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28-01-2008, 06:27
SO, next month, a limited release of Blood Bowl will be happening in Oz. I for one have already placed my order. Anyone else doing this? I have been after the game on eBay for ages, and when it comes up goes for huge amounts of money. SO I am excited to finally be getting it!

29-01-2008, 04:51
Everytime I check eBay, Blood Bowl is selling quite cheaply.

In great GW Oz style, when I went into my local GW, the store guy didn't know when it was coming out or who would be stocking it, but he knew the GW shops wouldn't.

He called Direct Sales for me, and they told me the release date was April, while White Dwarf says Feb quite clearly. Then the two guys at Direct Sales couldn't agree on whether the release was Trade Only (ie independents) or whether Direct Sales would also be offering the range.


29-01-2008, 04:59
Yeah, both MilSims and Scrapdragon have it as a February release. The online GW store doesn't say when, but they have it listed (at a ridiculous price too, I might add - $50 more than MilSims!)

31-01-2008, 22:43
Is Aus going to be a test market for the world at large?

20-02-2008, 13:51
Hey Guys

New to blood bowl...

When the local game shop gave us the heads up that it was being re-released, I put my name down for a copy.....

They came in today.....Whats with the RRP !!!??

$165 !!

We were thinking $120. What a kick in the teeth!
This is a double whammy because ordering from the US would land a box including postage for $103.(less if multiples shared postage) Where is the incentive to deal with the locals?

What is the deal GW suggesting local retailers should make 100 GP. This IS what they would make on this sale. Damn that's rude.

As usual, GW doing their damnest to alienate their customer base.

22-02-2008, 08:48
Yeah you can get it from other places for a lot less money. www.milsims.com.au has it for about $120.

Has anyone who bought one got it yet?