View Full Version : fleeing troop question

27-02-2008, 18:46
If I charge a fleeing unit and I success to close combat.

Is it count a normal close combat but the enemy unit didn't has rank bonus?

27-02-2008, 18:48
If you charge a fleeing unit they must flee. If you catch them they are dead (no combat) and if they out run you then it's a failed charge.

27-02-2008, 18:50
even the charger unit strength less then 5, the enemy also destroy if I catch them?

27-02-2008, 18:53
If you catch the enemy, they die.
That's the only criteria, Unit strength doesnt matter.
Dont assume it's the unit getting killed, assume it's the unit being scattered and fleeing the battlefield rather than 1 man killing off a full unit of 20+ men(something which would take him several games to do normally....)

27-02-2008, 18:59
Thank for answer, very clear :)