View Full Version : Ork Building with gargant (Titan Legions era)

08-02-2008, 20:54
I'm trying to track down a picture of an ork fort/town building that had an under construction gargant next to it, one of the yellow mudwalled type orky buildings from the titan legions era.
I have a tiny picture of it in white dwarf 183, and I'm sure I had another white dwarf with a nice big picture of it in, I think it was showing orks fighting off tyranids.

Can anyone help out with a picture???

10-02-2008, 17:41
I dont have a picture but it has to be one of the most photographed bits of epic terrain. I remember it in loads of White dwarf mags. Its deffinatly in the 200-220s when epic was re-released and the Ork stuff came out. I loved the piece, I'm guessing your recreating it?

11-02-2008, 18:42
Yeah, I was sure I had some white dwarfs with it in, but I can only find a rubbish one of the back of it! And google hasn't turned up anything yet!

I was thinking of doing something similar, also considering making a little fort out of a gargant like the picture in the armageddon rule book.

28-02-2008, 03:39
i've got a load of the old WD issues from the epic re-release. ill see what i can dig up.

05-03-2008, 12:19
Ask and ye shall recieve.
Appologies for the duff quality. Its an old scanner that was given to me and I didn't realise just how bad it was...
I will look for some more shots, issue 188 has got some good pics and I know its around somewhere.



Chaos and Evil
06-03-2008, 09:34
Heh, the red period was great. :D

17-03-2008, 17:30
Classic indeed :)

That said i'm glad they updated the Revenant's the old style looked waaay to close to a 'clunky' imperial warhound

Dwarf Supreme
18-03-2008, 15:18
Ah yes, an oldie but goody.