View Full Version : GW Online store killing Bloodbowl

the anti santa
28-01-2008, 17:48
Well the official online site has brought in the changes and now you can no longer purchase bits from them.

So if you want extra players for your team you'll have to buy an entire second team it seems. So we are now forced to convert bloodbowl teams (made all the harder by the removal of bits) or buy them 2nd hand from e-bay and the like.

Well done GW

29-01-2008, 03:43
Luckily other companies make fantasy football miniatures, and are prepared to sell us individual figures.

Yes, another questionable move by GW. No doubt they will soon close down Specialist altogether becasue 'there is no demand'. I'm glad I bought my Chaos Dwarf team last year.

29-01-2008, 07:14
whoa, that sucks ;_; good thing I have my team allready but if i ever want a new one... scary thought.

30-01-2008, 09:55
The problem with buying from eBay is that there are so many recasts of Blood Bowl models going around and I don't like getting recasts. Ah - screw it. Who cares. If GW aren't selling them, the recasters might as well. It just means the prices of recasts on eBay will cost more than they did direct from GW...

I guess I'm fairly lucky really as the only teams I don't have are Dark Elf, Elf, Khemri, Norse, Nurgle and Vampire. Since they announced the upcoming changes in September, I have been making mail orders here and there so I could make all the other teams I have up to full positionals with support staff - so that should keep me going for a few years yet. It doesn't help anyone who's interested in the game as a newbie though.

Warsmith Strader
01-02-2008, 13:16
That sucks for those who don't convert, myself both of my teams are converted fantasy regiment style teams.

Chaos- Beastman regiment, and the older chaos warriors, with a Talisman Minotaur.
Orc- ork boys regiment, black orc regiment with Orc Warboss as HC.

01-02-2008, 21:52
Just noticed that some of the Star Players, which were added to the rules specifically because JJ had handed down a "rule for every model, a model for every rule" maxim, aren't avaialbe anymore (Borak for example).

Good work GW.:rolleyes:

Mike KK
05-02-2008, 20:04
yeah i have just seen that when i wanted to get a star player for my high elves... good game gw...noobs. although i am glad i got my bull centaur bodies before they stopped single bits order