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Ass Goblin
17-04-2005, 23:06
Righteo I my resume that I made up for my self is crap. There are no other words for it. I can't seem to think of anything that is intresting or actually helpful in getting a job. I was wondering if some of you helpful chaps could look over this and see what i'm doing wrong.

Justicar Jacob
18-04-2005, 00:37
Get it professionaly done. In the long run it is worth it.

18-04-2005, 00:44
Quick comments:

Bump your skills up to near the start - supposedly, employers like being able to quickly see your skills. (At least, that's what I was told for co-op, and it did get me an interview...) You could also organize them better, maybe group them in software skills, other skills, etc.

Fill out the first page.

You are severely lacking in experience - do you have anything else you could place on there as filler for now, maybe volunteering or something?

Also, what type of job are you looking to gain with this?

Ass Goblin
18-04-2005, 01:08
Get it professionaly done. In the long run it is worth it.

How much does it take to get them done?

Also Caff i've only been out of school for 4 months I can expect to have much experience when i've been studying for ages.

18-04-2005, 01:24
I copied mine from someone who had a really good one. I've gotten compliments for it too.

Here is how it breaks down, i will add comments if necessary. Note that everything except the information is in bold, like in the first couple of lines here -i'm too bored to edit the entire thing-. I use tabbed spaces between the listing and the info, kinda like this:

Personal Data

Name Malingré, R.L.M.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data

Name - Last Name, Initials.
Usual name (must be a better word for that) - What people call you
Date of Birth
Age - people hate having to calculate ages for all those resumes
Driver's License - none/those you have


Postal Code
Phone Number
Cellphone Number


Period - ie. 1995 - 2002
Education - The school/uni you attended
Field of study - if there's any of that **** relevant
Diploma - yes/no

Start with high school, go through all uni's/studies/etc

Working Experience

Period - Can be year, month, summer vacation (here you write how long you worked during this period) i.e. summer vacation 2004 (3 weeks)
Function - What it said on your contract
Tasks - What you did, don't go into too much detail

Repeat for all jobs, though you can stuff together periods you worked for the same company or if you did tons of different things.

Prefered Functions

You can write down what you'd like to do, don't count on getting to do that though.


Language 1 - speaking skills good/average/poor/etc
Language 1 - writing skills good/average/poor/etc
No need to list your native language, just those you have a semi-decent knowledge of. I list English, German and French. Oh, and don't brag about this, people you might not expect it from speak fluid Swahili. ;)

Automisation Skills (?)/Software knowledge

Experience with the following software:


Date, but only list month and year.

18-04-2005, 02:00
Do not list "Portent" as a reference.

On a serious note--

Objective--this should be something that makes them interested and proves that you are interested in working with them. For example: "I am interested in working in a diverse environment that promotes computer skills that I am already interested in furthering." Find something that will really catch their attention and make you stand out.

I think the amount of experience you have is actually fine considering your age (around 18, right? If I'm way wrong, sorry). Most employers are not going to expect a massive list of jobs from someone fresh out of school. What managers and those in charge of hiring are really interested in is the length of time you spent there and what you were in charge of. For example, I do not mention my clerk job I got when I was 17 because I left on bad terms and only held the job for 6 months. Instead I list my most recent job which lasted over four-years and shows a range of progression from clerk to manager.

I would expand on your interests a little bit--describe the things you are interested in so that it fills out more who you are. The best resumes are only a single page, but you really need to use that space to make you stand out. Single words that stand out are good, but they need support.

The "Other Skills" section needs checked for grammar--there are some incomplete sentences that could bring some negative attention. Other than that it looks fine.

Some other things about resumes--
Keep it to a single page, otherwise it gets overwhelming and people will start ignoring it.

Generally it is not a good thing to actually list references, however it is acceptable to have "Contact for references" on the resume. This way if they really are interested in you but want to know more they are aware that people can vouch for you without taking up excessive space on your single page resume.

If things are misspelled or grammatically incorrect it will reflect poorly on you.

Lots of information is a good thing, but you are limited by space. There is nothing wrong with keeping lesser things off if it is taking up useful space.

I do not think it is necessary to pay a professional to get a resume done--most colleges will have a career center that can help you with a resume for free (even if you are not attending that school).

18-04-2005, 06:54
How much does it take to get them done?

You can get one done for you at the YMCA for free as well as some writing tips. I don't know how "professional" that counts as but it was better than what I had initially and better than what you just posted. It should be quite good enough for most jobs you'll apply for at this stage I'd think.

18-04-2005, 19:27
The obvious quesiton is: "What are you applying for?"

That will affect what you mention and 'forget' to mention in your resume, as well as how it is written and what you highlight about yourself/your experience.


18-04-2005, 19:54
The best thing to do is ask people you respect who have decent jobs to have a look at their CV's and base it off of those.

Whilst it's a good idea to keep it short don't kill yourself trying to fit it all onto one page. Anything under 3 should be fine for length if its all relevent.

My CV breaks down as follows: -

Key Skills - Essentially what you've done and why you're good at it, around a paragrpah in length.

Education - Pretty obvious, starting with the most recent qualifications and working back down - For more advanced qualifications (Bachelors and above) list the most relevent topics you studied.

Profesional Qualifications - Same as education

Employment History - State briefly what you did, highlight the skills you employed doing the job.

Interests and Activitis - What makes you a unique person


If you want a copy of my CV, which incidently just landed me a rather nice job :) feel free to PM me.