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23-01-2008, 15:19
Hey folks I recently bought a human team for blood bowl. I like the models and am doing fine in that department.

Just starting out can some folks give me some beginning strategies both on the field and for team management?

I need to set up a starter team that's good for someone who has so-so dice rolls. Please don't just drop me your list of doom to others. I want a balanced list to start with plenty of room to grow. So how about some advice on how many of each player type to buy. How much should I spend on rerolls & fan factor and should I buy a star player or ogre off the start?

I also need middle to late season team management tips. How to keep the team together without outgrowing my team treasury or investing too much in auxillary personel. When should you start buying coaches, cheer leaders, apothicaries, and incentives like the bluddwiser kegs?

For team strategies how do you get the most out of your team when you're just starting in the league. Depending on if I kick off or recieve how should I set up my team so I don't get crushed? How do you deal with fast teams that go for the goal quick like skaven and elves? How do you defend against teams like orks and chaos that try to put the hurt on as many of your team as possible so that they gain the advantage?

Thanks for any help you can give.

the anti santa
23-01-2008, 17:56
Ok, well you're asking for a LOT of information, but i'll do my best.

In my opinion humans are the best team to learn Bloodbowl on, they aren't the strongest team, but are good all rounders and will teach you to appreciate that 3+ rolls fail a lot and AV8 is still quite fragile.

The danger is that you get beat up by the bashers and the flair teams run rings round you, so flexibility is the key. Luckily you start with a lot of the key skills and you have cheap fodder too.

I'm assuming you play LRB5 as you mention Budweiser babes.

One decent starting team is
4 Blitzers
4 Linemen
1 Thrower
2 Catchers
4 RR
3 FF
The Ogre can be a bit of a liability and starting with 4 blitzers gives you some speed and block, they are good for getting the ball and can score if the catchers get taken out. Re-rolls are expensive later on, so starting with 4 and having key skills like pass, sure hands and catch are a big help.

Another is
1 Ogre
4 Blitzers
4 Linemen
1 Catcher
1 Thrower
3 RR
1 FF

This is quite a bashy team, just look after the catcher as he tends to get hit at any chance your opponent gets.

Don't buy star players as they only play for 1 game and cost a lot, you can induce them if you have cash to burn or are playing a higher TV team. first purchase should be a apothecary to keep your players alive. Then get the number up, you'll need some subs. option 1 could do with some linemen short term and then save for an ogre. Option 2 could do with a ctahcer and linemen, before adding another re-roll.

Coaches and cheerleaders aren't great choices, mabye add 1 or 2 if you have cash, but players or re-rolls are better. You probably won't want more than 6 re-rolls, more than that is a waste.

For skills, I like the following
Ogres: Guard, Grab, stand firm, Multiple block (on doubles block). don't take +AG, but +ST and +AV are both good
Blitzers: Guard, Mighty Blow, tackle, strip ball, wrestle, stand firm, a frenzy guy (for pushing people into the crowd, and good with juggernaut) and a dauntless guy are good too. All stats are good for these guys. On doubles dodge is good at low TV, sidestep is nice with guard
Throwers: accurate, block, safe throw, nerves of steel, kick off return. On doubles strong arm or dodge. MA is great, AG is golden and ST is nice too.
Catchers: Block, sidestep, diving tackle, dauntless, fend, Jump up, sure feet and/or sprint. On doubles Nerves of steel and dump off are quite nasty but expensive TV wise, guard is always useful especially with sidestep. AG, ST and MA are all good AV is ok, but i prefer MA.
Linemen: Block, tackle, wrestle, a kick fend (for guys on the LOS) and dirty player are useful too. On doubles guard is good, diving tackle too, sneaky git on the Dirty player. MA/AV is ok. ST is great and AG is decent.
There's lots more combos, often too much to choose from, just be careful of taking a stat or double skill just cos you can as it adds more TV.

Ok, next I'll run through how to use each player.
Ogres: Use them as a road block. With Loner and Bonehead leave their action to last and don't waste the blitz on them. I like to get mine guard and then move him next to a couple of opposing players to tie them up. Without block he often knocks himself over, so think carefully about how you use him. Often just sticking him next to opposing player with AG3 or less means they have to dodge away from him. He often goes on the LOS to tie up the enemy and hope that AV9 and thick skull will keep him safe.

Blitzers: The stars of the team, tackle/wrestle/strip ball is a great combo for getting the ball on defence, and guard is a wonderful skill. Mighty Blow and Tackle will be usful for taking out fast agile players like catchers and elves and frenzy with juggernaut can let you push opposing players off the pitch. Look after these guys as they are expensive.

Throwers: I often get 2 and give 1 Block, fend, dump off, kick to use as a runner/back up blitzer and other with accurate/safe throw/nerves of steel to use as a thrower. Don't pass unless you have to, it fails a suprising amount of times even with a free re-roll. Use him to get the ball and form a protective cage, you can now run him up the pitch surrounded by blitzers/linemen or send some catchers up to distract the opponents.

Catchers: They tend to gain a lot of Star player points quickly but also die fast too. get them Block ASAP. You can also turn them into blitzers with dauntless and strip ball/wrestle. You can have 4 so you can specialise them. Sidestep/tackle/diving tackle are all useful for marking enemy catchers and they can be a real pain. Dirty player and sneaky git's a nasty combo and if they get sent off they can't die that game.

Linemen: They are the fodder for your team, stick them on the LOS, mark trolls with them and generally use them to give assists. Block is always good and get 1 kicker quite quickly as that can be a game winning skill. Dirty player is useful as they don't really matter if they get sent off. I'd not use the apoth on them if you are facing a basher and one dies early (unless they has some skills or stats).

For tips on playing This (http://fumbbl.com/help:Strategy) is useful. Be warned it is from a website that uses Living Rulebook 4, which is quite different from 5. But a lot of the general principles stand. There are plenty of other Bloodbowl websites and forums that can give you advice.

When setting up on defence, only put 3 players on the LOS, the less hits you give the other team the better, putting the players in the middle 3 squares limits the numbers of hits you take, putting 1 in the middle and 1 on each end might cause your opponent into putting more players there to hit you leaving his ball carrier open (works best vs all ST3 or lower teams). Place the other players 2 squares back or quick snap may give away more hits. I like the chevron (http://fumbbl.com/help:Defensive+Setups) defence vs agile teams, against bashers you can clump your players in the middle more, keeping vunerable players behind the linemen/blitzers to protect them. Watch out for getting pushed into the crowd if you are facing frenzied players.

When facing bashy teams, try to use your catchers to score quickly, tie up high strength players with linemen and flood the opposing half, or go down 1 flank to draw them all to that side then use your speed to switch (passing to a catcher who hands off to another can be very good for this). Bashers are often slow so you can hold the thrower deep and try to force them to commit.

Against fast teams leave a safety back (a lineman or Blitzer who can hit any catcher who breaks through your lines. Try to target their specialist like throwers and catchers, hitting them with mighty blow blitzers and then fouling them with throw away linemen. They will probably score especailly if they are AG4 fats teams like elves. Which is where the tried and trusted 2-1 win comes in. If you kick off and they have the ball force them to score quickly and use re-rolls by bashing them as much as possible. Then when you get the ball slowly grind up the pitch to score on turn 8, killing and maining as you go, in the 2nd half when you receive repeat the process and take 8 tuns to score, thus winning 2-1. If you get the ball at the start then score in turn 8 and force them to score quickly in the 2nd half (turning them over if you get the chance of course) and then score the winner on turn 8.

23-01-2008, 19:03
Thanks for the tips. That's actually exactly what I was looking for :)

the anti santa
24-01-2008, 18:22
Ok, well here's some general tips for playing bloodbowl.

It's a game of skill with a large element of luck, one of the key aims is to minimise your own risks whilst maximising your opponents.

First of all, always focus on the ball, whilst it's fun to smash players, don't get distracted and make sure the ball carrier is your main priority, to protect it when you have it and get it when on defence. Of course going into the 2nd half with 11 vs 5 makes life easier, but won't help you much if you are a Khemri team and already down 3-0.

In a league then tactics can change, losing 5-0 and destroying the other team can help you out if the other team is a main rival and then loses their next 3 games.

Some important things to remember are, a player without block making a 2 dice Block has a 1 in 9 chance of failing and knocking himself over. An AG3 roll with a re-roll also has a 1 in 9 chance (be it team re-roll or pass, catch or dodge).

A favourite tactic of mine at low TV is to let my opponent hit me, with the 1 in 9 chance, if he makes 5 blocks a turn he should fail every 2nd turn. This is risky as you can end up with half a team, so high AV or cheap players are much better at this.

So don't make rolls you don't need to, Going for it should only be attempted to help score or to get the ball off the opponent or if you have done all the important things 1st and have a re-roll. Also don't pass unless you have to or failing won't be a disaster.

A good general rule is to assume that you will often fail dice rolls and to have a back up plan if they do, so when receiving the kick put a player or 2 next to the ball so if you fail the pick up it's harder for the opposing team to pick it up.

Make any safe moves 1st, like standing a player up or moving to give an assist. Also if you have a re-roll make the vital rolls 1st, if you have 2 turns to score and only a blitzer is in range, do the pass to him (saving the re-roll for his catch) before hitting the other team. The same if you have a shot at the opposing ball carrier, do that 1st so you can re-roll before hitting other targets.

Make 2 Dice blocks using players with the block skill 1st (or 3 dice if you can). 1 dice blocks are risky and should be left to last, or avoided all togther, don't be afraid to use a lineman to tie up a better opposing player and just leave him there. If you don't have block and the other player does then you have the same odds of knocking yourself over as of knocking him over.

A final note about re-rolls, think carefully when you use them, if failing a certain roll doesn't leave you in too bad a situation (say a non vital block away from the main action near the end of your turn or a failed pick up with no opposing players in range) then it may be best to save the re-roll for a more vital time.

25-01-2008, 11:42
Seems great advice so far in the thread. Couple of points to add.

1. The real strength of the human team is in their flexibility. You aren't as bashy as dwarfs and are not as passy as elves. That does not however mean you can do neither. The way I play humans on offense is to drive with them as a bashy team but keep catchers in position so I can use them if my cage looks like being broken. With the catchers speed and the skills of the thrower and catchers this is a very real threat and forces your opponent to spread more to cover it leaving less to threaten the drive itself. Flexibility gives you options. It forces your opponent to spread themselves thinly to cover the possibilities and allows you to exploit either where they are naturally weak or where they have under-committed to cover weaknesses elsewhere. As a result your team selection should be with flexibility in mind to allow you to react in game.

2. I am a big fan of mighty blow in leagues. Increasing your ability to get casualties in the long run also increases the rate you accumulate SPP's.

3. Also getting block for catchers as soon as you can is pretty important. They are very fragile yet also fairly expensive, especially if you favour the passing game and they pick up a lot of SPP's. Block/Dodge catchers are surprisingly durable if use well.