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28-02-2008, 00:01
Well so I started with the High Elves pretty recently. I've been figuring about what army I wanted to play A LOT and swapped between ideas, testing different lists. Lastly I've come up with a dragon-army themed list. I've come up with several cool conversion, along with some story background... and it all just feels so right!

My only concern is, is this list to cheesy? I play most for fun, but I want an army that's really cool. I havn't had much experiance with Dragon mages yet, but so long they're been kinda crappy. They wreck havoc against some lists and against other they rock.

Anyways, here's the list. So what do you think?

2250pts High Elves


Dragon Mage of Caledor - 395pts
The Silver Wand, level 2, Sun Dragon

Dragon Mage of Caledor - 415pts
The Seerstaff of Saphery, level 2, Sun Dragon


10 Lothern Sea Guard - 150pts
Shields, Standard

10 Lothern Sea Guard - 150pts
Shields, Standard

10 Lothern Sea Guard - 150pts
Shields, Standard


6 Dragon Princes - 255pts
Full Command, Lion Standard

6 Dragon Princes - 245pts
Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion

14 White Lions - 269pts
Standard, Champion, Banner of Sorcery

Tiranoc Chariot - 85pts


Repetear Bolt Thrower - 100pts

Repetear Bolt Thrower - 100pts


Total: 2314pts
Power Dice: 6 + d3
Dispell Dice: 4
Model Count: 61

I'm over the limit, but not sure what to take away as well as I want to include some other stuff, like dispell scrolls and items on champions.

Also, I counted to Army Composition Score for a tournament in my area (which I won't take part in :P) to determine how "cheesy" my army is. Out of 25pts you need at least 13 if they're going to allow you to play with your list. Well this list scored a negative number.............

All thoughts are appreciated! thx!

28-02-2008, 00:50
1. you over paid for your seaguard
2. Why standard over musician? (in seaguards)
3. Why 3 units of seaguads instead of 2?
4. Why havnt you got guardian phoenix on 1 of your dragon mages?
5. Get at least 1 eagle, I think I would go for 3 in a cavalry heavy list and no RBT's

Why do you want all those magic items and upgrades in your units?
ex. your DP's 255 points? What about just taking 5 with a musician for 160? They will do an equal amount of damage to your opponent, for almost 100 points less.

You need to find out if you want to win with infantry, cavalry, dragons, magic OR shooting.
You can Maybe be good at max 3 of the above things at once with HE, in my oppinion at least.

28-02-2008, 01:45
I like some parts of the list but there are some issues. The chariot isn't necessary in this list. It doesn't follow Caledor's background. And instead of white lions, try phoenix guard. They match caledor a bit better. Also, I would rather have 3 units of spearmen. They're cheaper and almost do the exact same thing. You could probably take out the 415 point dragon mage and a bolt thrower and put a prince on a moon dragon with a star lance and vambraces of defence.

28-02-2008, 03:56
Looks cool so far. Like Winkpinky said, you should focus on a few aspects of High Elves before you form a list. It seems with two dragon mages, you want to lean toward a close combat list with strong magic support.

Definitely get Pheonix Guard over white lions, as it'll fit the theme better and they can absorb a lot of damage with that 4+ ward save. Drop the chariot as well, you have enough hammer units to punch into your enemies line, and like some have said it is a bit out of theme. Add Gaurdian Pheonix to a mage, and maybe have at least two scrolls as well; with only four DD you don't want to be slacking on magical defense.

You need some ranked units to support your many elite units, and thus I'd invest into some spearmen, maybe 2 units of 25 at 5x5, or 2 units of 24 at 6x4? This way you'll have a great static CR that'll help your elite units win some combats. Plus all of those attacks with spears striking first, is pretty sick.

The RBT's look fine, but I would add a great eagle or two to help taking out isolated targets (warmachines namely) so your dragon mages can be focused on causing a ruckus to other things in your enemy's list.

28-02-2008, 06:35
Thx for all your replies!

@ winkypynky
1) right, I did overpay for them. My bad.
2) Standard over musician gives med double the army composition score for sea guard, and beseides it's cooler, even though musician would be a little better perhaps...
3) 3 units of sea guards because I would get enough models to convert 'em all through 2 sets of battalions and wanted to use them all.
4) Well like I said, I didn't have enough points and I'm not sure on what to drop. Though dragon princes command/sea guard seem to be where I can find my points.
5) With 2 dragons I don't really need an eagle, but they're still great so I'll consider it.
6) You're absolutely right about the dragon princes. Way to costly, just a little shooting from your opponent and bad rolls on my behalf would give my opponent a lot of free points.
7) Well, I kinda believe in a balanced list. I might not overpower my enemy in every phase (which I won't) but the shooting will pick of key targets, making the rest of the army more powerful.

@ whiteknight
1) I know about the chariot, but with the right conversion I feel it really can belong here (army-wise).
2) Spearmen provide no shooting support, and besides sea guard are very fluffy in a caledor army!
3) Well, I'm going to chage different lists of course. But right now I'm pretty interested in the dual-dragon mage thingy.

1) White lions did help Imrik (of caledor..) in his wars versus Malekith, and they kinda did become a sacred unit under his rule. I think they're fluffy enough.

I'll make a revised version of the list once I get home from school, thanks for everything!