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17-02-2008, 21:52
I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of an online store that sells 40k Posters in the US. I am also looking for any other 40k themed decor I can look at, including game room "must haves". I have the chance to start from scratch with a substantial gaming area after we move to a new place so any pointers, products, or decorations ideas are appreciated.

I found Black Library but I was hoping there was a US equivalent. Black Library also seems to be out of stock of all their posters. Thanks for any help!

Light of the Emperor
17-02-2008, 22:13
I don't know of any US poster sites. What you can try doing is going to screen printer shops. They specialize in printing oversized posters and whatnot. Bring them some of your favorite 40k images and see if they can create something for you. I'm actually contemplating getting an entire wall covered with the Emperor vs Horus picture...
You can also put up a thread in the "wanted" section of this forum and see if anyone has posters to sell or trade. It's how I got some of mine.

You can also make your own banners. A quick trip to the craft store can get ya going. I made a lifesize version of my IG regiment's standard:

As for extra items, you definately want a mini fridge nearby. And if you don't have anything to display your models in, stop by Ikea and pick up their "detolf" curio cabinets. They cost 69.99 a piece and look great:

If you plan on having a table or two, pick up some black fabric and make skirts. It looks good and allows you to hide all your supplies underneath.

Hope that helps you a bit. If you have any more questions, feel free to send me a PM!
Good luck!

17-02-2008, 22:19
Wow! Thank you LoTE, your game area is the best I have seen and I appreciate the links and ideas. Reading about your CoD table and game room is what brought me to Warseer in the first place!

Is there any problem with copywrite laws having art reproduced? I could see the problem with making them and selling them but getting them printed individually?

17-02-2008, 23:24
GW stores and indies can order promotional banners. Ask them if you can get one for your hobby room.
Don't know your army. But other movie posters might be fluffy, like Starship Trooper, Terminator (Necrons), Aliens, ...

18-02-2008, 00:44
Check the Black Library for posters too. They have some there....like the covers for the Hersey series of books etc.

such as









18-02-2008, 00:52
a) Yes it is against the law for a print shop to reproduce GW IP without their explicit permission. Please do not pursue this line of conversation on Warseer.

b) The various studios have rather large printers that produce the various posters. If you can befriend a local manager, you might be able to get either some posters they're getting rid of, or some special orders. We planned to do this to reward clubs in Canada when I was in charge of their support.

c) eBay

18-02-2008, 00:58
Ask any local stores if they're re-doing the posters etc, and you can take the spares off their hands.

Maps also look good. Pick a wilderness area, so minimal 21st century stuff on it, and add details...

18-02-2008, 01:04
a) Yes it is against the law for a print shop to reproduce GW IP without their explicit permission. Please do not pursue this line of conversation on Warseer.
In fact, you would probably have a hard time getting a print shop to reproduce this type of material, considering it is likely to subject them to liability.

Try contacting GW and asking about licensing some of their material for your own posters (just 1 copy or whatever). Most companies are pretty reasonable when it comes to individual use of IP.

Light of the Emperor
18-02-2008, 01:07
Local indie gaming stores can usually get promotional posters sent to them. Perhaps they have extras.

You can also go into the extreme and paint the walls to look like a bunker and whatnot. I've seen it done in stores and it looks pretty cool. Still, its a tad extreme.

18-02-2008, 01:36
speaking of maps and posters


18-02-2008, 04:06
Thank you all for the ideas and feedback. The Black Library posters are sold out for the most part so I will look to Ebay after we make the move. I will also make a point of talking to store owners, maybe even contacting others around the country to try and dig up posters. I might add a note to my sig so people can PM me with leads to good 40k wall art. :D

Thanks again for the ideas guys.

Edit: Actually the BL posters that biccat linked are awesome and in stock... now to figure out how to order them to the US... :D

18-02-2008, 05:59
Usually credit cards and phone calls, if they don't have anything online...:p