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02-02-2008, 13:58

Hello, Chaps. Its that time again (and I am sorry to be a little late).
Time for the Tale Of Fantasy Painters monthly update!

So, we are Seven months in. Over half way through the project. We are now just have to keep going and bring it on home.

Still, around 20 of us left in so looking forward to seeing the best part of 4,000 points freshly painted this month.

Those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in month Seven. (January). You should post up to three photographs of your months work and a photo of the army so far. (The last seven months work). Seven Months in (depending on how many jokers you have used) you should now have a minimum of 1000 points and a maximum of 1,400 points (Approx)

With the photographs of you work please include a description of each character/unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades, items and equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit and, if you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your months work.

You can also say anything you like about the highs and lows of your months painting. What you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc.

I will be posting my armies using the, now, familiar format. Please feel free to do the same. (or not!)

I hope you have all had a great months painting.
I can’t wait to enjoy the results.

All the best


The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete a 2000 point army in the next twelve months.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with the last day of July 2007.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post saying "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. 200 points for 10 out of the next 12 months.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.

All chat, questions, discussion, WIP, painting advice, encouragement, tutorials, etc, etc, should be on this thread.

A new thread will be opened on the last day of each month for each painter to post the next 200 point ‘update’ for the army they are painting and a picture of the army to date.

I will just take this opportunity to thank all the painters who have signed up for their interest and enthusiasm and for their ideas that have helped shape this project. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope this project is a big success for everyone involved. I also hope 'the viewers at home' enjoy the results of all the work of the painters involved.


AdHoC : Orcs and Goblins : 5 Months painting : 1 joker
Arhalien : Woodies : 6 Months painting : No jokers
Armos : Chaos : 6 Months painting : No Jokers
Catferret : Ogres 6 Months painting : No jokers
Danny 76 : Empire : 4 Months painting : 2 joker
Deadorc : Lizardmen : 4 Months painting : 2 Joker
Dino : Empire : 6 Months painting : No jokers
Doi : Dark Elves : 6 Months painting : No jokers
Harry : Dark Elves : 6 Months painting : No jokers
Harry : Dwarves : 5 Months painting : 1 joker
Harry Daemonic Legion : 6 Months painting : No jokers
Harry Vampire Counts : 6 Months painting : No jokers
Hespithe : Khornate Doombull ogres : 6 Months painting : No jokers
Huw Dawson : Dwarves : 6 Months painting : No jokers
jme : Dark Elves : 5 Months painting : 1 joker
Jonahmaul : Goblins : 3 Months painting : 2 jokers
Knighta : Skaven : 6 Months painting : No jokers.
Kraxnar : Possibly Out!
Netguru : Empire : 3 Months painting : 2 jokers
Saulot : Orcs and Goblins : 3 Months painting : 1 joker
Sigur : Dark Elves : 6 months painting : No jokers
Silverstu : Dwarfs : 4 Months painting : 1 jokers
Tarsus : Dogs of War : 1 and a Half months painting : 2 jokers
Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull : Night Goblins : 5 months painting : 1 joker.
Zark the Dammed : Ogres : 5 Months painting : 1 Jokers.



02-02-2008, 14:02
Sorry this is a little late.
My life is currently a little bit more complicated than I would like. (Hence the delay).

I will also be late posting. I won't get time to get pics until next weekend as things stand.

Please feel free to start posting and I will join you when I can.

Just near the end of the last thread Jonahmaul was asking 'what has happened to Hastings'.
It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Hastings has had to pull out of the Tale of Painters. He was gutted to be dropping out. He is O.K. but 'real life' has well and truely snuck up behind him and taken a great big bite out of the time he had to bring to this project. We also lost Animerik, who posted his apologies, and is another big miss. Both talented painters who brought a lot of creativity and inspiration to the party.

02-02-2008, 14:08
Well this is trully a first for me but i'm playing my first joker.
I now a lot of people are probably in shock but I haven't had the best month for painting mini's. I'll try and get them finished for Febuary, good luck and congrats to every body who got their own stuff finished on time this month.

02-02-2008, 17:38
Right, my painting will be late this month too; my BSB has just arrived and I'm cleaning it up as I type (well, not literally ;)). 2 waywatchers are done and the third is WIP. The BSB will be submitted 3 colours+based (although this does go against my own rule, it is necessary as I'd rather not have to joker).

@Dino: :( Seems strange not to see you posting first. Hope that later months are better for painting :)
@Harry: I think there has to be an award for struggling through adversity simply so we can give it to you; not only are you painting ridiculous amounts each month and running this whole thing, youre doing so despite all the problems. Looking forward to seeing waht you've got done this month ;)

02-02-2008, 23:48
First off, I'm glad you're ok Harry. Secondly, sorry to see Animerik and Hastings go. That's quite a loss. Thirdly, I believe the Apocalypse is upon us as all the portents seem to be coming true (terrorism, storms and Dino jokering!).

Right. My submission time.

UNITS: 1 and 3/4 Irongut Standard Bearers and a Maneater.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Ironguts were straight from the box, Maneater had his pet Gnoblar swapped for the Empire powder monkey.

PAINTING: The usual really. Treated the maneater a bit more like a character though and spent more time on him. Bit of effort on the face and anchor plus additional highlight stages on whole model.

BASING: Sand. Paint Scorched Brown. Drybrush Codex Grey. Drybrush a couple of areas with Graveyard Earth. Add Scorched Grass and drybrush Kommando Khaki.

STILL TO DO: The second standard bearer needs finishing. He more than meets the minimum 3 colours standard but I haven't done a lot of the deatails or the base. New job has crippled painting time, I'll try and get him finished Tuesday night if possible. All 3 models need static grass on the bases. Also have to paint the 2 Gnoblar Lookouts (if I can find the damn things!).

HIGHS AND LOWS: The army is really taking shape now. When it's all down on the table it looks pretty cool. Am slightly miffed at not finishing them all but there's enough to post up I felt.

POINTS: 240 (if you include the not quite finished 2nd standard bearer)


Pictures: I still need to take a better pic of the Maneater and a decent army shot but I'll edit this post once I do.


Have also finally decided on my tattoos for the army. Now I just have to apply it to all the models done so far...

02-02-2008, 23:49
Only a small up date at the mo, as still need to put finishing touches to the rest of this months work, will post the rest when Im done with them.
So, for starters:
5 Dark Swordmasters
Cost: 55pts
Always liked the swordmaster models and they really lend themselves to my colour scheme. Didn't need to change the heads for two reasons. 1st, the helmets do cover their faces mostly (may change the open helms at some point). 2nd Im running out of helmets and cant mail order them any more!
Still have 5 more to do, but will save them for another month as I like varitey when Im painting!
Will post my total point cost when I post the rest of my work.
@Dino. Sorry you had to play a joker, I even waited for you so you could have first post again!
Anyway, heres the pic:

03-02-2008, 12:16
Harry - I've got 4 months painting & 2 jokers (2 lots of 30 ng with fanatics, 10 spider-riders, a shaman & giant). Can we 'buy back' jokers by double posting? Then if we're particularly motivated to paint we can off set months down the line when we're not as motivated. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Dino still gets the first post in, it's just not of miniatures & I am truly shocked!

Nice looking Ogre's Carferret. Looking forward to seeing the army shot.

Cool looking SM's jme. Know I've said it before but I really do like your armies theme. If you don't want to do head swaps (which will be especially hard know they're painted) you could just green stuff some chainmail across their faces like some of them already have on them.

I will be posting this month. Just finishing off the basing of my squig hoppers & need to paint my BSB but that should all get done today/tomorrow ready to post tomorrow or tuesday.

04-02-2008, 01:34
@Harry: Hope you get through the troubles youre going through with good results.

@Catferret: The end is when I'm forced to quit TOFP and when I start giving a darn about what Britney Spears says(and thats as likely to happen when pigs grow wings and fly). So no worries. Anyway, youre stuff looks good as usual. I like the monkey instead of the usual parrot gnoblar. Can't wait to see whats for next month.

@jme: Well stuff happens. But in any case nice guys so far man. Can't wait to see more.

@Jonahmaul: Like i said i've had a hecktick month. Can't wait to see what you got for this month.

Anyway I thought i'd at least show what I was gonna have finished for this month. So here you go.
Caption on horse
and Handgunners

04-02-2008, 05:42
Well I'm not quite dead yet, though living without internet access at home for nearly 3 weeks has been a pain!

I've 'finished' the metals on the swordmasters and they will be at a postable stage (i.e. not complete but good enough) very soon.

The mage will have to be a slapdash effort and I'll be happy if I just get some base colours on him. He should get done though allowing me to stay in.

I'll get some pictures up once I've finished and get my internet access back at home.

Now to decide on what I could even get close to finishing for Feb. Its going to be a hell of a month but if I survive it the months following should be a lot easier.

5 Dragon Princes or 12 White Lions?

04-02-2008, 11:15
I love the fact that Dino can't post this month but February's effort is already postable, ie 3 colours & based! Bloody perfectionists! Looking forward to seeing them finished.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures too Kraxnar. If you're strapped for time I would probably say go for the White Lions. Although it'd be 2 more models there is less detail on them meaning that they'll be quicker to paint. Dragon Princes should also stand out as centre piece models so I would leave them until you know you can give them the time they deserve.

Not sure what I'm going to do for February yet. Was going to do a squig herd but missed out on a load on ebay as I was too busy looking at another site which was annoying! Also going on holiday next week so away for almost a week so think I may go for a smaller number of models to paint this month, probably Skarsnik.

05-02-2008, 00:39
I love the Skarsnik model. Get him painted Jonah!

05-02-2008, 08:30
This month, i have painted up my Helstorm Rocket Battery.
I know its a bit shy of 200 points but it evens out with some of next months stuff coming way over..

Anyway, here is the entry

UNIT: Helstorm Rocket Battery

BUILD/CONVERSION: I pu tthe battery on a circular base with a slot for one of the crew, then made two more bases for the other crew, to make a little scene as it were.

PAINTING: standard stuff really, bit of drybrushing and inking over it - not the best painter to do much more..

BASING: Sanded, scorched brown with successive lighter browns over. Green around the edges

FINISH THE SKIN!! i actually have to go back and do this on all my models really, but i'm terrible with skin at the moment..
Also put some static grass on the bases..

HIGHS AND LOWS: Time constraints as usual being the lows, highs were having time to sit and paint with my girlfriend so she could actually get something added to her painting blog (she leaves her stuff at mine you see..)

POINTS: 115 straight from the book as is.

TOTAL POINTS : 922 (5 months painting, with two jokers used)

Rocket Battery Full:
Base 1:
Base 2:
Base 3:

Next month: Knights!

05-02-2008, 20:48
Advice for skin - Vermin Brown to Dwarf Flesh to Flesh Wash to Very light touches with elf flesh. Its my new approach to flesh!

- Huw

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
06-02-2008, 09:15
UNIT: 21 Night goblins
BUILD/CONVERSION: Converted them to handweapons well some of them^:p

PAINTING: My usual color scheme for the goblins

BASING: sands, undercoated bestial, drybrushed bubonic, drybrushed bleached bone
STILL TO DO: 3 night goblins


POINTS: 117pts

TOTAL POINTS 1188, 6months painting, 1 joker used



06-02-2008, 17:41
Right, change of plan for me; I'm not going to be able to get the BSB primed for a while so I'm juist going to submit what I have done this month and make it up next month (if you have a problem with this Harry, please say)

Painter name: Arhalien
Army: The Twilight Host (Wood Elves)
Painted this month: 3 waywatchers=72 (:o)
Highs: Getting the waywatchers done quickly and to a good quality
Lows: My BSB mail order arriving a week late, destroying any chance of me getting it done.

Anyway, pictures (bad as ever)
And the current state of what was supposed to finish this months' painting:

Next month: The BSB, last waywatcher and the first regiment of Wardancers; overoptimistic, Who, me?

07-02-2008, 18:35
I'll have my entry up soon! :D

- Huw

EDIT: I'm currently tossing up my options. The Gyrocopter is an utter pain - the blades will simply not stick on without a pin vice, something I don't have. My other option is a 5 man DOW heavy cavalry unit... but people will complain when I have cavalry in a Dwarf army...

07-02-2008, 19:13
Huw Dawsons Dwarven Throng!

UNITS: 15 Dwarven Warriors with shields and full command, one Dwarven Engineer.


PAINTING: Engineer was a blast. I love painting slayers, with all the skin and orange hair... The warriors were just like always - red rims, drybrushed armour, blue shields... I decided to lean more on silver than gold in this unit, though. It distinguishes them from the Longbeards.

BASING: GW flock, old school!

STILL TO DO: Nothing!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Boy, four dwarvern units get boring... The engineer was my high of this month.

POINTS: 160 + 15

TOTAL POINTS : Errr...1345 points.

- Huw

07-02-2008, 19:50
Danny: Nice rocket men. Pretty handy unit on the battlefield from what I've seen too, so good luck.

Warlord: Great goblins. Excellent consistency of painting over the force.

Arhalien: Anything is better than nothing. Elves still look good. Make sure you get everything done this month! :p

Huw: That's quite a stunty horde growing there. Congrats on getting this far with them. Dwarves can get really boring.

07-02-2008, 22:28
Sorry. Paintings done but having trouble getting a camera. Hopefully be able to post soon.

08-02-2008, 12:37
@ Catferret - to be honest, it was only this unit that was a bit dull. And thats only because I am still trying to balance my options for the Gyrocopter problem. Wait to play with my army, or just use my DOW Heavy Cavalry! (Which I quite like, apart from the banner. I HATE banners.

Well, I have a big month ahead of me. Thanks to the govenment's desperation to get low income kids into higher education, they resorted a couple of years back to the best option. Bribery. This bribe money has been keeping my dwarf army going these past few months, but now it comes to the crunch.

The Bonus.

This bonus is pretty big - over a hundred pounds. Now, me being the wise, economic sort, there is only one option for this money.


Hence, my "buy" list for this month (at GW Manchester Central) is the following:

1) 15 Hammerers with full command. £36
2) 2x Bolt Throwers - £24.
3) Organ Gun - £12
4) Dwarves Army Supplement and Rulebook (At long last!) - £42

That is a grand total of £114. I'm looking at about £150 for travel, other purchases etc.

Keep this in your mind - a tiny portion of your taxes go towards keeping my Dwarf army going, and my planned LOTR splurge in the summer. :)

- Huw

08-02-2008, 13:03
Judging by your army so far Huw I'd consider it money well spent!!

08-02-2008, 22:57
Hello all.

Will post in a couple of days, my computer is currently being fixed, so i have no way of uploading the photos. And i cant use this one cause it have no USB ports. Should be up by Tuesday. Good work all to those who've painted :)

09-02-2008, 08:13
Comments on stuff that's been painted soon. My stuff is basically done but been working a lot recently so haven't had chance to post. Going out for most of today so pictures hopefully will post tomorrow evening after work or monday morning.

09-02-2008, 16:32
Right, I've decided to only go for 250 this month rather than 300, so I've bought a blister of wardancers and a command.
Had a minor brain explosion when opening them, and only finding 2 wardanvers in the blister. I checked the online store to see how many should be in there, and no longert finding the blisters available I rang GW to ask them..... only to find the third one hidden under a piece of foam..... :rolleyes:
Ach weill.....

09-02-2008, 18:20
Right, I've decided to only go for 250 this month rather than 300, so I've bought a blister of wardancers and a command.
Had a minor brain explosion when opening them, and only finding 2 wardanvers in the blister. I checked the online store to see how many should be in there, and no longert finding the blisters available I rang GW to ask them..... only to find the third one hidden under a piece of foam..... :rolleyes:
Ach weill.....

by which time they'd sent you another blister? :)

09-02-2008, 19:57
No, I managed to find the model while still on the phone. I was calling my local store so I just said; I know and like the people who work there and I wouldn;t want to try and rip them off by lying (and the thought honestly didn;t cross my mind ;))

09-02-2008, 22:02
as much as i'd like free stuff through a situation like this. mine always come with everything expected. though i've heard of people getting sent free stuff from such things

09-02-2008, 22:06
Well, the wardancers and BSB are primed, although the can was running out towards the end, so the paint may be a bit thin in places.

09-02-2008, 22:11
So far i've painted 5 of my fifteen knights. Only problem now is that i too have run out of spray for the other 10... :(

10-02-2008, 07:39
Well I'm a tad late posting this month, but I've not had a camera connected to a computer for a few weeks because I haven't gotten around to reattaching it after my computer got moved around, but I'm here now and, thanks to some really helpful advice from the bloke that runs the local indie store, finally have GOOD PICTURES. Was lucky to get anything painted for this month between a) being on holidays for the start of the month, b) getting snowed under with holiday homework for my final year of high school, c) a side project as a test for my next army once my DE are finished and d) Orks!!. So here we go:

Dark Elves

UNITS: These models are half of a group I'm doing over two months, the entire group consists of 3x 5-man Dark Rider Units and a Noble on Dark Steed, for this month I've painted up the mounts, the riders will be built/converted/painted and the whole model based in a month to come, not next month though as I'm painting something smaller to have time to convert up the riders etc

BUILD/CONVERSION: My Dark Riders are getting converted from Wood Elf Glade Riders as not only are the WE horses so much more dynamic but a lot cheaper too, in the end I've gotten all 3 units for the price of one metal unit of 5.The mounts are straight from the box, the riders are getting converted from the WE riders and my spare DE bits. The Noble's steed is from a WE Wild Rider as I wanted my character's steeds to stand out from the rest of the unit.

PAINTING: Found a pdf. file on the net of a tutorial on painting horses years ago. Tutorial (http://www.freewebs.com/archiduccharles/Horses%20guide.pdf), all credit goes to Elliott Saunders for this wonderful guide, never liked how my horses turned out until I followed this guide.

BASING: Not done yet, will be done the month I paint the riders

STILL TO DO: Bases and riders, but for another month

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs were actually getting these models done in the hectic month I had and to a standard I really like, and getting good pictures for once
Only low is that I would have liked to had time to base the horses this month instead of when I have to paint the riders, but time just slipped away

POINTS: Half of 419pts, so 209.5pts for the month

TOTAL POINTS : 1396.5pts

Now time for the pics:
Everything for the month:

Noble's Steed:

Army Shot (only really bad shots I took these ones, just could not get an in-focus picture)

Now for some comments:
@ Catferret: Urge to make Ogre Kingdoms Army rising... seriously this is some great work, makes me envious that I can't paint flesh to any degree of decency, that's why I'm glad I don't have any Witch Elves in my list and my harpies are going to be one of the units I do last

@ jme: Looking good. Why do you need to cover up the faces? Is it part of the army's theme?

@ Dino: Really like the Captain on Horseback, the face is particularily well done

@ Danny76: I like how you've made the unit into a mini-diorama with the scenic bases, adds some character to the army

@ Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Nice to see a Night Goblin unit not painted in black robes, the army is shaping up quite nicely

@ Arhalien: Pity the BSB didn't show up in time, would have been nice to see him painted up in this scheme, nevertheless the waywatchers turned out really well

@ Huw_Dawson: Yet another army that is coming together well. Both the unit and the Engineer turned out very good this month

Til next time...

10-02-2008, 08:00
Sorry to derail, but Harry, you looking to run this again once this 12 month batch is finished?

10-02-2008, 10:08
Sorry to derail, but Harry, you looking to run this again once this 12 month batch is finished?

i believe that was the plan yeah

@Doi: thanks. It works without the bases too if space is an issue. i just use the battery and the three crew on their own

10-02-2008, 12:56
Doi: Dark Elves are looking great as always. That's a lot of horsies you got there! I'd probably have gone crazy after doing 5. Ogres are a great choice for next army, despite all the skin. The regiment boxes are coming down in price thanks to a prioce restructuring at GW. The Battalion will stay at £50 and 2 of those can give you a 2000pt army with a little conversion work.

10-02-2008, 17:46
Hey guys! I also finally came around to (almost) finishing my stuff for January. But first I'll comment your nice entries so far:

@Harry: We all hope to see you back in action soon. Don't worry too much.;) Shame to see other two of us go (especially hastings).

@Dino: Well, we'll see you again at the end of the month, with many neatly-done miniatures. I like that elector count(?) and my, these new handguns surely are huge.

@Carferret: This pirate ogre dude truely is a very cool miniature and you did a very good job on him. Unfortunately, the picture is a bit dark but he still looks very cool. The freehands no the banners look great too. Looking forward to this army shot of yours.

@Danny76: Hrm. This time, we generously will look over the fact that you painted just about half of the usual amount of points.;)

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Again, congrats to you for finishing another bunch of goblins. Could it be that the rope-belts on the gobbos aren't done yet? Or is it just the picture that makes it look like they're unfinished?

@Arhalien: Sadly, I can't see much in these pictures but if we assume that they look as good as your usual output, they surely look fine.:)

@Huw_Dawson: Woah, who's this Slayer? Or, more precisely, how old is he? I can't remember seeing this one in any Dwarven army before. (Which possibly doesn't mean much since I haven't seen that many Dwarf armies before.)

@Doi: The noble's steed looks ace. Sheeesh, looks like I really should consider getting WE steeds once again. Did you do that all with GS? Very cool army shot too.;) This "how to paint horses"-article really is the only helpful source on this topic I found so far. There's also an older, original scan of the WD article from around '96 floating around on the web.

10-02-2008, 17:59
@Catferret: This pirate ogre dude truely is a very cool miniature and you did a very good job on him. Unfortunately, the picture is a bit dark but he still looks very cool. The freehands no the banners look great too. Looking forward to this army shot of yours.

So am I when I can find time to take the pics. Haven't had any time to paint for the last 2 weeks so haven't even finished the 2nd Standard Bearer yet. Stoopid job.

10-02-2008, 18:18
Gentlemen, I'm as late as ever (a little later than usual really) which is a shame. Some of us are also late or don't have done the required 200 points which means that we have to work on our disipline (otherwise, Harry could get his 'ole Laspistol and big commissar hat out and starts with his "motivational measures" on us :S ). So hereby, I vow to finish this month's 200+pts in time. Alright, on to the good stuff:

Beastlord Rakarth™'s Hunting Party (still work in progress name)

- Highborn Beastlord Rakarth and Bracchus
- 5 Cold One Knights
- 5 Dark Riders with repeating corssbows and Musician
- 10 Executioners of Har Ganeth
- 6 Shades
- 12 DE Warriors with RxB and shields (musician)
[- 12 DE Warriors with RxB and shields (musician)]*
[- 20 DE Warriors with Spears and shields (full command)]
[- 1 Cold One Chariot]
[- Sorceress on Foot]
[- Sorceress on Foot]
- 1 Cauldron of Blood

*[...] = painted before the start of the TOFP

this month:
- 1 Cauldron of Blood, 205 points.

*is inventive* Real evil elves hunting for slaves and fun +++NEW+++: ...and to sacrifice them to their god of blood for more killiness.

This time, there was quite a bit of converting included (at least by my standard). The 5th edition Cauldron of Blood miniature is straight out of the box. The slaves were the trickier part to assemble.

They consist of Chaos Marauders and some Catachan bitz. One slave's arm had to be repositioned and a bit chopped-up to make it fit so he looks like he's pulling on a chain over his right shoulder.

The reason why I decided to do this miniature was the rumor that the Cauldron will be movable again when the new army book comes up and the fact that I have this gorgeous model which gives you quite a lot of opportunities for conversion but it looks a little odd being wheeled but lacking the ...pulling-power. So I converted the slave to pull it. I really wanted to make them look like they're pulling a real heavy weight and I hope the result reflects this idea. I think that the whole scene will look even better once the snow is added.

I'm currently working on quite a lot of commission work so painting the CoB was a quite lengthy process. Maybe also because I didn't paint the slaves first, then the hags and then the wagon but I painted a bit of this and a bit of that, without any real order.

Painting the slaves' skin was a bit different to the skin I usually paint but I think it looks okay now. To represent the cruel and capricious character of the Dark Elves, I did not only paint the trousers the slaves are wearing purple but also added whipmarks and other wounds to the skin of the slaves. I'm not used to painting wounds so I'm not sure if it looks really good.

Ran out of bicarbonate last month, was too lazy to get new one. So it's grey rubble again (with a skeletonized corpse. Spooky, eh?). A few days ago, I got myself some baking powder but I was disappointed when I opened it. It's slightly yellow-ish, doesn't have the cristalline looks of the soda I've been using so far and the worst happened when I mixed it with PVA, white paint and water: It started to whizz and got foamy. Kinda like mousse-au-whitestuff. Simply not usable.

Apart from the obviously-lacking snow (and the always-lacking pennants), there isn't that much left to do. The blades of the Hag and the Witches need proper shading and highlighting and maybe a little highlighting on the golden runes on the wagon. There should be some really cool scythe-like things to glue to the front wheels but unfortunately, silly me seems to have lost them!:cries: I really hope I'll find them again soon (maybe this is a good occation to clean up my desk once again).

-Highborn Beastlord Rakarth and Bracchus - between 470 and 550 really, depending on the equipment)
- "Hunter" Noble on Dark Pegasus - 175
- 5 Cold One Knights - 145
- 5 Dark Riders with RxB (including musician) - 127
- 13 Executioners of Har Ganeth (including full command) - 173
- 6 Shades - 84
- 6 Harpies - 78
- 12 RxB Warriors with shields (including musucian) - 149
- Cauldron of Blood - 205

Total: 931 + 470pts for Rakarth = 1606pts

The pictures:



Army shot:
*coming up later this evening.

More pictures can be found in my photobucket album (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/Dark%20Elves/), and my Painting Log as always. Comments and Critique is welcome too of course. Good luck to all of us for February's painting.

10-02-2008, 18:21
nice work sigur!

this months posting will be well over 200 :P

10-02-2008, 18:57
Sigur: Painting excellent standard as always.

The modelling is good too but I prefer the slave with the chain over one shoulder. It seems more realistic (not the best word for use with a game about dragons and things... :rolleyes:) but I'm sure you get what I mean.

The positioning of the slaves really conveys the great strain they are under so hats off to you there.

11-02-2008, 01:22
Wow, nice Cauldron Sigur! Everyone else's work is top notch also!

I managed to get the mage and the swordmasters up to a standard which is acceptable for the purposes of the tale. Of course this means they are nowhere near what I would call complete :rolleyes:

The first batch of white lions have been cleaned and undercoated and should be started on tonight with any luck.

I am going to have to delay photos of last months work until my home DSL is back up and running again. I am blocked from uploading pics here at work.


11-02-2008, 02:45
@ Catferret: Honestly the horses were probably one of the easiest thing I've had to paint to date for my Dark Elves and were quick to do aswell, probably painted each horse quicker than I would a normal spearmen. Ogres won't be my next army, though they are on my ever growing to do list, I'll be doing an all-mounted Gobbo army next (that's Harry's fault that is, ever since I saw him batch painting 60+ wolves in his log I've been hooked on the idea)

@ sigur: I wish I did the Noble's steed with GS, I can barely fill gaps with GS with any degree of skill, but it's just a stock Wood Elf Wild Rider horse that had the saddle filed down (The Noble has Cold One Knight Legs which have the saddle on them already and I figured it's easier to file down plastic than metal). The Cauldron looks fantastic, the slave pulling the chain over his right shoulder has to be my favourite part of the whole model as he really looks to be struggling under the weight.

Well I'll be painting my last 5-man Cold One Knight unit for this month and then either my harpies (if I can bring myself to paint all that skin...) or some of the Dark Riders to bring up the total to 200pts.

11-02-2008, 08:53
Right, just a quick check-in to say that photos will be posted later today. Just going to finish my BSB & then i'm good to roll! Comments will also follow.

11-02-2008, 19:58
Ok then, here is the rest of my stuff for this month. Ive had such a productive month so far that Ive got a little extra painting done and even managed to get 2 out 4 assignments done 3 weeks early! So Im posting 334pts this month which should help to me back on track as I missed a month somewhere along the way.

Here is a breakdown of what Ive done so far (inc this months):
Lv 2 mage with kit - 180pts
20 spearmen, fc, shield - 185pts
2 x 5 dark riders, musician - 192pts @ 96pts each
10 crossbowmen - 110pts
1 chariot, spears - 97pts
6 shades - 84pts
2 x bolt throwers - 200pts @ 100pts each
5 executioners - 55pts
Total 1103pts

And pics of rest of my stuff.
A chariot
6 shades
5 dark riders


And now comments!
@Catferret- still loving the ogres, esp the maneater, one of my fav models!
@Dino- your stuff gets better every month!
@Danny76- looking good, like how you have painted the rockets different colours, you should do one a different colour to the others and put XXX on it!
@Warlord- so good to see gobbos in a different colour and not just black!
@Arhalien- love your army and really looking forward to see some wardancers.
@Huw-Dawson- I think your going to make me look like a liar! I said I would never collect a dwarf army, but after seeing yours Ive been playing around with getting a force!
@Doi- I hate painting horses to! Looking good tho. In regards to your question about my stuff, the theme is that its a secrect cult so they hide their faces.
@Sigur. COB looks amazing! I have started planning one for my army, inspired by yours!

Keep up the good work people!

Zark the Damned
11-02-2008, 22:24
Apologies for the delay, but it's been another bad month in getting hold of a camera (whenever I remembered to ask for it, the guy who owns the camera wasn't about...)

January's submission: 2 Gorgers and 9 Gnoblar Trappers = 204pts

High Point: Converting and painting the Gorgers

Low Point: Painting the Trappers - damn fiddly little bastards when you're used to painting Ogres...

Also as some may remember I had to paint a whole ton of other stuff to get a 2000pt army ready for the Leeds heat of the Yorkshire Open - so that's me pretty much sorted for the rest of the project.

Will still try to keep up with stuff and get my Rhinox Riders done though...

On to the pics!

First, the Gorgers:
The one on the right's eaten a few too many Skaven and is sprouting out spines and clumps of hair

Secondly, the Trappers:
Not a terribly good shot, was struggling to get em all in focus.

Finally, the Army.
Including all the tournament stuff, everything for the TOFP and the few bits I painted before the project, I can't fit it all on camera. The Rhinox Riders still need basing. (the thing behind the bull unit on the left is their banner - it broke while in storage. It's fixed now).

11-02-2008, 22:56
Grodd Blackfangs Dicscount Waaagh!

UNITS: Da Shooty Stuff n' MinZog 1 Rock Lobba, 2x Spear Chukkas, 1 Night Gobbo Shaman= 190pts

BACKGROUND: Da Shooty Stuff are an essential part of Grodds force. Representing 'da pinerkal uv Orky Know 'wotz' They rain deff upon his foes. Forcing them to come to him. At least in Theory.

Minzog is Marzogs faithful apprentice, highly trained in counteracting enemy magic and not exploding. At least in Theory.

BUILD: Staright out of the box in all cases. The rock lobba ws a pain to get to hold together and the lever snapped in construction. Probably why it miss fires all the time. Left one Lever of one of the Chukkas to help my opponent identify targets.

PAINTING: Skin as usual. Wood is Beastial Brown followed by Snakebite Leather followed by Chestnut ink.

BASING: See previous posts.

HIGH POINT: Finally getting my Chukkas the paint Job they deserve for sterling service.

LOW POINT: Getting it done in time for the Tournament

Right Ladz face front!

Da Chukkaz

Minzog Avoiding 'Eavy lifting

Da Ladz as it stands

@Sigur: always nice to see a great new model in such a good paint job.
@JME: That Scheme just gets more striking as the army builds.
@Warlord: White, Hordes of guys and you choose White. Your a brave man and its paying off well.
@Doi: Cheaper and better looking. Win on all accounts

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
12-02-2008, 05:55
@jme:lovely looking models I really love them how they turned out.

@ zark: nice looking: ogre army keep up the awesome work.

@ad-hoc: the greenskins look good altough a bit dark.


12-02-2008, 07:06
Just checking in- Harry I played my last joker last month. Work has been unrelenting but I've got a bit of a quieter time so I'll get pics up this weekend. everybody's stuff is looking great- i'll post proper comments after I've posted my pics.

12-02-2008, 12:52
Right folks, i'm about to head out the door on holiday so just a quick post with the pictures as promised. Will edit & do the full post with points etc. when I get back although I am aware the top of the BSB isn't done yet (still have to do some other bits of yellow on him too). Will also comment on everyone's stuff as I said I would previously! Speak to you all on Monday!

12-02-2008, 19:03
jme your army is georgeous... very original

12-02-2008, 19:54
@bluey.Thank you for the very kind comment!
@Zark - the gorgers are amazing - love the skaven one!
@Ad-hoc - the horde is taking shape, the painting does look very good. Whenever I see a orc army, it makes me want to play a game!
@Jonahmaul- more greenskins, yay! Looking very cool! Whenever I see squigs, it makes me want to have a bacon and mushroom sandwich!

On a side note my I will update my project log very shortly, been very busy lately but will get some new stuff up and the requests for pics of my chaos army.

13-02-2008, 12:25
Well my DSL is back up and running finally, so I have some belated pics to show.

Tower of Stars Expeditionary force

Units (for the last 2 months): 12 Swordmasters with full command 210 points
Mage with level 2 upgrade and magic items 185 points

I really like the High Elf elite infantry and it is actually good in this edition, so I could not resist painting some up.
The Mage got done because I needed to get 200 points done over a few hours :P

Highs: Staying in the tale.

Lows: Painting all the metallics on the Swordmasters was a pain.

To Do: The mage only has a couple of flat colours painted on at the moment, so there is a lot to do to finish him off. The swordmasters need at least 1 extra highlight on each colour yet :S

16 Spearmen FC 169 (month 1), 2 Repeater bolt throwers 200 (month 2), Noble with kit and magic items + silver helm 183 (month 3), 12 Swordmasters FC 210 (month 6), Mage with kit and items 185 (month 7) = 947 Total

So on top of the two jokers I am still a bit behind due some point cost drops in the new army book.




13-02-2008, 19:36
Hello all.

FInally got my computer fixed.
Here we go:

Shizknits Horde

UNITS: 30 clanrats: 175
Ratling gun: 60

BACKGROUND: More rats. Ratling gun tends to be used to rip through both armies

BASING: Sawdust and green food dye

HIGH POINT: Getting them done

LOW POINT: Theres plenty more where they came from...

Rats with spears:
Ratling gun:
Army shot:

Take the total Count of points to around 1400
Takes the model count to around 180

Next Month:
Every army needs a leader

Will comment on work later, right now im off to school

13-02-2008, 20:14
Hello chaps.
Well done all of you for getting it done and posting. Now lets see .....

Dino. Joker. Two words I never thought to see in the same sentance.:D

Great work again. There is a lot more going on in that blue than has shown up on the photos before. looks great. love the pirate fellow. hastings is giving me that mini as a pressie. I hope mine looks a s good as that.

Lovely little starter. I like the black on the swordmasters ... looks very sinister and deadly. A ranked up unit of those will be very dramatic.

OK now I am confused. Why don't you finish these off quick and post them for last month and get something else done for this month? The rest off us haver been finishing off last months painting till now!

Like the three mini dioramas. Nice way of making much of everything on the sprue.

@Warlord G G
Another very solid months painting. Them pesky little fellas do get monotonous. (and yours is not the simplest scheme either) great stuff.

Nice job on the waywatchers. Look forward to the BSB.

@Huw Dawson
I know it can be boring knocking out the big units but it's satrting to look like a good solid 'throng'.

Buy, Buy, BUY!!! :D

13-02-2008, 20:24
Those horses look great for dark riders. Much nicer than the merry-go-round horses.
Can't wait to see them done.

No derail. YES. I think this has been a huge success.
I hope to just keep doing this now each year (till I run out of armies to paint). :D

Love your take on this model. I have cold ones planned for pulling mine. But love the slaves. My favorite bit ... The hot coals. Wonderfully, realistic job.

I have to say i am not convinced about the puprple cold ones but the men are just terrific. This army looks fantastic with all their matching heads.

@Zark T D
I just love the gorgers. Great fun. Never would have thought of it.

@Ad Hoc
Great shooty stuff. Your stuff is really starting to look like an army now.
Its odd (read sad) how we take special care painting 'battle proven' units. (I do the same thing).

Looking forward to you stuff.

Great stuff. However, I am not looking forward to seeing the job you do on the Avatars of war orc in the background. When do you plan to get him done.

Welcome back. sorry I ever doubted you. :D I will add you 5months and two jokers back to the list of painters still in. Well done for hanging in there.

Bless you. How many of those pesky little furry fellows have you painted now??? 180!!! Its hard work just watching you slog your way through that lot. well done.

Two of my armies are done. one nearly done and I will have to joker the last. Photos up in the next couple of days.

14-02-2008, 01:39
@ Catferret: Love your work as always. That monkey suits that model so well for some reason. Those banners look terrific also.

@ Dino: Captain on the horse is looking good, along with the spearmen and handgunners.

@ Danny76: Great idea having the crew on seperate bases with all those rockets around them. Gives the machine a bit more omph!

@ Warlord GG: Every time i look at your army, i picture the KKK. Except these guys are little and green. Your armies coming along well, love the way that the white is painted, and the red mixes in well too.

@ Arhelien: Good looking models. Good luck with your painting whis month. Looking forward to what you do with the BSB

@ Huw: I hate dwarfs. But your dudes look awesome. What Blue you using for thier cloth?

@ Doi: Care for some warp-lightning with your dark riders? :)
Army shots a bit fuzzy, but i know what they look like anyways, so job well done. You've done the purple well

@ Sigur: Interesting couldren of blood. Fits well with the whole Dark Elf galactic domination thing. Love the use of the chains on the slaves

@ jme: Love the purple, white and black combo. Like the chariot, and i love the whole 'not showing thier faces' thing.

@ Zark: Those Gorgers are freaking genious!!! Rat ogres and squigs! Group shots good too

@ Ad-HoC: Nice looking army. Thats a lot of firepower for an orc army :p

@ Jonahmaul: Squip hoppers looking nice, as does the shamen. Is that the old NG shamen with the new hand?

@ Kraxnar: Your high elf party is looking impressive, a nice little 1000 points. With the rule changes (Always strike first!!! wtf?) it would be particularly hard to beat, and it looks stunning.

14-02-2008, 05:49
Thanks a lot guys for the kind comments. The pictures are probably a little flattering on the current state of the paint jobs but they are turning out okay so far.

I've started doing some White Lions for this month but I haven't been able to decide what colour to work the cloaks up from. The highlights will be white but I don't know whether to work up from brown, grey or blue grey.

At the moment I'm leaning toward grey as brown introduces some warm tones that are missing in the other models I've painted and blue grey would blend into the white robes a little too well. Any suggestions?

14-02-2008, 13:37
Shadow Grey is the colour, although I go over it with some weird somewhat lighter blue that I have in a GW pot. I think it might be Space Wolf Grey or Ice Blue.

- Huw

EDIT: Also, a spanner has been thrown into the works - the bribe money is in a floating state at the moment. I have no idea when I'll have access to it!

16-02-2008, 04:03
Ok well I have some good news for everybody. I'm on track for this month and should have the 21 guys finished at end of this month. So now for the comments on everybodys armies.

@Danny76: Not bad but perhaps a wash to give them more depth.

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Youre army continues to grow with amazing results. Keep it up man.

@Arhalien: Nice work so far. Now lets see some more woodies.

@Huw_Dawson: I trulley can't wait to see this army finished. Goo luck man.

@Doi: Nice start on the elven steeds. Now I can only wait to see how the riders turn out.

@Sigur: I swar you should get a golden demon for every one of youre dark elves and the cauldren is no defferent. keep it up.

@jme: A nice little army you have here. I can't wait to see what you got for next month. Good luck.

@Zark the Damned: Well well, those are some really nice gorgers you have there. Nice to see a little creativity with youre army.

@Ad-Hoc: That is a lot of greenskins you have their. I can only wonder how cool this army is gonna be in the end. Good luck.

@Jonahmaul: Looking good so far. Get the army pic up as soon as you can couse I know it's gonna look sweat.

@Kraxnar: Very nice High Elves man. The blues look really good.

@Knighta: More skaven and they look great. I swar youre gonna have the biggest army here. Good luck with the rest man.

Well i'll be of. It's 11 at night in my part of the world and I'm tierd. See ya all at the end of the month.

16-02-2008, 08:09
@JME: I really like the theme of your army, and your use of the helmets works very nicely. The shades are great.
@Zark: Good gorger conversions. The army as a whole is looking very impressive.
@Knighta: Now that's really looking like a horde army. (Although I'm still convinced that that stuff on the base is desicated coconut ;))
@Ad-Hoc: From what I can see in the pictures those greenskins are looking very nice.
@Kraxnar: Very clean, very smooth painting. That;s a nice striking army. Good luck with the continued catch up!
@Jonah: SQUIG! (and some very good painting ;))
@Doi: Very nice looking horses. The army shot shows your army very nicely, especially the snow bases
@Sigur: Stunning. Incredibly characterful piece there, beautiful conversion and painting.
@Catferret: Very good work. That blue banner is brilliant!
@Dino: Joker!?!? Surely that stuff there is finished enough to submit for last month instead? :p
@Warlord Ghazak: I really like the scheme youre using for those gobbos; a nice change from the norm.
@Huw: Very nice looking army you;ve got there, even if they are accursed stunties :p
@Danny: Looking nice there; some good highlighting on the cloth areas.

Right, I think that's everybody; another post to follow with my information in.

16-02-2008, 08:15
Double post of doom.
There has been some progress here; I've painted the last waywatcher and 2 wardancers and got a lot done on the BSB, just my camera is out of battery, and I'm planning to try and unearth the old camera because it seemed to take far better pictures :rolleyes:

And a warning; things are going to get bloody busy for me in the next few weeks. I have a school house play (which I'm directing) on the 27th, which is ok as it's only 20 minutes and can afford to be amateurish (in fact that's part of the point ;)), but the panto I was talking about a lot last year had to be postponed and is being performed on the 28th and 29th..... and the cast is almost totally new which gives us a week and a half to put on a play when everyone is going to be busy with other things.....
Added onto that is the fact that I now have a girlfriend, which eats up even more time (time I wouldn;t spend any other way though ;)), I think my approach for the rest of this ToP may have to change.
If this is ok with you Harry, I think I may just start half ignoring the 200pt target per month, and just paint and submit whatever I can and hope that by the end of it I have a 2000pt army ;) (there is a proviso on this though; I won;t submit anything less than 50pts per month)

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble; I'll try and get pics this evening.

16-02-2008, 12:26
Added onto that is the fact that I now have a girlfriend, which eats up even more time (time I wouldn;t spend any other way though, I think my approach for the rest of this ToP may have to change.
Oh cripes. Thats the last we''ll see of Arhalien. He has been caught by one of those scantilly clad elf maidens. It must have been that handsome moustache. :D

If this is ok with you Harry, I think I may just start half ignoring the 200pt target per month, and just paint and submit whatever I can and hope that by the end of it I have a 2000pt army ;) (there is a proviso on this though; I won;t submit anything less than 50pts per month)
Honestly, I just hope everyone who is still in at this stage can limp home one way or another.

TBH I may be up against it myself the way things have been going for me lately.

16-02-2008, 12:31
Tis hardly my fault (I blame the panto rehearsals for letting us meet ;))

Anyway, I may get pics a bit earlier than this evening; I was going to go into GW but I'm feeling a little bit under the weather at the moment, so i think I'll just sit at home and finish the BSB ;)

Oh, how be your painting going Harry? Things calmed down enough or are you still having problems?

16-02-2008, 12:41
Still having problems but still getting some painting done.


UNIT: Abysmal Terror.

BACKGROUND/THEME: No theme selected. Vanilla Undead (at this point).

BUILD/CONVERSION: This is the very old grenadier skeletal Dragon. Long out of production.

PAINTING: Simple paint job. Scorched brown, snakebite leather, bleached bone mixes.

BASING: Gritty sand and pebbles, scorched brown, bestial brown highlighted with snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes with static grass applied to finish it off.
STILL TO DO: Nothing. This is done except i have added some soil to the dragon to do a few tufts of grass stuck to him for that 'just raised look'. Hde also needs a rider.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Really quick to paint but I think I spoiled the base with a bit too much static grass.

POINTS: Winged Nightmare is 175 points. I am assuming that the abysmal terror in the new VC book will be something similar.



The army so far. no longer fits on my painting table have had to move to the games table for this months photo's.
Army shot also includes the FW scenery I have been working on. (check out my Plog for some close ups of these).


16-02-2008, 12:57

UNIT: Bloodthirster.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Vanilla Deamonic Legion of Khorne.

BUILD/CONVERSION: This is a very early citadel Balrog from the 1980’s

PAINTING: Just like everything else in this army …. He was painted blood red all over then given an ink wash (or two) with a mix of red and purple ink. I have then painted back up several layers of highlights. Claws, horns and fur painted black. dry brushed grey. Sword in greens to match the rest of the blades already done for this army.

BASING: I have taken the themed bases even further with this model. He is charging along a river of lava. Eventually, I imagine an army display base for these with the trickles joining into streams joining to make the river so all these bases join up.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Nice to get the center piece for the army done. Fairly pleased with how the lava base turned out. Not completely happy with the model but not sure why.

STILL TO DO: Needs some dulcoat he's a bit shiney. There are a few little details still to finish. I think I should probably have a go at 'illumination' on the underside of this model. I have also decided to 'greenstuff' some front teeth into his mouth so he looks a bit more like the other fellas.

POINTS: 600 points for a Greater Deamon.





16-02-2008, 13:22
Harry, your work rate and quality constantly amaze me!! the VC is without doubt my favourite army for TOFP, and the Daemonic Legion force is shaping up to be pretty stunning as well (those lava bases really set them off - I'll be stealing some of those for my Helldorado minis ;) ).

16-02-2008, 13:52
Good stuff Harry, especially under pressure ;)
The base on the daemon is fantastic, and that vampire count army is incredible :)

Anyway, I've finished the BSB apart from the freehand on the banner, touching up and the base, and have now retreated to my bed for the rest of the day ;)

17-02-2008, 08:10
There is currently a pile of empty boxes in my room. That is all that is left from the packaging of £113 of GW products. The rest - the entire army - is currently assembled and undercoated. I fear they will all be done by next week!

- Huw

17-02-2008, 23:15
Great work as always Harry. Nice to see the Thirster with a proper base. I kept thinking he was trudging through snow... ;)

Love skeledragon too. Great model.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
18-02-2008, 06:01
Great looking models harry, keep up the great work.


18-02-2008, 07:32
Hey Harry

Just wanted to give you a shout to say Ive been trapped under three heavy objects - my disertation, a death in the family, and moderating over on Ammo Bunker.

Im glad to see this is still going though, and that good work is still being produced - credit to you all guys for sticking with it.

Dead orc
18-02-2008, 11:02
I'm behind at the moment.... Still not photographed last months work and I haven't even started this months.... I've got three days off work this week so hopefully I can get back on target - I really don't want to have to drop out!

18-02-2008, 12:59
Well, time to catch up on the comments, eh?

@everyone: Thanks for your kind words. The cauldron took me long enough. Sadly, I have to admit that I still didn't get new stuff to make snow from.

@jme: Very cool combination of cold ones (along with Spite's head x2) and the new HE chariot. Have you found a way to aquire the missing Champion of Slaanesh helmets yet? Your effective style for painting tabletop armies makes many of us jealous.

@Zark the non-democratic: I said it before but the combination of Squigs and rat ogres is pretty unique and looks darned nice. The Ogre on the flying carpet still is my favorite in your army though.

@Ad-Hoc: Nice shooty stuff. I can't see much in the pictures but the minis look quite painted which is an achivement for a horde army (can an army be any more horde than NG anyway?;-) ). Way to go!

@Jonahmaul: Simple and nice conversion on the shaman (whose skin looks great by the way). Melikes.

@Kraxnar: Very neat work. I like how down-to-earth your mage is (literally, considering all the stuff you see them these days,hurhur). Hooray for old-school gobbo green bases.

@Knighta: Congrats for painting another bunch of ratmen. I don't play often but I faced Ratling guns before so I'm scared now.

@Harry: Cheers, mate! It's interesting how often people mention liking the coals the best. It's a very easy-to achieve effect really. Good to see that you're still in and finishing stuff (eventhough you seem to be hindered by all kinds of real-life stuff), especially such great pieces as your greater demon and the skeletal dragon. Your bases really look spectacular. The dragon's base has the perfect grade of rockiness and the bases of the demons look very 3d. Good job on the lava too. There's just one thing I don't like: The utter lack of druchiiness.;)

So, after this stupid vow of mine to enter February's stuff in time, I rushed a bit forward:




I'm not perfectly pleased with this one but it was a quick, solid job. I loathe highlighting black so this is a thing I still have to work on. Otherwise, the dude is about finished. What do you think of him so far? And suggestions to improve him?

Alex Under
18-02-2008, 13:23
Wow, superb stuff everyone. A pitty I had to drop out, at least I've started a Wood Elf log that I'm managing to keep alive... http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=127434

Harry; your armies have a lot of personality and using miniatures of different ranges makes them really unique! And Sigur, as always, your painting is elegant and smooth but at the same time really outstanding.

20-02-2008, 18:40
Ok, as promised, my comments on people's work: -

@ Catferret - some more awesome Ogre's, good luck with going back & getting the tattoos on the rest!

@ jme - OMG! You not posting, that's almost criminal! Although your WIP shots are more than I had done at the time! 3 colours & based, that's all you need!

@ Danny - like the Hellstrom. 200 points is only a guidance so it's all good!

@ Ghazak - hurrah, more goblins. a particularly good effort considering your colour scheme isn't the easiest to paint. i love the army shot! I think we'll have to give up a take two, same with other horde armies!

@ Arhalien - not the greatest pictures but they look very good from what I can see

@ Huw Dawson - lovely looking Dwarfs although I'm not a fan of the old school flock

@ Doi - wherever you found that guide it's worked as your horses look awesome, looking forward to seeing the unit finished

@ sigur - more awesome DE. Really like the the whole unit & the slaves skin & wounds look excellent to me

@ jme - more very good stuff although I'm not a fan of the old plastic cold ones, the army looks awesome together.

@ Zark - cool gorgors, trappers look good too although picture is a bit fuzzy! Can we see a close-up of the rhinox riders?

@ ad-hoc - nice looking gobbos. the army is coming together very nicely.

@ Kraxnar - good looking SM & Mage although they do need basing too!

@ Knighta - good effort at getting your points in again, just the fact you are keeping the pace is an achievement in itself! Nicely painted stuff again this month.

@ Harry - abysmal terror is awesome. Really like the base & you're army looks wonderful together. Scenery also looks cool. GD is looking very nice now it's almost finished & really like that based too!

@ sigur - that assassins looks excellent, can't wait to see it based & finished.

20-02-2008, 19:39
And replies to comments

@ jme - why bacon & mushroom sandwiches?!

@ Harry - not sure i'll get him done if people are going to say they're not looking forward to seeing it!!! Not sure when i'll get round to him. I need to start this month TOFP entry & that black blur next to it is the AoW DE which I think i'm going to paint first.

@ knighta - it is the old NG shaman with a hand swap but i'm gonna be using it as a BSB.

@ dino - will try & get army photos done soon, is just a pain in the backside to take them all out of the case & line them up!

@ sigur - thanks. I tried putting a bit more effort into the skin than a simple basecoat & one highlight which I have been doing. Need to go back & shade my shaman's skin so it looks a bit better & more befitting a character too.

20-02-2008, 19:54
And replies to comments

@ Harry - not sure i'll get him done if people are going to say they're not looking forward to seeing it!!! Not sure when i'll get round to him. I need to start this month TOFP entry & that black blur next to it is the AoW DE which I think i'm going to paint first.

Ooopps! I mis-typed. The 'not' just slipped in there. I meant I AM looking forward to seeing it ... Obviously. :D Now I'm looking forward to the Dark Elf too. :D

20-02-2008, 20:09
I'm behind at the moment.... Still not photographed last months work and I haven't even started this months.... I've got three days off work this week so hopefully I can get back on target - I really don't want to have to drop out!

Hey, don't drop out now. Not now we over half way through.

Just post what you can when you can.
I'm pretty relaxed about it.

(If for no other reason than I have not posted last months Dwarfs yet or started any of this months painting ... for any of my armies!!!!:eek:)

20-02-2008, 20:46
I think that most of us have a got a little slacker as the TOFP has gone on but we are the hardcore who have stuck to it throughout so I think we're allowed considering how the numbers habe dwindled (obviously there are some people who do have very real excuses). That's just the ones of us who are doing one army as well so for those like Harry who are doing several (I think you're the only one now aren't you) just getting a small portion of their models painted is an excellent achievement.

20-02-2008, 21:40
@Jonahmaul, i see bacon and mushroom sandwiches because squigs are big mushrooms (granted with teeth!) and you cant have mushrroms without bacon!

21-02-2008, 09:45
Hi guys, sorry I've yet to post and not been commenting but I'm either working or knackered from working. However I have managed to catch a cold so I'm going to use this as an excuse for some time off and get caught up with my painting. I may even start a log of my own...hmm perhaps i shouldn't get too carried away...

22-02-2008, 16:49
Hespithe's Bloodbulls of Khaarg

Khaarg the Immaculate - General, Doombull
4x 4 Bloodbulls w/ Great Weapons
3x 8 Chaos Hounds (Spiders)
1x 8 Chaos Furies

Imagine an Ogre Kingdoms Tribe that has forsworn its fealty and devotion to The Maw in favor of a deity that promises more satisfaction on all levels than The Maw has ever provided. The Tribe has gone over to Khorne, and as is the norm for Chaos in all of its malevolent forms, such malevolent forms appear within the bodies of its worshipers, the Doombull more than most. Such mutation and fanaticism would boost the abilities of the typical Ogre substantially. The army uses the Beastmen rules set.

Khaarg is based off of the Ogre Tyrant metal body, and keeps the weapon options found within that kit. The shield and gut-plate are scavenged from the 40K Chaos Defiler sprues. The flaming mane and hooves (and leg warmers) are greenstuff. It took quite a bit of cutting, griping, and bleeding before I was finally satisfied (convinced it wasn't gonna get any better) with the model.

The Bloodbulls are based from Ogre Kingdoms Bull Ogres with just a few tweaks and an intense Khornate Red paint scheme. I'm hoping that not too many people have trouble recognizing these guys as Khornate Minotaur Wannabes, but I expect a little flak none the less.

The Spiders were a trip. I was initially looking for a few BfSP boxed set spiders but was unable to find enough. A friend tipped me off to a local party supply store that had bags of spiders that should be about the right size. Best tip yet.

The Furies are Ral Partha Gargoyles. I've always liked these better than the GW Furies. I also use them as a Harpy Warband when playing Mordheim.

I'm hoping that all of the models will satisfactorily fit the Chaos Ogre theme. Skin tones will be Khornate Red, and most other colors will be darker to emphasize the flesh tones.

Fairly typical, in order to match the gaming terrain we use most often. Sand, painted in earthy browns, and then flocked is pretty much the norm.

Next, Exalted Daemon and 8 more Bloodbulls. Low point was finding out that the Daemons may soon be restricted from Beasts lists... um, Yay.

Doombull - General, Hellfire 'Mace', Heavy Armour, Shield - 304pts
4x 4 Bloodbulls w/ Great Weapons - 916
3x 8 Spiders - 144pts
1x 8 Furies - 120pts

Total: 1484pts thus far...


22-02-2008, 18:30
OK I have finished the Dwarf miners.
Or as finished as they are going to get for a while!
There are still some bits to do but I have had enough of them TBH

I have got so bogged down with these guys you wouldn't believe it.
I loved these minis when they first appeared and I wanted to do a really good job on them.
This has hampered me as I have gone back and forth touching them up and in the end ...I am still not happy.
I think my reach may have exceeded my grasp on this occaision In that I wanted to paint them better than I am able.

Oh well. They are done for now.

I think I shall save them for now. take a second joker and post them up for this month ... as I have mostly painted them this month that seems only fair. Rather than post them as if they were last months work and then try and get something else finished in a hurry for nest month.

I have made a start on this months work. :D

Its cavalry month.

Black knights for my Undead.
Bloodcrushers for my Daemons
Cold One Knights for the Dark Elves (Planned last month ... never happened).

I suppose I shuold do a Gyrocopter for my Dwarfs! :D

Thanks everyome for the positive comments for the work I did get done last month/this month. Rays of light in a gloomy time for me. Your support is, as always appreciated.

22-02-2008, 21:00
Good to hear that you're still keeping up Harry :) I look forward to seeing the pictures of your painted stuff.

On that note, I really had better get some pictures up of what I've been painting recently; I just need to find my old camera again....

25-02-2008, 10:17
Hi Guys- extremely late but i'm hanging in there- JUST!!! Not my best work but..
The Rat Skewer- Dwarf Boltthrower
Big Borek- Dwarf Lord

Background- trusty boltthrower for empaling skaven and a dwarf lord from the hold.

Build/conversion the lord is an old model- Kazador with the horn removed- i'm going to add a shield but i need to greenstuff a device to the front of it first.

Painting- quick- over a white undercoat, washes/drybrushing

Basing -usual sand and snow combo.

\Highs and Lows- highs- sticking in there, lows- not my best work, wanted to do a better lord but time was short he was available. Hopefully they will get patched up later.

Still to do-the lords shield, some highlights and I think 2 of the crew need their flesh tones re done.

Points so far-1013



25-02-2008, 10:18
oh and here is the army pic


I have some thunderers on the go as well so they will be this months painting..

25-02-2008, 10:25
Mighty throng you have there silverstu. Excellent work on the army as a whole. Keep up the good work.
Love the conversion on your character and the bolt thrower is a great throwback to the characterful miniature days which I think is just coming back after a long absence.


PS at first I thought you Gyrocopter was just a mad dwarf leaping really high.lol.

25-02-2008, 12:07
cheers Ryan- I like the idea of a mad leaping dwarf- i'll see what I can do!

Right feedback for everyone else-
@Harry- what can i say but quality as always. The balrog looks fantastic, especially on that base and your undead - well to be honest I'm running out of things to say- consistently brilliant, well modelled and great painting skills combining into a very characterful army.
@ Hespithe- that's nice sizeable, big angry red horde you've got going on! Good work- and your spiders STILL give me the creeps!
@Sigur- great work on the cauldron of blood- that's an old one-very stylish and the additional slaves puling it are a nice touch. Your assassin is maintaining your usual high standards too.
@Catferret- flesh tone ogres are really working well. The tattoo's look great and I really like the standards- plenty of impact.
@danny76- good work on the empire boys- nice neat painting- keep it up mate it's got great cohesiveness. Looking forward to the knights.
@Warlord Ghazak Gashkull- that's a lot of Gobbos! Fair play to you for keeping up such great standards throughout that horde, and as I've said before the pale cloaks are very distinctive. Good work mate.
@Arhalien- more great work and your photos are getting better. Glad your still finding time to stick with this- thought you were caught by one your maidens?;)- was it the new 'tashe perchance?[that added sense of sophistication and maturity.. well perhaps not:p]
@Huw- great to see how your throng is coming on. really great work- I particularly like your engineer- nice choice of mini too. Looking forward to seeing your new purchases added to this impressive army.
@Doi- army is looking great- you've done a good job on your horses, i always find them a bit tricky myself. I'm sure the riders will be at least as great as the rest of your army.
@Jme- thats one special army- really impressed with how you've maintained your original idea for the army. Looks great mate.
@Zark the Damned- brill gorgers- they remind me of walking sharks[ good thing honest!] and the trappers are splendid. Another great army coming together.
@Ad-Hoc- greenskin artillery! The horde looks great and these new additions really fill it out well. Brilliant work mate.
@Jonahmaul-great work, glad your sticking at it mate- your green skin-tones are particularly imressive- nice touches and I'm looking forward to seeing your next batch.
@Kraznar- Your highelves are looking great- nice clean painting consistently across the army - really good and you've kept your tones soft too, great stuff.
@knighta- skaven- the bane of my life[as a dwarf!] very impressive as that's a lot to paint and you are creating a sizeable force to a good standard- I'm surprised you haven't lost it yet doing soo much fur! Keep it up.

Well done everyone, I'm away for a lie-down[bloody cold!] and I have a unit of thunderers on the go too so hopefully I'll be staying in with you lot.

25-02-2008, 13:54
@Stu: it seems that your eyes are impaired somewhat if you think those pics are an improvement :p Doesn;t seem to have affected the painting though, as those are lovely; very nice and vibrant :)
And yes, I have been ensnared, but I've still managed to carry on painting; I've finished another 3 wardancers (including the command group).

However, the main drain on my time from now is likely to be an essay I'm going to do for the Peterhouse (cambridge college) history prize; I doubt that my normal method of writing it the morning before it's due in will work for this :eek:
I'll do my best to carry on painting though; I've been thinking about it and there isn;t that much left to do :)

25-02-2008, 16:53
@danny76- good work on the empire boys- nice neat painting- keep it up mate it's got great cohesiveness. Looking forward to the knights.

ah, the knights...
well i started them...

this month i've gone for somewhat of a mix of units..
i painted 8 knights and horses from my unit of 15, they are all built ready, but then i moved on to my flagellants.
i've painted 15 flagellants, but they still need a little work.

though all together this adds to 200 points at least. so it'll do.
and i've still got time, so may finish both units!

25-02-2008, 16:59
Nice work Stu, the throng is looking very nice.

I'll be going into GW tomorrow to pick up a Skarsnik for this months entry & i'll probably do a bit of painting to put the finishing touches on last months stuff. Was going to try & stick to a legal army as I went along so Skarnisk would be last thing I painted but I've not got much time & so it's a good thing to get me back into the flow. Good news is my enthusiasm for painting is starting to come back :D

25-02-2008, 17:05
@silverstu: Thanks. Hey, I got even got news on the CoB - I found the scythes that go on the front wheels. Primed them so far.

Your Dwarfs are looking great. I like that colour composition on your leader dude (Thane?) and especially the blonde hair. That's a thing not too easy to achieve, often it ends up too yellow. Those Warmachine Crewdwarfs are cool miniatures. What ear are they from? Early 90ies?

25-02-2008, 18:20
Can anyone join? or is it too late? I've got 2000 odd points of high elves to paint:confused:

25-02-2008, 18:35
@Sigur- cheers mate- good news about the CoB scythes- good find. That bolt thrower is the nighties one I think, I have an older one from the eighties which might appear. I'm quite pleased with the blond beards- thats been quite a find- basically it isn't yellow it's more ochre with a bone/white highlight[oh and a light brown wash first for depth]. The brown I use for it is very old- Orc brown- dunno what the current colour match would be.
@Arhalien- I blame the flu/cold with the eyesight thing- hope you can keep churning out the goodstuff despite schoolwork and your "other" demands..
@Jonahmaul-thanks for the support buddy and glad you are sticking at it- i lost the urge for a while but painting up a nice character can help and I'm sure you'll do cracking job on Skarsnik.I couldn't face finishing my thunderers hence the lord made an appearance- tactical painting is the way forward! Skarsniks a great model- definately worthy of your talents.
@Danny76- Flagellents/knights- you've been busy! looking forward to seeing whatever you come up with I'm sure it will be great mate.

Right going to blast this cold with a curry.. Catch ya later..

25-02-2008, 20:02
@Sigur- cheers mate- good news about the CoB scythes- good find. That bolt thrower is the nighties one I think, I have an older one from the eighties which might appear. I'm quite pleased with the blond beards- thats been quite a find- basically it isn't yellow it's more ochre with a bone/white highlight[oh and a light brown wash first for depth]. The brown I use for it is very old- Orc brown- dunno what the current colour match would be.

Aye. IIRC, when they released the Dwarfs, the 'Eavy Metal dudes also did the blonde hair in a new, completely yellow-less way IIRC. Me, painting mainly DE and SoB for quite a time now, don't do much blonde hair but I had to a few weeks ago (on a LotR elf), tried using Iyanden Darksun as a base which came out quite terribly yellow.;) Even Snakebite Brown seems to be too yellow-ish/orange.

25-02-2008, 20:45
Stu. Better late than never!

Nice job on the wings and the beard especially. Also did we 'greenstuff' a little hand there? What happened to his horn. :D

Can anyone join? or is it too late? I've got 2000 odd points of high elves to paint:confused:

Sadly, it is a little late but we are only four months from starting again. :D
So you could if you wish hang on or get everything built, converted and undercoated so you are ready to join us next time.

26-02-2008, 09:11
@Harry -cheers mate. No i think I just chopped his hand and turned it and lost the horn. I did it a while ago but never got round to painting him. Think you'll like the next unit- Kroketts irregulars- thunderers with a converted champion-dodgy greenstuffing but very fun. And wait til you see the quarrellers..
@ Sigur- heres a picture of one of the thunderers I've started- shows the base colour I work up from. I found it a bit garish at first but when you highlght with white it gets that bright blond look. Any Help?


Stressing- work in progress!!!Hopefully have 15-20 done this month- I started them last month but realized I had no chance in finishing them so did the lord instead. Full steam ahead!

26-02-2008, 10:25
Bubonic brown works quite well for blonde, put a watered down flesh/brown/chesnut ink over it (depending on the shade you want) & then highlight back up with bubonic/white mixes (add a litte yellow if you want to give it a more vibrant blonde).

random question - does anyone know any webby's where Rackham/Confrontation mini's can still be bought They're disappeared from gamemart & wargamesworkshop. I know they were going to be going to pre-painted plastics but i've also heard that they've gone bust. Surely there must still be somewhere that's selling the metal miniatures from what they had in stock?

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
26-02-2008, 17:35
Well good luck silverstu on getting those guys done in 4 days.


26-02-2008, 18:32
Well good luck silverstu on getting those guys done in 4 days.


Yep it's gonna be fun!!

26-02-2008, 21:00
Right, last of the wardancers for this month done, giving me 260 painted and based points, with time to spare, to make up for last months; fiasco ;)
I'll try and get pics at the weekend.

28-02-2008, 07:39
The end of the month has sort of crept up on me so think i'm going to be late posting again this month as I haven't started painting Skarnisk yet (gotta do bit of GS & then spray him too) but my enthusiasm is starting to come back so i'm hoping to have it finished by the end of Sunday (though i'm going to a gig Saturday night so depends how drunk I get there!).

29-02-2008, 06:28
Right, I think its time I officially drop out of the Tale of Fantasy Painters.

I'd really love to stay and complete it but I just could not come up with the time and drive to finish my Army. So far I'm about 90% done with my 1000 pt. Night Gobbos. I kinda planned to stop at that level and take up another 1000 pt. army (Lizardmen) for the next few months. The reason behind this is that our gaming group is really just starting and up until now, 2000 pt. battles aren't what we are gunning for.

Anyway, I wish everyone luck in completing your armies! Its been awesome so far. :)

29-02-2008, 20:34
Right, my painting for this month is finished and I've put pics in my log (see sig)

01-03-2008, 11:59
Hi all.

After having a pm from Harry re the Wild West thread I explained that I had been too late to enter the Fantasy Painters thread but that I had decided to paint along with you guys anyway at 200 points per month.

He suggested I post up what I've done so far.

Thanks for the inspiration guys and giving me the momentum to hopefully finish my first fully painted fantasy army.