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29-01-2008, 11:37
i am half way through creating a mutie mob for gorkamorka

for steeds im using daemonette steeds and dark elf / lizardmen cold ones

the keepers + snaggas are a mix or kroot , chaos spawn , possessed and mutation bits.

but lost on the unks.
need ideas for torsos for the unks. they need to be bigger than the kroot because they are spose to be muscle bound beasts.

and the weapons.

glaives and demilunes will be made fromork chain swords

but im lost on the guns and pistols. 'umie lasguns just dont look right.
jezails and fusils seem to work wth a mix of plasma pistols and bits from the new ork lootas.

what to use for the 2 long range guns and the pistol?
and i need a nice curved powersword to use for the falchion.

also need ideas for the goggles , nets, scanners , grapples and other gubbins they can have.

i have a place to get all the loose bits but just dont know what to look for anymore.

any ideas on the bits i could use for the above?

hope someone can help

05-02-2008, 07:27
well technically they were meant to be space marines or a imperial navigation party, so technically some sort of lasgun is fine.. maybe just some tentacles or something made from green stuff.

as for a unk torso, i would suggest maybe an orc torso.. they really are the only thing bigger than kroot?

19-02-2008, 08:18
I've have a Mutie mob in the back of my mind for a while. Here's kind of what I've thought of.

Riding beasts. Each mutie would have a different riding beast. Everything from Cold ones to various daemon hounds and mounts, to a krootox for the leader. Each looks different, with the bulkier ones are for the Unks? (the stronger boys). These would be tough, because I'd want them all to look similar (GS, paint, etc).

The muties themselves. Largely going to be converted from everything under the sun. Kroots, Lizardmen, Beastmen, possibly Ork parts. Actual mutations were going to be kept to a minimum. Maybe some wierd faces like that Eye stalks guy.

Weapons. Lots of chain weapons. Some plasticard weapons if I recall. All of the guns were largely going to be made from other guns or various sizes of tubes and rods.

Hope these ideas help. Be sure to upload some pics.