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24-02-2008, 16:03
Well, I just played my first game of Warmaster with my girlfriend (using cardboard proxies for now). It was awesome! I'm definitely converted to the 10mm cause! We're going to play a few more games with the basic rules, then tackle the advanced rules, and then cut up every box we can find to test out all the armies before committing to having the real deal sent all the way down under.

Anyway, we encountered a couple of things we weren't definite about from the rules.

1. The order of post-combat clean-up. The way we played was to calculate the winner, then remove casualty stands, then perform retreats etc. Did we get that right? Or does it not matter? We assumed the casualties from one round wouldn't be able to attack in the next round from pursuits or advancements.

2. After destroying the enemy, if there are no fresh enemies directly ahead within advancement distance, we assumed the only options left were to stand ground or fall back. We assumed the victors couldn't move 20cm/10cm straight forwards into nothingness, nor could they turn to point at the closest enemies (who weren't directly ahead) and advance into them. Did we get that right?

Apart from that, we had very little trouble. I couldn't believe a game with such strategic value could be so simple to learn... especially given the convoluted nature of Warhammer. Hats off to Rick Priestly on this one!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the World Title of Supreme Warmaster Champion of the Universe Grand Slam Trophy Ashes Leaderboard is:
Melta Skelta's cardboard Daemons: 1
Mrs. Skelta's cardboard High Elves: 0

24-02-2008, 21:16
That all looks to be correct.
After a victory with no available enemy to charge you can do a 3d6 redeploy.

Also tell mrs meltaskelta that chariot and silver helm combinations win the day for HE as well as the infamous bolt thrower/reaver combo.

HE magic rocks, a quick cast of heavens light on the the reavers and anything in range is going down especially daemons with their dodgy instability rules :)

I feel for you though with the postage out to Oz.
You might be better trawling eBay when you decide on your armies.

25-02-2008, 09:03
Thanks for the reply, azrael.

I didn't give her Helms a chance, since I'd read here that cavalry were dangerous, so I dispatched them with urgency. But her Reavers did hurt me pretty badly. I guess the tables will turn when we get onto the advanced rules (with magic and artillery)!

As for the postage, when I compare the expense with the amount of time and love I put into painting an army, it doesn't seem quite as significant in the end. It seems that money is the language GW speak these days, so I'm happy to send them the message that there are Warmaster players out there. Just do my little bit to encourage them to keep supporting the game.