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28-02-2008, 01:29
Hi. My name is Feefait and i am a Warhammer Coward. Noth the I play Skaven coward, which I do and I am... but the stay in my comfort zone and play it safe type of coward.

I am not a bad player. I used to pretty good. I played local leagues and I won. I had a lot of people who hated playing me. I never played dirty or "cheap" (except perhaps as Tyranids) but I was very succesful. A lot of it I attribute to very lucky dice rolling. I've always been able to count on it. And because of it I took risks and did crazy stuff and it worked. people hated that and I loved it. :)

But I stopped playing for a little over 5 years. And when I sat myself again behind a table I took up Skaven again. I played everything safe and secure and paid to much attention to the idea that Skaven now needed to be SAD to win. I even tried it. BUt I never liked it and was never that succesful. SO I threw that off and became a winning general again. However with one caveat... I only now play my friends. I have been asked to play at the local store and challenged by people outside of my comfortable group of friends. I said I didn't want to play them because I didn't know how they might play. I like our laid back style, but truth is I was also afraid to lose! lol I am definitly on the positive side in winning against our group. I don't want to risk bruising that ego.

So now... I have joined a league. Against people I don't even know. gasp! standard rules, possible power gamers, and possible losses. Armies I ahven't faced in years and facing unfamiliar tactics. However my confession goes deeper... I almost signed up as Lizards. Something was telling me that they were just more competitive and I'd do better. But the rat in me ate it's way out and screw it! I AM SKAVEN! I will put my rats to the test against all comers and will not be afraid to lose! I may play a horde of cowards, but I will not play cowardly. :) I am ashamed at my doubt in the Swarm and hopefully the Horned Rat won't punish me for it.

First game is tomorrow, I will post the results as detailed as possible.

Thanks for listening to my confession. :)

Dwarf Runelord 45
28-02-2008, 02:56
Hey, i ALWAYS get nervous when i play people i dont know. I still have fun and enjoy the game but i cant stop my hands from shaking and sweating to save my life. Don't worry i dont think the horned rat will punish you.... at the moment. Good luck, playing hope you have a great time!

28-02-2008, 13:25
Looking forward to the report :)

28-02-2008, 13:36
your no coward! cowardice would be refusing to fight at all. i get the impression that ou understand that its 'just a game' fundamentaly, so thats good and health. if your worried about 'power gamers' and 'w**kers' i wouldn't becuase if they want to play that way do you realy care? just keep it chilled and i swear that the dice gods favour the fair. other than that remember the skaven maxim: RUN-RUN!!! FLEE-FLEE!!

28-02-2008, 13:55
For me that's "where it's at" :D I really enjoy going to tournaments and getting the chance to play against strangers and unfamiliar armies. It really puts what you know to the test. Plus you might make some new friends to add to your gaming clique.

28-02-2008, 14:11
Hey, its all good man. I make the analogy of playing a video game; you blow through on easy or normal, but that gets stale after a while.

Sometimes, you gotta crank the difficulty up to Expert, say "screw it," and dive in.

Happy hunting. Kill-Kill! Kill-Kill!

29-02-2008, 02:59
The skaven horde massed and chittered in the darkness. They smelled the coming feast, the battle lust began to course. As the frenzied, furried bodies piled together their courage grew. The fever blurred their vision and the burst forth from the ground. The had made their way undetected to the heart of Brettonia. The man things would be upon them soon in their cases of metal. Their horses would try to stomp them but would be torn from under them and devoured. They swelled out of the dark and into the fields. They waited for the knights to come. But a force far more powerful then the Horned Rat had other plans. Caught by the irresistible lure of Golden palace Chinese Restaurant the knights did not show. Instead the Skaven slunk off deeper into the relams of man to find a new victim to terrorize....

Curses! I wanted to run some knights into the ground. But unfortunately it was a lot of build up for nothing. Did end up helping some new guys learn the game but ran out of time to play myself. Next time the Horned Rat shall feed!

11-03-2008, 05:17
I enjoy playing against new players, especially arrogant opponents. Mainly because I feel I am a fairly talented general. That and you can never test your full mettle against guys that you probably help make their army. It is a game at the end of the day, but that challenge is what it is all about, any salty veteran can beat the tar out of beginners but who really wants that?
And I can also say that I have NEVER balked a challenge, I have been balked though. And it sucks when there is a guy trash talking your army and generalship, then cowers at your challenge. It just depends on how you play/talk, if I offer to play just anyone for no reason other than to play a game that's one thing. But a trash talker baking down that is what agitates me, but I challenge again and again (no wonder I want Abhorash to return).

11-03-2008, 10:22
Bah, you should've gone with the Lizards, they are the ones that showed your Skaven blighters why they should be afraid to come out of their tunnels.

Honestly I am disappointed that you got into such a habit. It means you lost the spirit of your army for a while. I'm of the opinion that the people who are the best players (ie fun to play against and put up the best fight) get into the head of their army's play style. For you to be a coward with Skaven means that you lost that part of the skaven identity that says you try it and retreat once the sh** hits the fan. Skaven rules embody their recklessness, and then someone who isn't the general pays the price for that riskiness. Glad to see you got it back.

20-03-2008, 18:59
I think that sometimes people can forget that Warhammer is a game. When that happens and those individuals become sore losers....or they are patronising just because you did not win or did something they would not, it puts you off playing.

It is difficult to get back confidence to play against new and unknown people when you have such experiences. Perhaps that is why they withdrew into the friendship group.

However, it is important to keep that spirit alive and not lose heart because of fools.

Warhammer is a game of the masses...and you never learn by playing the same people over and over again.

My advice.....if they put you down and ruin your game.....do not play them again.

Council Of War

Cadian Desert Guard
23-03-2008, 22:26
Don't call it cowardice, just say something about how it was more tactful for you to not play them, like thanquol from gotrek and Felix, if anything, it was your clanrats that would not show...:p