View Full Version : Fleeing units and chariots

27-02-2008, 23:05
Last night during a game I overran with a chariot into an enemy unit that was fleeing.
While it was agreed that the unit would auto-flee from the chariot, we could not decide if the unit would take impact hits or not.
the chariot made contact with the unit (causing the flee move), so we thought it might as whenever a chariot hits anything else in the game it causes the hits.
Since there was no clear answer in the rulebook we diced for it (on this occasion it was decided that no IH were caused) but I thought I'd throw it out to warseer to see what you think.

27-02-2008, 23:07
If the unit was a freindly unit....then the friendly unit would take impact hits and not flee.

If the unit was an enemy unit, it would count as a charge and the enemy unit would run before suffering the impact hits(as it would count as a charge).
If the chariot caught them then they would be destroyed so not need to suffer impact hits.

27-02-2008, 23:29
If you overrun into a fleeing unit then that unit counts as being charged and must immediately make a Flee! charge reaction.

p.45: Units charged by a pursuing unit can only Flee! or Hold.

p.46: Units that are successfully charged automatically declares and executes a flee reaction from the charge.

There are a number of details I could co into, but put quite simply: Either the pursuing/overruning unit catches and destroys this new unit or it escapes unharmed. Impact hits do not figure into it since you either make contact with the unit and destroy it, or you fail to make contact at all.