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- Human
22-01-2008, 18:31
Disclaimer: Not a GW price rant.

Basically I'd like to start off this thread with a statement: I LOVE THE WARSTORE. I'm a Canadian citizen, and I just ordered a marine commander, dark angel veterans, and a razorback squad... it came to 70 dollars with shipping. I tally up what this would have cost me in Canada with tax, yup, it's $140. I got GW, brand new, half off. I'm not stating this as if I'm the only one who gets these kinds of deals... It just feels great realizing how much I just saved. I know buying from places like thewarstore undermines hobby stores, but I'm currently a near-broke student who just models, and doesn't get to play. When I find a hobby store that I play in, I'll more than gladly support it and buy my stuff there. But for now, I can't see any reason not to save so much money in this way.

Now I turn to your experiences. Where does everyone get their stuff? Off the shelves at GW, or your hobby store? Online? Ebay?

(I'm just signing up for Ebay now, as I'm getting into Inquisitor thewarstore doesn't carry that stuff. Any tips/tactics from you Ebay pirates would be much appreciated.)


P.S. If this is in the wrong forum, please move accordingly!

Templar Ben
22-01-2008, 18:41
The Warstore is well loved by many here on Warseer. It is better than most anything out there for you Canadians given the exchange rate.

AFK in Life
22-01-2008, 18:43
I will second my exp with the warstore, huge savings on some stuff, got dinged at the border for a bit more, but saved over 50% off going in to GW and buying it off the shelf.

I have looked around on E-bay and I have yet to find a deal over buying stuff from GW or from thewarstore. That being said I have a friend who seems to find stuff all the time particularly in the older games vs new stuff, like inquisitor I know he picked up a bunch of stuff at one point.

The only warning i would give is always double check the price of shipping often the shipping to canada can be outragous, like 15$ item then the only option is UPS who charges you 20$ then "handling and brokerage fees" at the border. If you have a choice ship USPS (us postal) I find it is often much cheaper and better handled.

Templar Ben
22-01-2008, 18:50
An option that many on here have used is to find a US citizen that doesn't live in NY (to avoid sales tax) and have that individual repackage and ship your "gift" to you.

Or so I have heard. ;)

22-01-2008, 18:56
Neal is great. When GW's stuff was worth buying, I used to get it almost exclusively on-line from the Warstore and others (btw: who remembers the Crazy Mage?).

22-01-2008, 19:05
I've bought from all over the world for years. I pick and choose what I want from whereever has the prices I like. For years I used Great Canadian Miniatures as my baseline for new minis. 30% off retail + shipping and GST. Now with the dollar the way it is I'm using the warstore's prices. But as others have said always watch out for the shipping. Most of the time you can get your stuff across the border without duty and taxes but sometimes you get hit for something. Especially if you buy a large dollar value. Companies that regularly sell to Canada often mark down the value so as to save their customers from duties.

As far as Ebay goes, know your prices, shop around and don't pay for more than you can pick it up elswhere. Most of the new stuff on Ebay can be had at that price somewhere else online. So it's up to you to decide where to buy it. Ebay and Bartertown are good if you're looking for OOP or pre used. More often than not I buy somebody's junk for cheap and spend a little time cleaning it up.

Even when I had a relatively local GW I rarely bought there. I play at home with my family and friends. I'm not usually an impulse buyer so I can wait for my toys to come in the mail. So why pay 1/3 to twice as much directly from GW?

- Human
22-01-2008, 19:18
Templar Ben: That's exactly what I do. My sister just moved to boston... No tax & $5 shipping! :D

GAWD: Yup, Neal's a very nice guy, patient too. Although I disagree about GW products sucking :P

Zink: Thanks for the tips. I think I'll be doing the same, buying poorly painted stuff so the value is down. Long live Simple Green!

22-01-2008, 19:35
Yes I love the warstore too. If it wasn't for Neal's store, trading sites and eBay I would have dropped GW gaming a loooong time ago.

22-01-2008, 20:30
I live in Canada and I bought also at Maelstrom Games (UK online store). Their prices include shipping worldwide and their service is very good.

Is the WarStore prices including shipping are similar to Maelstrom Games or they are better?

Templar Ben
22-01-2008, 20:33
The warstore is 20% off US prices with 25% off if you go over $500 retail value. It is a flat $4 shipping in the US with regular shipping elsewhere if I recall.

22-01-2008, 20:57
I just ordered a bunch of sculpting supplies from the warstore. For a small order the shipping was a bit expensive but pretty much in line elswhere. For larger orders it isn't so bad. Definitely can't complain about the service. I forgot about Maelstrom. I've bought from them in the past. They're constantly sending me 15% off coupons by email. But I haven't been buying GW minis lately. I blew my toy money on Gripping Beast historicals.

22-01-2008, 21:04
I've used the warstore and always been happy with the their treatment of out of country buyers. I've also used chaos orc a few times, but i find his shipping a bit high unless you're ordering at least 100$ US worth of stuff to make it worth while. My last purchase was a box of 3 vindicators, some spawn, the chaos lord, and two blisters from warmachine, and after shipping and taxes i still saved almost 75$ over paying the candaian prices. I love to support my local store, and they charge close to US prices there, so i buy local on small items, and order all my big stuff from the US. :p