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25-01-2008, 00:15
Are there any commercially available models or toys that make a good stand in for the Rebel Grot Cutta? Occasionally you see them on ebay going for twice their original price, but as I want two, it would cost more than the rest of the gang put together.

And yes, I am already reconciled to scratch building my own big lugga.

Pics of peoples converted models or scratchbuilt cuttas would be most welcome.


Cirrus the Blue
25-01-2008, 06:56
Substitutes are tough at best for these sorts of things, but the Cutta shouldn't be tooooooo hard, certainly not as tough as the Lugga I'd think as it's basically a platform with wheels and a sail. *shrug* Plasticard would work well enough, I'd say. :)

If you're already going to scratch build a Lugga, the Cutta would be easier I'm sure you'd agree about halfway through. Not nearly so many 'mechanical' components. ;) Those are my thoughts at least and I'm generally much more pleased with stuff I build on my own than getting toys to substitute more often than not.

- Cirrus

25-01-2008, 08:27
have a look at the waaagh from in the meks garage section. there are a couple of custom cuttas in there

25-01-2008, 23:08
What I did, and what may be your best bet, is simply to get some plastrust cuboid rod, and some wire mesh. Jou basically cut the rod up into peices each between 1-3 inches long, then glue it together, with flooring made from wire mesh, supported by struts of old metal (the rod).

Truly a grotty method of construction. I'f I had a camera, i would photo it for you, but this is how I made my big lugga, and cutta. Simple, effective, and doesnt require a moddelling genius to do.

hope thats of some help!

26-01-2008, 19:26
The Lugga looks a lot easier, just use the WHFB Pump Wagon.

But Cuttas... I think you'll have to build them from scratch. I'd shop around toy stores.

27-01-2008, 15:32
The Lugga looks a lot easier, just use the WHFB Pump Wagon.

But Cuttas... I think you'll have to build them from scratch. I'd shop around toy stores.

urk! hell no! The pump wagon is far to small. The lugga should be about the size of a large trukk (as iirc, it has a higher cost), and also it has more space in general due to the lack of a big gun usually...

08-02-2008, 19:18
When I had my original Rebel Grot warband I cut up the trukk and trakks that came with Gorkamorka and came up with some inspired models! (These are the older models I'm on about)

Simply use trukks for big luggas; you can use the tracks off the trakks as a conveyor belt for your grots to run on and power it, take a long cylinder type piece of plastic and bodge a couple of flat bits to it and that's your catapult, and armour up the front of it so there is a standing platform, then take a ladder from warhammer or mordheim and stick a couple of spiky bits to it and that is an ideal boarding platform.

Trakks can be turned into cuttas very easily; to give more space at the back cut off the flat standing area at the back of a trukk and stick it to the biker seat front of the trakk, bodge wheels onto the sides, where the weapon mount should go on behind the trakk biker seat take another piece of tubey plastic and that is your mount for a sail!

Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt!

Ah, I should probably dust off the warband of Grizzy Ironteef...

I take it we can use Rebel Grotz if we have the original rulebook?