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19-01-2008, 23:36
ok hi guys just started epic well started i havnt played a game yet. i got epic because i want to play on vets night at GW brentcross and it is pretty much epic or wfb. soooo this is what i got so far.

10 leman russes
1 guard infantry company
6 comand squads
8 sentinels

will be buying 3 FW stormswords and 3 Hydra flaks

where should i start?

Chaos and Evil
19-01-2008, 23:52
Start by picking a theme for your IG:

- Armoured vehicles
- Airborne infantry
- Mechanized infantry
- Infantry horde
- Artillery menace
- A little of everything
- Titans...

And then we can help narrow down the best starting army for you.

See 'ya at Brent Cross!

- C&E

20-01-2008, 00:00
well i have 2 ideas one was the armoured vechs and little of everything. i love my tanks but i dont want to many i want my infantry to

20-01-2008, 05:52
Remember that regular IG Steel Legion cannot use Stormswords. However 'counts as' rule allows them to be used as Baneblades or Shadowswords.

Almost all IG lists want to have Supreme Commander as initiative 2+ can be quite bad at times. So you should get at least 7 Chimera and enough infantry for one company.

If you want tank based, then I suggest getting 3 FW Shadowswords as well. You won't perhaps use them all, but they are cheaper than SG and you will want at least 1 in most games.

Then I would suggest getting some artillery. What would an IG be without the heavy guns shooting farther than anyone else in the game :). Battery of Manticores are favored by everyone that I've seen. I like Bombards as well (and use FW Medusas with 'counts as' rule for them). Basilisks more rarer used on battery sizes, but I've seen some companies of them.

For example, see following batreps on what kind of IG I've used.

Chaos and Evil
20-01-2008, 11:31
Remember that regular IG Steel Legion cannot use Stormswords.

It's lucky that he'll not be playing in a tournament then isn't it... even luckier that he'll be gaming against some of the lads from my group, who are accepting of using the extra FW tanks in IG armies.

If he wants to use Stormswords, then the guys at Brent Cross will have no objection... one chap regularly uses a Leviathan with his IG, and that isn't tournament-official either!

The Stormsword stats that my gaming group uses can be found in The Siege of Mossino (Right click and save-as) (http://www.warseer.com/firebase/download/FB05/Mossino.pdf), as the core rulebook's collector's rules are too powerful for the 200pts charged for a super-heavy tank.

Other than his objection to the non-tournament-official approach, Hena has some great advice above!

20-01-2008, 16:07
ok i will get me some chimeras an big guns