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28-01-2008, 11:13
So I've decided to make a Hill for my Warhammer games.

Materials used:

Styrofoam (the highly compressed type)
Some wallpaint Colour
Static Grass

Since it was my first try, i decided to keep it small. I cut out a Piece of styrofoam of 30x15 cm and added a smaller piece for the second level.


I then used my Electric jigsaw to cut under 45 degrees (just tilted the foot) and went all around the two Pieces of Foam.


Then i took a piece of sandpaper and smoothed the edges.


Having glued everything together I then mixed some plaster with sand and some brown colouring and made a paste of decent consistency with a bit of water. Then I just smacked it on (thank god I ahd some good gloves lying around).


28-01-2008, 11:15
For some reason I wanted grass on my hill so I just put it on. Mistake in my opinion. Anyway, now I know for the next time.


And here it is populated with my broodlord and his retinue. doesn't look too shabby for a first I think.


My girlfriend hated me for doing this in the living room :chrome:. Makes you wonder why doesn't it

Oh I forgot: the plywood is underneath for stability and easier transport. The whole thing didget quite heavy but okay, I've got a car......

28-01-2008, 21:29
Good job for a first try. I have to say i dont like the colour of the sand & plaster mix. I imagine if it had been a darker colour the grass would have looked less luminous. Still you learn by doing and i congratulate you on finishing your first terrain project.

29-01-2008, 00:07
It's definitely a good first go around. And the sand/plaster mix really seemed to work wonderfully. On future projects I would consider painting the hill a darker brown and highlighting through successive drybrushes to help bring out the details.

Adding static grass is a bit tricky when you're talking the entire surface of a project. I've never really seen the results come out very well and personally think it should be kept to small patches (especially considering the price of the stuff). If you really want to flock an entire hill, might I suggest you try some of the Woodland Scenics flock? It's a bit easier to work with and won't give you the 'fuzzy' look you have right now.

If you want to, check out my method/style for hills here (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2218566&postcount=25).

29-01-2008, 15:03
@Grey_Death: Thanks for the advice and the link. Like said I didn't like the flocking afterwards anyway.

@both: I should have painted it more but like said I only wanted a quick hill. Maybe I'll try again in a few weeks after my tests in university....

29-01-2008, 22:58
Hi there

I thought I'd try and help out as I know how difficult it is when you first start making terrain as you know what you want to achieve in your head but getting it like it isn't easy!

As I've made 15 boards for the X Legion Tactica Tournament I guess I could call myself a bit of an expert at terrain now and I have a great and effective way of making hills!

1/ First thing you need to do is draw out a rough outline of the shape of the hill you want.

2/ Cut aroound the shape at a sloping angle preferably with a hacksaw blade.

3/ Texture the sides of the hill by slashing it with the hacksaw blade.

4/ Use a soldering iron to texture the top of the hill and the slopes scoring into the sides.

5/ Cover the hill with PVA glue (put some paint in it or ink to colour the glue so you can see where you've missed - very difficult white on white otherwise!) and cover with sand and stones. (Don't bother using modelling sand as it get expensive quickly - good old sharp sand with some of the stones seived out of it is perfect - allowing you to determine the kind of finish you want)

6/ Paint your base colour (remember to start darker than you want to finish as you'll be drybrushing it with progressively lighter tones - its a common mistake to start painting with the final colour you want the terrain to be.)

7/ Drybrush with 2 progressively lighter colours.

8/ varnish (or glue on any flock etc then varnish)

Hey presto you should have a great looking hill!

Here's some pics of different stages for my hills.

To be honest rounded hills never look right to me on the wargames table as they're always too small scale wise - they never play very well either as they#re usually difficult to balance metal minis on....

Anyway I hope this helps - good luck and keep plugging away!

Also be careful if using a soldering iron with the fumes from the polystyrene!






29-01-2008, 23:07
Then you can start progressing to something like this ;)



30-01-2008, 08:15
Sweet!! Thanks for the tips. gonna try that for sure