View Full Version : Harlequins a viable army?

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
17-04-2005, 22:56
I was just wondering if anyong here thinks that harlequns can be a competative army because i was thinking of playing them (using storm guardians) and i was just wondering what you guys thought. I have never used them before and i was going to proxy some eldar as them to see how it went. By the way, can you still use harlequin wraithlords or have those been taken out of the list?

17-04-2005, 23:08
Heres some advice on how to play Harlequins-

harlies can work with the citadel journal list, or using them as a 'counts as' dark eldar wych cult .

18-04-2005, 00:57
Harlequins were my main army in 3rd edition for awhile when their CJ article came out but I haven't used them in several years now - but I would expect jetbikes to be godlike. They were the only really really good unit in the original list since it was the only one with an armor save, and now with Turbo boosting they can be in combat on turn 2 and have a 3+ invul save on the way there. If I were to make a list now it would be something like Great Harlie, Shadowseer, Solitaire, all with maxed out wargear on jetbikes, 2 minimum squads of Harlequin troupers, and then fill out the rest with jetbikes and a few Bright Lance Death Jesters for tank hunting. You can get 20 jetbikes, maxed out characters, 3 Death Jesters w/ Bright Lances, and 10 naked troupers into a 2000 point army and have plenty of points left over for whatever.

Harlequins need all the help they can get because they are so fragile. I like the idea of a combat army that is so deadly it doesn't need an armor save, but on the table T3 with no armor for 25 points a pop just does not work, especially with the new rapid fire rules. A squad of 5 marines with plain bolters can easily make its points back by firing at troupers on their way in. Harlequins are already extremely deadly and when you take away their main weakness by mounting them on jetbikes they are neigh-unstoppable, at least that was my experience in 3rd edition.

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
18-04-2005, 02:25
Couldnt i just mount up three squads in venoms, take a shadow seer, solitaire, and three death jesters and spend the rest of my points on jetbikes? Is that a good idea?