloodbowl.krokodille.com/team.php?id=136 ) against a High Elf team. The Elves are 1-0 up, and it's the bottom of the first half.

The ball is near the endline, and I have just enough movement with 2 GFI to score a touchdown. Unfortunately, the player I have in this position is my Minotaur, and there are no other options if I want to equalise before halftime.

First off, the Wild Animal roll. Passed. Then, I move the Mino 4 squares to try and pick up the ball. The elves have a tackle zone on the ball, meaning I need 5+ to pick it up with my AG2 Mino. The dice comes down a 6. Celebration ensues.

Then, I have to use my 5th square of movement to knock the elf out of the way. Naturally, I declared the whole thing as a Blitz move at the start of the turn, meaning I only needed 2+ for the Wild Animal.

Picking up the two block dice, the tension is building. POW! The elf goes down and is stunned. Mooses (the Mino) follows up due to frenzy.

Now, I'm out of movement and 2 squares from the touchdown line. I declare a GFI. Rolling the dice.... it's a 1! Darn it! I have to try a team reroll.
Burning the reroll, it's time for the Loner check. It's a 5! Let's try that GFI again. Passed! Only one dice roll left, for one of the most heroic touchdowns in history.

The crowd is sitting on the edge of their seats. This little plastic cube can make my night, or crush my spirits completely.

Last dice roll of the first half...... IT'S A TOUCHDOWN!! The crowd goes wild. There's even a little victory dance. :p

That was easily the highlight of that first half, as I only had gotten 1 casualty and few SPP altogether.

The second half was much better, as I played it safe for a 2-1 win, reducing the elves to 3 players on the pitch towards the end of the game.

15-01-2008, 18:21
Whoa, that is awesome. I canīt remember the last time I passed a GFI to make a touchdown. :P

17-01-2008, 00:14
Our minor league (only 5 of us) just played it's final:
Orcs versus Skaven.
The result might be obvious (2-11, Skaven win!) but the sheer amount of 1's that the Orcs rolled was incredible. He rolled a 1 for 4 Really Stupid rolls in 6 turns, and 1 turn didn't get a chance to because he'd already caused a turn-over!

It was an amazing sight...

For something that happened to me, does a Random Event card count? (We were playing Deathzone, and are now moving onto a second league with LRB5)
My best blitzing Beastman (with Mighty Blow, Piling On and Jump Up to boot) halted a touchdown by making a free blitz, knocking the rat off the pitch, followed by jumping up and smashing his rat-friend's face in only a few squares away!

Oh, and of course, the immeasurable amount of times you need a double 1 to fail a roll due to you having a skill re-roll and the dice gods being fickle as they are, seem to enjoy bringing this number up as often as possible...

17-01-2008, 00:38
I once had a mummy catch a kickoff and run it to the endzone. On the last turn of the game, I had zero rerolls and my mummy dodged out of a tackle zone and into another to score the winning td.

21-01-2008, 21:28
hey guys, I know this is a bit off topic, but this game sounds really cool, where d o you get rules + miniatures for it????

21-01-2008, 23:05
whoa! well plutanious, you can check the wikipedia entry on blood bowl to start with.

Then for rules and articles, go to

then for models go to the games workshop shop.

22-01-2008, 18:37
Thanks, nice one

25-02-2008, 15:30
I played my first game on sat, and the ball got kicked into the crowd and went from mid field to the endzone and out into the crowd then back out to the crowd again before ending up in the same place on accept on the other side of the field. Also our commish does not allow ties or coin flips (which I agree with) to determine games so we went into 5 overtimes hahahaha I lost in the end to orks 3-2

25-02-2008, 15:50
At last years Bloodbowl at GW HQ in the last game of the weekend i was not doing too well with my Goblins who had done alright for the past few years and was 1-0 down at half time.
The next 4 turns were unbelievable with me scoring 4 one turn touchdowns in a row, each time my opponent went to pick up the ball he failed and every time i successfully threw a Gobbo over the top to score, my luck was sensational and were it not for a failed roll it could have been 5 in a row.
The game finished 4-1 and gave me something to smile about after a luck free weekend.

This year i'm taking humans for a change so may see some of you there


26-02-2008, 01:11
kinda on a negitive note.

Chaos Dwarf (me) vs Skaven

so right at the start of a game someone in the crowd throughs a rock. head shots one of my bullcentaurs and kills it :eek: (2nd game of the session so no apathcaries yet :cries:).

During the 2nd half of the game once again the kick off calls for a rock to be thrown. The angry crowd members than throws a rock and hits the dead bullcentaur (rerolled to get a valid unit).

than to top it all off at the end of the game my MVP is the dead bull centaur. So in a nutshell the guy died before the game even startred and fans spent the entire game throwing more rocks at its dead body. This was apparently more exciting than the game that went into overtime. :confused:

though on the brightside I did win the game 3-2 and my remaining bull centaur lvled up and is now armor 10.

28-02-2008, 17:16
A similar thing happened to me in my 2nd ever game of Blood Bowl, although my Chaos Ogre mercenary in my human team was the unlucky recipient of said rock (I wasn't aware of the importance of FF at this point, so only had about 3). He was only knocked out, and I managed to revive him at half time - where he was promptly flattened (and killed!) by a vampire on the next phase. To cap it all, I managed to kill (!) the vampire with some incredibly lucky rolling from my Blitzer, only for the blasted thing to regenerate itself!

02-04-2008, 04:57
FUNNIEST FOR ME; having just started a league, and having my opponents elf blitzer get the ball and run for a touchdown, needs to GFI twice. Makes first one, fails second (the one that would have put him into endzone for touchdown!) He then uses his only re-roll and fails again. I roll armour, beating with a double six! Injury Roll, Double Six! Injury result....... a SIX AND AN EIGHT! His elf killed himself tripping on his way into the endzone for a touchdown!

02-04-2008, 05:17
Now I, and ALL BB players, know sprinting over the slippy white line is dangerous but christ Igman did you have some wire running at neck hight over the line or something. :p

I've got a few, though they arn't as oddball as they seem giving the teams I play. :)
When my Goblins, proper goblins just 14 goblins and 2 trolls none of this pogoer and bomber as basic players nonsense, played out a 0 - 0 draw against dwarves, it's the first time I'd EVER seen a 0 - 0 in about 13 years of playing. Basicly no player seemed to be able to pick up the ball, I'm starting to think one of my coaching staff is greasing the ball.

Back in the days of the Citadel Journal I had a snotling team, they produced 2 amazing games, one a rather comical loss against wood elves, first time I'd seen a team go over the scoreboard limit, and another game against dwarves where every player on my team got taken off the pitch...and there were about 30 of them. :eek:
Steam Roller + Snotlings = Squishy. :p

12-04-2008, 04:38
Just played a game against a friends brand new Norse team. I think I rolled box cars about, literally, six or seven times when it came to armour penetration rolls. Mostly stunned him, but it was still alot of stunned players he had to contend with.

12-04-2008, 08:53
my most odball moment to date was beating a blitzing black orc with support into the turf with a dark elf lineman and killing him in the process that was very funny i have to say less so for my brother though.
i think i put half his orc team either in the hospital or the grave mostly by fouling though.

ahh good times, good times

14-04-2008, 13:23
Was playing a fumble game where my wardancer picked up the ball after my opponent tripped over the goalline. Now with only 2 other players left on the pitch, my wardancer decides to tuck the ball and run the ball. With my opponent sporting almost a complete rooster, my dancer managed to stay on his feet after 3 blitzes, while dodging and backflipping his way to the endzone.