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01-10-2005, 19:23
As an avid Space-gamer, loving BFG for many years, I've heard a few good things about Full Thrust from Ground Zero Games. So, I downloaded the rules and have been looking into it abit.

So, is there a good recomendation on converting BFG to Full Thrust, has anyone done it? Is it worth it at all, or should I simply 'analogue' my BFG ships in FT ships as proxy?

Not only that, but tell me everything about it too.....


02-10-2005, 22:48
Full Thrust is fantastic, but you really need to sit down and amalgomate all the relevent rules. Given that V2 is now free for download, I recommend you go through a printout of all the rulesbooks with all the recommended rules revisions re fighters etc to hand, and score out the old rules.

Secondly, the "cinematic" movement rules are good fun, the vector ones are also cool, but take longer... try both and see what suits you.

Thirdly, why proxy BFG ships? You can buy a really, really nice fleet for Full Thrust for virtually pennies...

Roll on V3.0 tbh (which is basically a nicely laid out amalgamation of all the v2 rules, with official rules for all the extra fleets they've brought out in the intrem).

Another good tip is to google for ship diagrams or clipart so you can make your own ship cards. I've made up a set op cards for my fleet that I can print out onto normal playing card sizes, stick them in a card protector, and use a non-premanent pen for the damage charts... makes keep ing track of stuff much easier than gothic.

For anyone who wants to try the rules out, check out www.gzg.com (Downloads section).


Brother Othorio
03-10-2005, 00:47
Thirdly, why proxy BFG ships? You can buy a really, really nice fleet for Full Thrust for virtually pennies...


well presumably since he has been a fan of BFG for years he probably has ships already and wants to use the semi-generic FT rules to simulate battles in the 41st millenium with the ships he already owns..

not that theres anything wrong with the FT ships, i've been eyeing some of the new ESU ships for potential Space Marine ships

03-10-2005, 14:08
Generally I'm interested in a BFG Conversion, I personally prefer the look and the fluff of BFG/40k to that pushed by GZG, but am really just initially trying to get it sorted in my mind(the rulesset that is).

As an aside, I'm also a student, and regardless of the inexpense of the FT models, thats still alot more than not spending a penny on them and using the tonne of BFG ships I already have.

Initially, I think, I'm just going to use the cinematic movement rules(an Emperor Class coming full 180degrees instantaneously eh? :eek: ).

As for the 'conversion' itself, I'm thinking:

cms rather than inches
2* 4 Class Batteries ~ FP 8-12 45cm Weapons Batteries
Needle beams...?
Pulse Torpedo Launchers ~ Ion Cannons/Lances
Launch Bays...difficult to represent in the same way, but I guess everything will just have to get 'under strengthed' here
Enhanced Salvo Missiles and Salvo Missiles for Tau Missiles and regular Torpedoes

Y'know, just 'rough' conversions to make them fit the rules-set, then see which fleets truly work well. On another note, any suggestions/information on how well the classes translate between the BFG standards and the FT basic ships? Like a frigate in BFG can do as much as a frigate in FT? A Heavy Cruiser? etc...


15-10-2005, 10:22
Quick BFG => FT2 guide.

Capital ship Torpedo tubes/2 = Pulse Torpedo tubes
Escort ship Torpedoe tubes/2 = Submunition packs
(Firepower>30cm)/2 = Number of C1 Beams
(Firepower>45cm)/2 = Number of C2 Beams
(Firepower>60+cm)/2 = Number of C3 Beams
Nova Cannon = Class 4 Beam
Planet Killer Equiv. = Class 5 Beam

Turrets = PDF systems.
Shields/2 (round down) = no. of Screens
Fire Control = Best guess! Escort = 1 Capitals = 2+

Figthers etc: (Remember you only get one fighter wing per bay in FT... but they're awsome!)

1 Launch Bay = 1 Launch Bay!
Fighters = Fighters/interceptors
Bombers = Anti-ship Fighters
Torpedo Bombers = Torpedo Fighters!
Eldar Fighters = All "Ace" Fighters

Eldar = Fragile hulls
Chaos = Weak Hulls
Imperial/nids = Average Hulls
Space Marines = Strong Hulls
Necrons = Super Hulls

Armour = to taste :D

Thrust Ratings
10cm = 2
15cm = 3
20cm = 4
25cm = 5
30cm = 6

Once you've converted the ship over, work out how much space the systems will need, then work out how much more space the hull will use, then work out what size of engine you'll need to provide the relevent thrust rating for that total mass of ship... Work out the points cost for that mass + systems, and your laughing! (Don't forget, fighters cost extra!).

That should get you started... I'll sit down and do a "proper" conversion chart when I get a chance ;)