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28-02-2008, 14:59
Hey guys, just figuring out how to use my wood elves properly and i just cant seem to win against my freinds Tomb King Army. It is really quick with blocks of chariots he says they become fast cavalry and with the extra movement on the magic phase it is really hard to play against.
I'm lookin at

Highborn (alter) (Helm Hunt) (Amber Pendant) (Annoyance of Nettlings) (Great Weapon) (light Armour)

Noble (Light Armour) (Spear) (Hail Doom) (Enchanted Sheild) (Steed)

20 Glade Guard - Standard
15 Glade Guard - Standard, Musician
5 scouts
5 Glade riders - Standard, Musician
5 Glade Riders - Standard, Musician

6 Wardancers - Bladesinger
6 Wardancers - Bladesinger
4 Warhawk Riders

5 Way Watchers
5 Way Watchers

Now i Know its not a full 2000 points right now but thats the size were going. Let me know what you think? thanks
And i dont mind using forest spirits and if you think i should just let me know.

28-02-2008, 15:13
Tomb Kings is a hard match-up for your army due to your lack of dispel dice/scrolls. Add a spellsinger with a couple of scrolls to aid you with the magic phase. This way, you'll be able to dispel a crucial spell or two.

Glade guard usually work well in units of 10, without banner. A unit of 20 is too risky as most things in a TK army will flatten them in a single turn.

My suggestions:

-Take 2-3 units of glade guard, minimum size.
-Keep the fast cavalry, but drop the scouts..Against tomb kings march-blocking is of no consequence at all (since they can't march in the first place) and 85 points for a throwaway divversion unit seems too much to me.
-Get a unit or two of Dryads. Against TK they are golden: Immune to psychology, lots of attacks at high WS and IN, cheap enough.

-Wardancers are a fine choice, no problem here (maybe make them 7-stong)
-Warhawks are great, keep them 3-stong. It still takes a single casualty to panic them, and they can do the job as well as 4(mage-hunting and chasing catapults)

-I'm not too sure about way watchers: On the one hand, they can take care of catapults/casket of souls/hierophants in close combat, on the other hand they are far too fragile against TK archers (who always hit on 5+). I'd only keep a single unit, then use the other slot to purchase an eagle for mage hunting and stuff..

-Consider getting a branchwraith with cluster of radiants to further boost your dispel pool.

28-02-2008, 15:27
In my first list i had 2 level 2 wizards with 2 dispell scrolls but i also mightplay against a dwarf army whioch brings up a problem. But i play lizardmen aswell so we always suprise eachother.
and i hear you on the glade guard and the waywatchers. i was thinking of even adding 12 dryads or so. what do you think about the charecters?

28-02-2008, 17:18
Okay Changed it up

Highborn (alter) (Helm of Hunt) ( Amber Pendant) (Fimblewinter shard)
(Great Weapon) (Light Armour)

LVL 2 Spellsinger (2 dispell Scrolls)
LVL 2 Spellsinger (2 power Stones)
LVL 2 Spellsinger (2 power stones)

10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard

5 Glade Riders
5 Glade Riders

3 Warhawk Riders (Wind Rider)
5 Wild Riders (Wild Hunter)
5 Wild Riders (Wild Hunter)

5 Way watchers
1 Great eagle

2000 points.
Use the Spell Singers for Tree Singing is the plan and then just use the speed and arrows to weaken and then a hard hit for the end.

28-02-2008, 17:48
I would definitely get some dryads in there. Dryads will brutalise a lot of the Tomb King army. I also believe two units of flyers seems a little much. I also question the merits of Wild Riders, as they generally need to break an enemy on the turn they charge to be at their best. I know they get two attacks thereafter, but they don't wear enough armour to last well in the war of attrition you're going to get against TK.