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01-10-2005, 01:51
I was wondering if any of you own the Marauder Destroyer and if so what rules do you use for it? Do you let it "counts as" a normal Marauder or have you assigned rules and point costs to it? It is probably my favourite Imperial FW flyer and it seems like such a waste to just have it "counts as" the normal Marauder.

If no-one has rules for it I would like to challenge the Epic veterans of our community to try and come up with some balanced rule ideas.


Brother Othorio
01-10-2005, 15:05
i wouldnt mind knowing the answer to that too, plus the same regarding the FW Chimerai and Leman Russ variants

The Ape
01-10-2005, 15:24
Just "counts as" at the moment. Or you can use the rules for variant leman russes in the back of the rulebook - not in tournies tho.

Brother Othorio
03-10-2005, 00:42
:O there are epic tourneys?! :P

i've discovered there are rules for the Marauder Destroyer in the wip Titan Legion list version2

The Ape
03-10-2005, 10:14
There is a Specialist Games Tournament every year and the 1st Company Vets (at Warhammer World) run something called "Open War" every 6 months or so which features Epic.