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30-01-2008, 21:31
Hi Everyone,

Well i thought it was about time i started a project log. Ive been reading and commenting on so many logs that have inspired me to do my own.

I see myself as more of a painter than a gamer, always have really since i got into the hobby. Dont get me wrong, i do like a game, its just i find myself more at home sat at my painting desk than at a gaming table.

So what do i paint? well i like to paint anything really. All GW core systems: Fantasy, LOTR & 40k. I also have interests in other manufacturers and games sytems. I hope to be posting some Infinity, Warmachine, Hordes, Helldorado (awesome :D) and Historical.

I hope this log and the comments made gives me the drive to keep going with all the projects i have on the go and finally complete them.

So to kick of the log with a pic here are some LOTR dwarfs ive been working on. These are the first of a 300pt force im building (using the Erebor list from LOME). Hope you like them and il post the next batch as soon as theyre done.

thanks for reading and i look forward to hearing your comments :)


30-01-2008, 21:55
Very crisp and pleasing on the eye. I like them a lot.
How many of them constitutes a 300 point force? (I'm not familiar with LoTR)

Consider me subscribed!

30-01-2008, 22:21
@Voltaire: Thanks for the reply. The 300pt force im working on includes:

4 x Iron guard
7 x warriors with shields
7 x warriors with bow
3 x warriors with double handed weapons

Im woking on some bowmen at the mo and hope to have them done over the next couple of days.

04-02-2008, 14:17
Update time:

Sorry for not making one over the weekend but my internet connection decided to cut off on thursday...

Anyway, im still painting and heres the latest addition to my 300pt Dwarf army - Double handed weapon guys.

nearlly finished some bowmen so il post as soon as they are done.

Heres a group shot:


and a close up of one of the guys:


happy with how the colour scheme came out again, think the blue and gold works nicely.

Been working on a few commissions on the side aswell so il ask the buyers if its cool to posr some pics.


04-02-2008, 17:18
Those are nice. The blond beards work, that's something that often comes out too yellow.

04-02-2008, 19:24
they are gorgeous, fantastic but they need eyes! :D

04-02-2008, 21:41
Very nice JonesRob, I like your clean style of painting, but as above I think they would look 100% better with eyes. I look forward to seeing your Helldorado stuff, what faction are you doing? (I am just starting on my Saracens). Look forward to more updates.


05-02-2008, 09:06
Thanks for the comments guys.

I know what you mean about the eyes, i usually paint them in but i struggle with the LOTR line... very fine detail.

@75hastings69: Ive gone with Saracens aswell. I have the starter set and the Tariq reinforcement box. So far ive painted tariq, quite pleased with him even tho he took me forever... I have the hassasin on my desk waiting for some paint. Il do my best to get a pic of tariq soon but its dwarfs, dwarfs, dwarfs at the moment.

Hope to have another pic update 2mo.


05-02-2008, 14:17
You might blend the transition between beard and chheek? Not sure if the black works

Fantastic Dwarves. Love them.

Colonel Haizelhoff
06-02-2008, 12:04
Nice you can clearly work out all the different parts of the models and I like the color scheme.

06-02-2008, 18:55
Update time:

Back again with the Dwarfs and as promised here are the bowmen that ive been working on. Again im enjoying the sculpts, a really nice boxset as a whole are the Dwarf Warriors.

Ive played a few games with my 300pt force (even tho it is part painted :eek:) and ive been doing quite well. I havnt lost yet which i was quite surprised about! the heavy armour and good fight value really help in small games.

Next up i hope to have Gimli on the table and should be ready for posting soon.



08-02-2008, 21:38
Update time:

Well Gimli is finished and fairly happy with him. Hes the sculpt from the Amon Hen set, ive also got the plastic version from the Moria box set that i hope to get done soon (As well as the other plastic fellowship)

Ive been focused on my LOTR dwarfs for a fortnight or so now so this weekend im going to take a break and work on my Helldorado Saracens. Ive already got Tariq ready and il be working on his eagle and an assasin.

Thanks for looking and all comments welcome :)


Dead orc
09-02-2008, 15:44
Those dwarves are fantastic. I really like the colours and I bet it looks awesome as an army.

09-02-2008, 18:08
Update time:

As promised, this weekend i will be posting some pics of some of my Heldorado Saracens. First up is Prince Tarik, definately reminds me of prince of Persia. I love the whole Arabian Nights theme so these minis are perfect for me.

The sculpt was amazing and i think i did it justice. There are a few areas that i think i could have done better but im learning and the next mini will be better (hopefully :p)

Im putting the finishing touches to his eagle and the Assasin so will be posting them over the next few days.

Thanks for looking


10-02-2008, 12:20
Cool painting. I tried to paint some LotR minis but hated painting them. Too small for me. I am looking forward to more Saracens. I am getting Demons myself in march. Would have probably gone with Saracens, but a mate of mine has them so playing same armies would be a bit boring.

10-02-2008, 15:50
More Helldorado:

This time Tariks Eagle. Thats the Tarik reinforcement box complete and i can work on the starter set now. The assasin is very nearly complete so expect some pics of him soon.

Quite pleased how the zombie dude who is being decapitated came out. experimented with some new washes / inks that i hadnt tried before.



So starting tommorow im going to crack on with dwarfs again. Only have 8 or so minis to go and then my 300pts are complete. After that probably more Helldorado to keep me going until the vampire counts are released in March :D

Thanks for looking and commenting

10-02-2008, 18:19
Man I love your style of painting, very nice. How may I ask do you get that blue from your LotR Dwarves, I've been trying to find a blue that I liked and I love the way yours is done. Keep it coming.


10-02-2008, 18:59
I really like the crispness of your work.
reminds me of mine but better executed haha.
good work sir!

10-02-2008, 20:00
Thanks for the comments guys.

@Tsen: I know what you mean about the blue, it took me forever to find something i liked. So im currently using P3 blues. P3 being the Privateer Press line of paint.heres the steps i take:

Exile Blue
Exile Blue + Cygnar base blue
Cygnar base blue
Cygnar base blue + underbelly blue.

hope that helps

@Marsekay: Thanks dude, good work with your imperial fists by the way - all that yellow would scare me :p

10-02-2008, 20:26
I actually have a bunch of P3 paints myself, unfortunately I'll have to pick up the Cygnar and Underbelly blues this week. Thanks man.

13-02-2008, 20:39
Update time

Ok so here is my Assassin for my Saracens. Really pleased how he came out, the black especially. The metals worked nicely aswell but everything came together after the varnish. God bless Testors Dullcoat! :D

So im back to my LOTR dwarfs now. Nearly finished 4 Iron guard, then onto 4 warriors with shield and 4 warriors with bow and my 300pts are done. Im not going to be able to post over the next few days due to this wonderfull thing called "Valentines day (?)" that my girlfriend keeps going on about... :rolleyes:

Il hae another update at the weekend.

Thanks for looking and i apreciate any/all comments


17-02-2008, 21:55
Thats absolutely top stuff mate! How are you doing the gold on your dwarves?

17-02-2008, 22:36
Thats absolutely top stuff mate! How are you doing the gold on your dwarves?

Thanks for the comment, always apreciated!

the gold for the dwarfs went like this:

GW Shining gold
GW flesh wash
watered down shining gold (leaving some of the washed n recesses)
GW burnished gold on edges.

hope that helps mate?

As for updates i should have one ready for 2mo. Had a pretty streesful weekend, ive re - torn the ligaments in my knee (again) playing rugby so i was in hospital most of saturday.... :(

So i cant walk but that doesnt mean i cant hold a brush :p

29-02-2008, 17:19
Update at last!

Well as i mentioned a week ago i had another knee injury playing rugby and that has slowed my painting a bit...

But im back and ready to post more updates.

Heres my 4 Dwarf Iron guard for my 300pts, ive only got 8 more models to go and then thats my force complete ( 4 bow and 4 h/w shield )

Should have the 4 shield guys done over the next few days. Im also going to be working on my Legends of the old west posse in the tale of old west painters thread that Harry is organising. Il post my progress for that as and when.

thanks for looking and as always i really apreciate your comments.


09-03-2008, 10:36
Update time.

Here are the last four Dwarves with hand weapon and shield. Nothing overly special with these guys but they needed to get done. Just like the archers i need to get done to finish the force.


Ive been working on my evil LOTR army of goblins and wargs aswell but ive been tempted away by other projects. Ive started playing Warmachine and i love it. Ive gone with Khador and Menoth to start with and im just seeing how they play. Ive started work on the starter sets so il post my efforts soon. Ive also got hold of some battlefleet gothic space marines which im very excited about, never painted any before. Im also thinking about 40k marines. So many projects.... :D

As always C&C apreciated


10-03-2008, 19:17
So ive started my Warmachine models and ive gone with the Khador Starter set first. The Warmachine mini range is one of my favorites. Giant robots powered by magic and steam just sounds cool :)

I went for the alternate green scheme for my khador, didnt fancy painting all the Red... Hope you like and as always C&C apreciated, dont really seem to get any :(

Im working on Sorcha next so my Khadoran jacks will have some magic behind them.


Rabid Bunny 666
10-03-2008, 19:21
Ooh, shiney, the skin on those Helldorado miniatures is phenominal! i like your painting style, and i think i may know you, are you Rob who worked at GW Slough for a bit before it died

10-03-2008, 19:33
Ooh, shiney, the skin on those Helldorado miniatures is phenominal! i like your painting style, and i think i may know you, are you Rob who worked at GW Slough for a bit before it died

Thanks for the comment :D

Yeah im the Rob that worked at Slough, i guess i will know you if you were a regular?

Rabid Bunny 666
10-03-2008, 19:43
Indeed, its Jack

10-03-2008, 21:09
Good to hear from you again mate.

just checked out your log and i can see your still coming up with great conversions and paintjobs.

Hopefully we can keep eachother going with all our projects :D

11-03-2008, 01:49
A great Jack that is. Good choice of colours. Will you paint Sorcha green too? Definately suits her uniform better. Gives that certain russian feel:p Iīm sure the paint job will be inspiring. Your skin tones are very good. As seen on your other models.

You shouldnīt think about not getting too much feedback. Create a log of the actually hyped army, and they will storm in, telling how great everything looks, even if itīs only dipped in coconut-milk;)

Checked out rabidbunnyīs marines. If you like marines, you could check out my log ( in my sig )aswell.

Looking forward to more Khadorian stuff. And Menoth, as you said you have some.

I should really consider a log of randomness aswell..

11-03-2008, 09:45
Thanks Warflag.

Yeah il be going with the red and green colour scheme throughout the force so Sorcha is getting the treatment. Should have a pic 2mo night.

I have to say that im swaying more towards Menoth tho both in terms of Minis and the way they play in the game. Khador seem to be too expensive and slow, altho they do hit hard... But Menoth set everything on fire :evilgrin:
Prob end up selling the Khador to fund Menoths Soul gathering...

il check out your marine log, i do like a few converted marines :)

11-03-2008, 12:01

11-03-2008, 12:18
Excellent stuff here mate, just stumbled in by accident but I am most impressed with the quality of painting, keep up the good work! The black on the assassin by the way is top notch stuff!



Count Sinister
11-03-2008, 16:12
Excellent stuff, JonesRob! So good, I hardly know where to start. Well, ok, I do know where to start, because your painting on the Tale of Old West painters really blew me away, so I'm very happy that I stumbled across your log - sorry for not finding it before!

Ok, let's see. LotR Dwarves - brilliant painting. The scale-mail armour in particular is brilliantly done, as are all your metals. The blue, as somebody has commented, is a great tone and is blended perfectly. The shields, in particular, are very smoothly done.

The saracen, with his hawk - absolutely fantastic! The flesh is absolutely fantastic. Brilliant painting. But - and this is my ONLY negative comment here! - I thought his tunic/vest was a little too close in colour to the flesh. Some contrast would really have brought out both. But other than that - perfect!

And the Khador Jack - excellent. I like the alternative green and red colour scheme, as the only thing I didn't like about the standard scheme is that it is too red. Nice to see somebody doing something a little different. I have the blue guys - wow, I can't remember what the faction is called - and my plan is to make them look like they've been on campaign for months, with the Jacks repaired using bits of enemy jacks. So, I'll use plasticard and greenstuff to sculpt/build a few Khador armour plates onto the Jacks, and then paint the jacks blue, except, of course, for the Khador parts, which will be red. That way, I can have the 'standard' scheme, with a twist. Looking at your Jack, I'm sure it's the right way to go.
Looking forward to seeing more, so consider me subscribed!
p.s. when will you have your next Old West mini? Cheeky of me, I know, but your minis are that good!

11-03-2008, 23:07
hallowed_are_the_ori - Thanks dude :)

CMDante - Thanks for the encouragement mate. I was pretty happy with how the black turned out. I think the matt varnish really pulled things together. Had a look at your work aswell, very nice. Really like the ogre hunter.

Sinister - Thanks for the great comment mate, really apreciate it. I know what you mean about the colouring on Tariq, they do seem to blend together in the pic. He looks better in the flesh :rolleyes: The ideas you have for your Cygnar sound great. Make sure you post some pics for us to see somewhere. Ive finished my March LOTOW mini but im not posting till the next thread starts :D

Count Sinister
11-03-2008, 23:25
That's very disciplined of you, JonesRob! And, of course, it means that we'll be all the more eager to see the next mini.
And as far as the Cygnar minis go - as soon as I start them, and get my project log going, you'll be able to see them!
As for seeing models in the flesh - after taking my first pics for the Tale, I know what you mean! Pics can really wash out the gradiations of colours and highlights.

12-03-2008, 20:20
Update time:

Ok so Sorscha is done. Im happy with the overall colour scheme and the flesh came out like i wanted (very pale and cold looking) altho the pic doesnt show that well. The sculpt is nice and clean, better than the alt pose IMHO.


So ive got the Destroyer heavy jack up next and then thats the Khador starter set done. Not altogether happy with how khador play so im not sure how much more il be adding to this army. I have Menoth as my other faction and im looking forward to starting them.

Other than Warmachine i have my last 4 LOTR dwarves, 2 SM Strike Cruisers for gothic and my evil LOTR army as my immediate projects. Got loads more to do after that but i dont know where to start :p

Thanks for looking and C&C really apreciated

Count Sinister
12-03-2008, 20:36
JonesRob, that is an excellent Sorscha! The green and red combo looks great - and the flesh is very nicely done. Altogether a much nicer scheme than the 'official' one.

17-03-2008, 22:37
Well done, Sir. Just as I had expected. The skin is very smooth, guess she likes to hear that too (god, THAT was was geeky, couldnīt resist tho).:D
The scheme does well both on humans as on jacks. The metal is done insanely well! Many people prefer nmm today, but thatīs for comics in my opinion. For something three dee one should try to paint the metallics well, instead of going for an effect that possibly only does well on photos. Just my 2 cents.

I read your other post in the pp forum. Letīs see some of your Menoth stuff. Or are they stumbling the battlefield as bluetagged silverzombies ? ;)

So give us some more, need to see more pp stuff (and not on coolmini!!)

21-03-2008, 12:02
Update time:

OK so the Khadoran Destroyer is done and with that i really am done with Khador. Im totally alligned with Menoth now :p

The Destroyer was very similar to the Juggernaught to paint so nothing overly exciting.


So i played another game with Menoth last night and i had a turn two victory of which i was very surprised to get! I dont think i did anything amazingly well, i think it was more poor judgement by my oponent in putting his warcaster in the open.

warflag - Ive made a start on my Menoth but for the most part they are silver zombies on the battlefield. Im woring on that tho! Thans for the comments about the metal work. I do lie NMM if its done really well but my heart is with Metalics.

Count Sinister - Thanks mate. Nearly time to post up my latest LOTOW mini. Think im going to do two a month from now on??

Thanks for reading, C&C always welcome :)


21-03-2008, 13:04
Aaah, anda now, a little groupshot maybe?

I can only repeat myself: Very good choice of colours. I might steal, or letīs rather say borrow, that from you.
Well done again. I really dig the metal.
By the wa, what kind of camera do you use? I must use a sony ericcson mobile phone camera. Not that bad actually, if you have photoshop;)

Get on with Menoth!
Alternate colour scheme aswell?


Count Sinister
22-03-2008, 08:44
Very nice Destroyer, JonesRob - looking forward to Menoth. Will you be using an alternate colour scheme there as well, and if so, what will it be?
As for LOTOW, I may up my production to two models a month as well - I will, after all, be doubling my productivity!

28-03-2008, 13:12
Loving the Helldorado stuff

28-03-2008, 18:21
The base looks a bit bland on the WM jacks and I'm not certain I'm sold on the green colour for the armour, seems a little dull. Then again I know nothing of the background for the game so maybe theres a good reason for this colour scheme wise? Still, can't fault the execution, clean and crisp! Perhaps another highlight or two on the metals to really make them pop, or some unit markings to add some detail to the large plate areas?



30-03-2008, 19:45
Update time:

Heres a group pic of the Khador battlebox. Ive decided to sell these guys as im totally with Menoth now. Il post up a for sale ad but if anyone is interested let me know:


So what else have i been up to? Well ive been doing some of my Menoth, i should be ready to post pics soon. Ive also started my Battlefleet gothic space marines, one strike cruiser is done and im on my second one now.

warflag - i dont use a special camera or anything, i think the lighting is the main thing tho, daylight bulbs are a must.

CMDante - Thanks for the C&C, i know what you mean about the bases. I was going to add some snow but then i decided i didnt want to keep them.

Chris_Tzeentch - Thanks dude, im going to be doing a few more soon hopefully.

Count Sinister - Im going to go with a similar scheme for my Menoth but still a bit different.

30-03-2008, 23:48
Nice stuff!
Thanx for the lighting tips.
Iīm tempted to buy the stuff, but I know myself. I would start to paint over some parts, as the Warmachine minis are kind of field for experiments for me. I actually wouldnīt like to ruin your painting. Your style is very individual in some details, and I think that must stay on these minis. You should get your efforts paid!

Keep it up. Looking forward to your Menoth stuff and BFG ships. Definitly not enough of that on these boards.


06-04-2008, 20:12
Update (kinda..) time:

Have been busy with commissions recently so havnt had too much painting time for my own minis. My Menoth collection is getting larger and still hardly anything painted :cries: Il be working on them this week tho!

I just thought i would post a pic of my LOTOW efforts for Harry's "Tales of LOTOW painters" that im taking part in.



Another update during the week hopefully

06-04-2008, 21:28
Great stuff mate, i'm wondering why i haven't posted here before:(

you have a nice clean style, which is IMO the way miniatures should be painted.

I like the look of the warmachine stuff, i thought about doing some Menoth a few years ago and now that one of my mates has started playing it i may give it another bash.

Wild West aint really my thing but these guys are looking very nice. how many do you have planned?


(looking forward to your menoth)

08-04-2008, 20:13
Update time:

Ok so after much promise heres my first Menoth mini (i hope he lives up to expectations) I went with a similar colour scheme to the studio but instead of using the Sanguine P3 colours i used GW dark flesh. I think it turned out quite well and im working on some infantry now so il be interested to see how the scheme works on them. So here he is :)


Next up for Menoth will be my first warcaster, high exemplat Kreoss. Ive also got deliverers, temple guard, idrian skirmishers, jacks and mercs lurking on my table so i better get my ass in gear! :p

Spikey - Thanks for the comment mate, im a big fan of your work and your log. If you have the time i highly recomend you getting into Warmachine, its just got that lil something that makes it different. If you ever get going with it let me know and we can sort a game out. Im only down the road in Maidenhead :)

Another update when i finish Kreoss.

C&C apreciated

08-04-2008, 21:48
OK, I think the checks need some cleanup work and that the armour needs some orangey red extreme edge higlights but otherwise good :)


09-04-2008, 00:31
Well it's certainly nice to see more warmachine around here. I know the scrutators have been threatening me with the thumb screws to finish my menoth army. I like your scheme and the freehand is interesting.

09-04-2008, 08:39
Thanks for the comments guys :)

voiceofthewarp - I wanted to go for a darker look with my Menoth so i steered away from the stark highlighting i would ususally go for. It looks better in the flesh (as allways) and this isnt the best picture ive taken :( Hopefully the infantry will photograph better as they are in better poses.

Wayfarer - I know what you mean about the lack of Warmachine around here, always good to see something differeant. Would be interested to see some Menoth painted in your style, would look awesome!

Should have Kreoss finished tonight i reckon, just have to finish his robes and pope hat thing...


Count Sinister
09-04-2008, 17:50
Excellent, Rob! I meant to post yesterday, but was having trouble logging in. I like the checkboard pattern a lot, and I like the slightly muted colours and shading. Looking forward to the infantry!
This should also give me the kick I need to paint my Warmachine stuff this summer. It won't happen before the end of April, but once I get started, I'll be picking your brain, if that's ok with you.
Once again, excellent work! (that includes the LotOW, by the way. That old guy is painted beautifully)

09-04-2008, 18:07
I like the darker take on Menoth. I have a commission arriving tonight and may take a leaf out of your book!
I'll be starting my Rhulic Mercenaries once the new expansion comes out. For now I'll content myself with Trollbloods and someone else's Menoth!

09-04-2008, 20:22
oooh thats awesome Jonesrob -

I really approve of the choice of colours you've made, they look sweet.

Looking fwd to seeing more as it cometh.


10-04-2008, 02:41
Hah, almost missed that update!

That is excellent work you present here. Really like the scheme. The checker pattern is cool. I donīt think it needs a clean up.
I honestly feel with you about extreme highlighting. That which does not come out in pics, makes it look comically in the flesh.
However, good work, as always.
Cool cowboys btw.

Really curious, what you have in the pipe for Menoth.


11-04-2008, 18:52
Update time:

At last my battlegroup has a painted Warcaster! :)

So Kreoss is finished and im really happy with him. Hes a great sculpt and has so much character in him. I thought i would struggle with the robe but i think it came out ok?


Ive started work on three deliverers now (rocket troops) and im really excited to be painting them, i think they are great sculpts. Painting Menoth has been my most fun project ive worked on in a while.

Count Sinister - Thanks mate, i was going to go for swirls and stuff but decided on the check patterns in the end and im quite happy with it. This months LOTOW guy wasnt too exciting to do but i think he fits in ok. Im going to keep myself motivated by working on an Apache for next month.

Fleafa - Ive done a few trollblood commisions and i think they are great fun to paint. Especially the pygmy guys :)

rev- thanks dude!

warflag - thanks my friend. As i said above im really enjoying my Menoth and its keeping me motivated with all the cool stuff i still have to work on: Flameguard,deliverers,Idrians,Vengers,jacks and casters. I really have bought too many minis already :p

More to come over the weekend hopefully


11-04-2008, 21:59
Looks good. It also reminds me more of the scheme from the remix art (because he's more warm white than any other color. I think you made a good choice on color selection. The darker red and dark bronze color contrast well to all the white and really balances the mini's so far.

I know how it is having too many mini's to paint. With warmachine it's so easy to want to use every single unit because they all have good uses in a ton of different builds.

21-04-2008, 19:52
Update Time:

This weekend i went to the Big wargame show in London called Salute and man did i have a blast. Its like the biggest Wargames event in the UK with thousands of people comming together to play games and buy minis - and wow did i buy some minis...

I love the Sci-Fi and fantasy aspects of the hobby but im also a huge fan of historical wargaming aswell. So i thought i would post a pic of a few minis from a Darkest Africa project im working on:


The game is set in the early 1900's in Africa with countries exploring and colonising the Dark continent. Expect to see more over the coming months.

But dont worry, i havnt forgot about my Menoth, il have some pics soon.


Count Sinister
21-04-2008, 23:30
Rob - excellent Darkest Africa minis! Fantastic painting - I love those muted natural tones - and really nice models too. What range are they? It reminds me that I have to get a lawman painted for the LotOW thread - but it's the last week of the semester, and I've just been too busy. In a couple of weeks I'll have more time to paint than I've had in years!
I'll keep looking out for your minis for inspiration! Flesh tones and shading/highlighting of the skin on those models are excellent, by the way!

22-04-2008, 01:39
Those look fantastic. Just curious as to how you painted the paints on them?

23-04-2008, 20:14
Update Time:

Ok so i was watching the movie Fifth Element last night and i realised i had a mini that was sculpted to represent the female character "Leeloo" lying around somewhere.

A few hours later and i have my own version staring up at me from my painting table :) The Mini is from Heresy Miniatiatures and was great fun to paint. Heresy do alot of great Sci-Fi and character models.


Count Sinister - Thanks for the comment mate, good to see your still about :) The Darkest Africa guys are from Foundry, ive got some Copplestone ones lying around aswell. Im looking forward to posting this months work for LOTOW. I have my 1st Apache ready!

hallowed_are_the_ori - Im not sure i understand your question dude but il try and answer. I paint using the layering technique and keep building the colour until i think ive done enough.To get the muted tones i mix using bone and grey rather than white. Hope that helps?

More on the way soon hopefully

24-04-2008, 01:48
Ah sorry Jonesrob, i made a typo :( I mean how'd you paint the clothing, but you answered that, thanks man! Leeloo! "MULTI PASS".

Count Sinister
24-04-2008, 14:06
Yes, still here, Rob, but only just. It's been a busy semester, but I'm teaching my last classes tomorrow, and will be free (in a relative sense, anyway) until August, so - lots of painting! And speaking of painting... That Leeloo model is brilliant! The sheer effect on the tights is outstanding, and the gun is perfect! Great painting. Wow, I'd better get started on my outlaws for the tale - I'm betting you've got another beautiful mini for that too! Excellent work - inspiring!

24-04-2008, 16:00
like the leeloo model rob, that was one of the movies that made me realise that me and Milla should be together.... forever... :)

04-05-2008, 18:24
Update time:

More Foundry Africa Explorers for you. These guys arent actually going to be part of my Darkest Africa Project som in selling them on eBay to help fund it :)

Had fun painting them tho and i like to think that every mini i paint whether i keep it or not is good practice for the next job.

hope you like em:


So you will be glad to know that ive made a very good start on my Aeronautica Imperialis Imperial Navy force. Ive finished my fist Thunderbolt and im very happy with it. Il post a pic when ive finished the second one.

Count Sinister - Thanks for the comment as always dude, she was great fun to paint. Ive finished my 2 minis for The LOTOW tale and il take pics as soon as i see the Month 2 thread posted. Looking forward to seeing your months work.

Count Sinister - Thanks for the comment. I hear you about Milla, she is so damn hot... and the way she talks in fifth element is so cute :)

05-05-2008, 01:55
Those look awesome dude. I love how smooth and neat your painting is. Just a question though, how'd you paint the pants on the first fellow in that picture, and the bases?

Count Sinister
05-05-2008, 04:42
Outstanding minis once again, Rob. Beautifully smooth shading/highlighting, and once again those tones are perfect. Looking forward to seeing what you've done on the LotOW thread (when this month is up and running).
And Milla - yes, I'll pretty much watch anything that she's in. Who cares if it's two hours of my life that I can't get back? It's worth it.

05-05-2008, 12:43
Wowsers but I like your painting. I love the muted colours and ... How smooooooth?

07-05-2008, 20:09
Update time:

So i posted up Month 2's work for the "Tale of the LOTOW painters" and i thought i would post up here too :)

Managed to get another cowboy done and an Apache.



hallowed_are_the_ori - Thanks for the comment. The bases are done using the Foundry paint pallet "base sand" ABC. The trousers on the 1st guy were done using Vallejo bronze green and adding Fortress grey for the highlights. Hope that helps!

Count Sinister - Thanks again matey, hope you like Month 2's installment from me? ;) Looking forward to seeing your work.

Harry - Thanks Harry. Now get painting and post some pics of your stuff for us all to gawp at

Count Sinister
07-05-2008, 21:01
Rob! Excellent work! That cowboy is brilliant, and the tones on the Apache are perfect - the loin-cloth/surcoat thing is very nicely done. Shading is beautiful and smooth, as always, and the tones are great. The face on the cowboy has to be your best so far, by the way. You've captured the narrowed eyes as he sights down the barrel of the pistol perfectly.
Well, I'm working on mine right now (teaching semester doesn't end until Friday, and I've been even busier than usual with grading and so on), and I should have it up in a day or two. I may even have two...

08-05-2008, 01:05
Cheers for that mate. I love how smooth your painting is. :D might look at these new ones for inspiration when i paint my other ones up.

08-05-2008, 02:02
That's some awesome work you've got going on here!

14-05-2008, 17:02
Update time:

Finished the last couple of African Explorers ive been working on. Really enjoyed painting some minis from this period. They have so much character and really helped me practice my muted tones.


so ive nearly finished my Imperial Navy thunderbolts for Aeronautica Imperialis, they are looking pretty cool. Ive also started working on my Menoth again. Mainly because i had a game last week and realised i had ALOT more to get done.

Count Sinister - Thanks as always! Looking forward to seing your LOTOW minis, this months thread is very quiet so far?

hallowed_are_the_ori & lz7947 - Thanks guys, comments are what keep me going :)

14-05-2008, 20:07
Beautiful stuff. (as always). The cowboy is my favorite mini you have done so far.

15-05-2008, 02:16
I love how you paint your fleshtones, looks really nice :)

01-06-2008, 19:38
Update time:

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, been working on a commision that has been taking up alot of time.

So heres my work for last months LOTOW painting tale - A couple of Pinkerton Detectives from Artizan Designs.


Ive got lots on the painting table at the moment so im not sure what could be coming up next. Ive been reading through the new Warhammer Historical Supplement "The Great War" and im itching to paint some WW1 minis. Just another project to add to the list...

01-06-2008, 21:56
Both wonderful but ... the stripped suit on the right hand guy is remarkably good.

I would love to know how you did that to have a crack at something like that myself.

Count Sinister
01-06-2008, 22:07
Amazing work, Rob. The pin-stripe in the Pinkerton on the right is superb. I'm ashamed to say that I'm still working on last month's entry for the Tale - still very busy with things here. I was in Kansas City last week, and picked up an Artizan blister (outlaws). I saw the Pinkertons, and was sorely tempted, but I bought Warrior Knights (the boardgame) and lots of painting stuff, so I had to reign in my buying impulse. Maybe next time. Still, I have plenty to paint, and you're really setting the bar high, Rob. Superb work - the coat of the guy on the left is beautifully blended, and the bases, as always, are perfect. Excellent!

01-06-2008, 23:00
This latest batch of minis look great. :)

02-06-2008, 02:20
Wow those look really nice jonesrob. I'm half tempted to buy some Artizan Designs models, but i gotta wait until i sell half of my unwanted models, to free up my desk for painting :(

02-06-2008, 07:54
Wow. I really like the whole bunch of the cowboys. Very nice choosing of colors. It's all in all a great harmony of color which your miniatures spread arround.

02-06-2008, 09:53
Thanks for all the great comments guys :)

@Harry: This was only the second time i attempted a pinstripe suit so im pretty happy with the result. Il try and explain it if i can:

-start by painting stripes of P3 greatcoat grey with a lil black.
-Add some more P3 for the highlight, making sure to leave basecolour on edges and folds etc.
-finally add some fortress grey for final highlight, just on raised areas.

-Then for the contrasting stripes use P3 Greatcoat again but mix quite a bit of black in.
-Add more greatcoat to the mix for highlights.

I think the key is neatness and trying to not make everything look to grey!

@Sinister: Thanks my good sir. Im sure you will get some LOTOW finished soon. I totally understand about real life interuptions. Im just about to make a major career change so thats going to affect my wargaming time :cries:

@thalamus & mrtn: Thanks you guys!

@hallowed_are_the_ori: Thanks! I know what you mean about unwanted models and unfinished projects... I must have about 10 projects on my painting table alone! thats not counting all the stuff i have in my "Wargaming cupboard"

02-06-2008, 10:12
Yeah ive got old west, death korps of krieg, necrons, vampire counts, some necromunda pieces........list goes on haha!

02-06-2008, 19:15
Update time:


Had this guy lying around for a while so thought i would do something with him. Thought he turned out ok but im never as happy with the results i get on Black Scorpion minis compared with what i come up with on Artizan or Copplestone Sculpts. O well, he'l do fine! As with most of my minis he is available for sale so drop me a line if your interested.

thanks for looking:


03-06-2008, 02:07
Looks great man. The only thing i dont like about black scoprion figs are the faces, they're too flat and uninteresting which makes it harder to really put any detail into them.

18-06-2008, 20:43
(at last...)

First off im sorry for the lack of updates recently. Ive been working on alot of commisions and ive havnt been able to post any pics because my clients dont want pics on the net until they see them.

So i havnt had much time to work on my own stuff but i wanted to make a start on my WHFB Vampire Counts army. It would take me forever to paint a 1500pt fantasy army in my current style so i decided to give the new GW inks a try. and heres the results:

(sorry for the bad pic)


These 6 Ghouls took the same amount of time as it would ususally take me to finish one mini. Overall im fairly happy. I dont use washes and i never use a white undercoat so this was a change in direction for me!

I hope to have some skellies done soon if i finish a small commision im working on.

Thanks for looking

Count Sinister
19-06-2008, 00:22
Rob, those ghouls are amazing! The blue works really well, and gives them a nice cold, otherwordly feel. And you use the new washes on them, is that right? The blue wash over a white undercoat, is that it? If so, how many washes did you have to do to build up the colour.
I'm working on a Vampire Counts army too, I have to admit. I just couldn't resist the new minis!
I was away in Chicago, so still no Wild West for me. Maybe this week. I hope...
Looking forward to seeing more of the Vampire Counts, as the ghouls are great.

19-06-2008, 01:17
They look very nice mate, and are quite different from your normal style, however theyre sweet :D

19-06-2008, 01:37
Wow, those Ghouls looks awesome!

I've actually been trying to do the exact same scheme, yet mine look about 100x worse. I'm really convinced that i'm using the washes wrong somehow.

Any tips on how you got such a nice blend from the highlight to the recesses?

19-06-2008, 16:17
Thanks for the comments guys, always good to hear your feedback.

Heres a rundown of how i did them:

-use Asurmen blue over a white undercoat, apply liberally.
-Wait till dry then do another coat of Asurmen blue and wait till dry.
-Then i used P3 Underbelly blue to highlight the very extreme edges (Space Wolf grey will do)
- The i used Baal Red to wash where the cuts and bruises were which created that purple tint.
- Then i painted the bones in my normal layering method.

Like i said im happy with how they came out condidering the time i spent on them. Looking forward to showing off some skellies and finishing the unit of Ghouls.

Count Sinister - I dont know whats happend with the tales of LOTOW project. Havnt seen a new thread for a while? Hopefully it will get a second wind soon. If not il still keep posting my minis here.

Thanks again for the comments guys, keep em comming as it keeps me enthused :)

Count Sinister
19-06-2008, 16:53
Thanks for the description of the painting on the ghouls, Rob. I like the use of the Red wash over the blue to create the purple - it's clear that these washes are going to throw up lots of new possibilities, with a bit of experimenting.
Yes, not sure what happened with the LotOW. Once I've painted up a couple of models, I'll engage in some threadomancy and pop them onto the old thread to see what happens. Looking forward to more from you as well. Have you got any games in with them? None here, but maybe in the autumn...
Looking forward to skellies and more ghouls, Rob. Keep up the excellent work!

19-06-2008, 17:08
I just stumbled over this log, read it, and I must say WOW! Great painting, mate! I really like your style. The latest pirate just rocks!

Monsterzonk :skull:

17-08-2008, 21:47
Update time:

Well its been a while (sorry for that ) but i have an update for you. Ive been busy in "real" life so thats cramped my painting style. Any painting i have done has been on comissions but recently ive found the time to get a few bits of my own done.

First up is a Swashbuckler made by black cat, just wanted to post it up because i was quite happy how the face and flesh tones came out. What do you think?


Next up is a mini im really happy with. Im a huge warmachine fan and with the latest supplement Legends release comes a host of really cool minis ready for me to paint. And the first one that i could get my hands on was Orin Midwinter - Rogue Cygnar Inquisitor.


Had an absolute blast painting him. One of the most enjoyable minis ive painted in a long time. Really well sculpted and i cant wait to paint some more WM minis already!

Cant say when the next update will be but il be back again with something soon


Count Sinister
17-08-2008, 22:30
Nice swashbuckler, Rob, and that's a very nice cygnar model too. Your paint job really does it justice. The blue is fantastic! Nice basing too.

Well, that's decided it for me. I'm going to have to dig out my Warmachine minis (cygnar, and not a single one painted or even assembled) and do some work on them. I wouldn't mind, only I start teaching again in a week!

18-08-2008, 10:09
Excellent painting. The flesh tones are very good. Suit yuor style while being realistic.
The rogue inquisitor seems to be in a bad mood :p Love his eyes. And the punk hairstyle. The more well painted Cygnar stuff I see, the more I am tempted to pick up some of those instead of Khador. I paint too much red. My CSM, my Orcs second most important colour and other stuff. Only my dwarves have some blue on them. And itīs such a beautiful colour.
The way you do it makes me want to paint blue too.
Err... thatīs weird.
Maybe I should see a doctor first...

However, very well done, as always. The swashbucklers shirt is very good as well.

Good work, donīt let real life take over!


07-09-2008, 17:35
Update time:

Hi all,

Things have been pretty slow hobby wise so not a huge amount of offerings for you. Mainly been working on comissions that the customers dont want shared anywhere.

Ive started doing a few minis from the "random" box to sell on ebay to get a few quid.

heres the first one i picked out


He is called Mr Price and is from a company called Artizan Designs and he is part of their "Thrilling Tales" line.

I think he came out well and i enjoyed painting him. Got a few more Thrilling Tales minis to do so il post em when i finish em :)


Count Sinister
07-09-2008, 19:59
Nice, Rob! Those Thrilling Tales minis are really nice sculpts, and that's an excellent paint job. Nice natural tones, and the face is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

08-09-2008, 01:00
Thanks for sticking with me Count!

I dont post as often as id like so its great to hear some feedback when i do.

08-09-2008, 01:18
Wow, that looks great. Awesome work.

I like the way you paint skin, looks really cool :D

08-09-2008, 13:10
Hey Jones,

Iīll stick with you too!
Your work is very cool. The fact that you paint minis that arenīt seen here too often makes thisd thread special and worth checking back regularly.
I send you PM because I have a question on your commission work.


14-01-2009, 20:49
Simply great work. I especially like the Lotr dwarves and historical minis.

14-01-2009, 21:40
How the hell am I only just finding this now.

Your style is simply fantastic, the best painting I have seen, I love it.

15-01-2009, 08:44
Also really like your style - in particular the way you use rougher brush strokes on the clothing highlights, to differentiate the texture - have been trying to do this on my own minis and it's great to see it done by a talented painter up close.

Like wise skin tones and relatively neutral colour schemes really make the minis stand out - excellent work!