View Full Version : squig teams

22-01-2008, 00:11
Hi everyone,

after few teams, I was looking for a good fun challenge. I have been looking for a goblin/squig team, but rules are hard to find.

Obviously, they are not covered in the LRB, but a roster is available on FUMBBL the online league (in the stunty league), or reprint of squig rules from the citadel journal #11 (1997) is available on the rules for Kappa and Brawler (a star player riding a squig), rules available on the specialist games website.

So basically I am looking at "official rules" written 11 years ago, or FUMBBL roster from their stunty league which i believe may have been written with 4th edition in mind (and are in no real ways officials)

Anyone has any idea how one should play squigs?