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22-01-2008, 14:09
I used to play the older versions of the Epic game system, and have only recently started playing Epic Armageddon. However the one thing that really got my attention was the old "expansion" found in Journal 10+11 I think.

This was simply called "Mega Wars" and allowed players to manage ridiculously large armies against each other, in the scale of 50k+(however armies could not be any larger than what each player could field in models at any given time). As time passed on I haven't found any updates on this, and since I did enjoy the latest game system, I simply devised an update myself for Mega Wars.

However the original rules where quite rough, where one could just about move markers representing your armies on a map and fight a table top battle if two markers ran into the same square, and not much more than that. What I especially liked was that casualties are not necessarily destroyed as one had to roll on the recovery to see how badly wounded they got. Thus having many armies slowly decimated from each battle(vehicles do/did not recover if destroyed), and with the option of merging surviving remnants of armies on the go.

With this system I wanted to provide even more opportunities than just march against the enemy and resolve everything in battles. So I provided several optional agendas for a player to use if one find it hard to come up with something themselves.

These are things like campaign objectives such as greed, religion, resources, artifacts, or even competitive interests within ones ranks. These may all provide additional problems or opportunities for a player to exploit. Random events (inspired and expanded from the original rules), specific orders(mostly created by myself) an army are to perform such as destroy/build/protect something in an area they are in, reconnaissance, fortify their positions or maybe provide long distance barrage.

As an order will directly influence what an army is supposed to do once a battle occurs, this will provide a quick and easy setup/plot for any battle rather than just smash head on.

In addition also directly inspired(and modified) from the original rules is the "pre-engagement" result, where a small force is not very likely to take on a significantly larger force(or to save time they are probably destroyed even if a table top game is resolved, as a 300 vs 3000 game is likely over in less time it takes to deploy it).

In the attached document below, you will find several charts and additional rules that may be used as preferred, as I did not intend them to be 100% dependent on the other rules, however some obviously are. Simply add or remove own ideas if you think it provides more fun and easier game play for all participants.

I have only done a lighter search to see if anyone have posted something similar as I did not find anything(either here or on SG's own forum). In addition I hope it is not in violation of any copyrights or similar.

The only thing I am not fully satisfied with is the resource system, as in its current state it might be confusing on how they are meant to work as I have not play tested it yet.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts about it, as my own feedback will only be so good. :D