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06-02-2008, 17:41
Hello there, fellow gamers.

I have become very intrested in epic since my friends convinced me what a great system it was.

Now, I usually play Eldar, so I wonder: Which of the Eldar lists on the specialist-games website is a good one to start with and can anyone give me some tips on basic Eldar army building?

Thank you for your time (have a cookie!).

06-02-2008, 20:50
Welcome to Epic Ninjaguiden!

Right, on to business.

The Biel-tan army (in the Swordwind PDFs) is the basic Eldar army, which favours Aspect Warriors. It has larger Aspect Warrior formations (8 units plus optional transport).
Iyanden specialises in Wraithlords and Wraithguard, so makes a slower, smaller, but much tougher force.
Saim-Hann is all about jetbikes and fast vehicles. Lots of manouvring and heavy-hitting, but again expect to be heavily outnumbered.
Ulthwe is all about guardian formations. Lots of cheap infantry.

The individual units and special rules are more or less the same across the board, so choosing one particular list won't prevent you using any of your models.

The main thing to do is choose the models you like best, and what appeals to you in terms of background and your playing style, then select the army (and army list) that reflects that rather than a game-winning army first. The Eldar are a very specialised army so any of the variations can be used to make a powerful list if used in the right way.

Anyway, for my own army I went with Biel-Tan Swordwind. This was the first "official" Eldar army; I think Aspect Warriors should form the core of the Eldar forces (as a "Dads' Army", civilians are supposed to be too precious to throw at the enemy as poorly-equipped guardians). I only field guardians as a way to get the Farseer needed to summon the free Avatar.

Aspect Warrior formations are generally used for engagements (most lack ranged weapons), so each formation is usually a combination of shooting aspects (DA, FD, DR) and combat specialists (HB, Scorps) with Wave Serpent transports. Specialist units are made entirely from Spears, or scouting formations of SHs or WS. Always include an Autarch for the supreme commander re-roll, you never know when it will save your bacon.

I love the models for Eldar Titans and Superheavy tanks, so pick the ones you like. Warlock titans are incredible in Assault (attacking or defending) but cost a huge amount; Phantoms are expensive all-rounders; Revenants are very good for the points but should be kept out of assaults. All these have anti-aircraft defences. The two larger titans swallow up so much of your "support" allocation that you are unable to field aircraft formations in standard-sized games, so if aircraft are a big feature of your games you may want to stick to Revenants (if you want any Titans at all).

The good people on Tactical Command have re-worked most of the list to add more balance, for the Eldar this has seen a bit of a reduction in the effectiveness of some units and rules deemed a bit over powered, particulalry Revenant Titans and the Spirit Stone and Pulse weapon rules. If you are staying with the official stuff on SG, this won't be an issue.

06-02-2008, 20:54
Hmmm... Cookie!

Probably the best place to start is Biel Tann for Epic. Epic has had one printed suppliment before it went PDF. That suppliment was Swordwind, containing Biel Tann, Feral Orks and Siege Guard. BT are the most established Craftworld for the game. Other Craftworlds are still in development by various members of the community.

Of course, there is no reason not to go with an alternative if you like, but it may not be as balanced.

The list on the SG site is a fine list to get started with. However, be aware that there are various changes to the Eldar. We are currently up to version 1.8 of the BT list, and changes include dropping AA fire for Fire Prisms, etc. Now, at this stage, I recommend that you dont worry about this, paint up some miniatures and just get stuck in. You can update the list later, when you have a better idea of how it plays.

Welcome to the game. There are a fair number of EA players here if you have any questions, and you can check out the forum in my sig for more advice and inspiration.

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Chaos and Evil
06-02-2008, 21:00
Welcome to GW's most tactical game system. :)

07-02-2008, 06:16
Thank you all for your replies (I actually think that the reason we don't have so much negative response to questions like is is part due to the fac that we have no repping system), they have been very helpfull.

I guess that I will start with a swordwind list and then maybe Saim-hann or Iyanden, may the dice gods smile upon you!

07-02-2008, 11:23
EDIT: Damn, beaten to the punch, cookie stolen out of my hands!

Munch munch...mmm, ginger biscuits! :p