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28-02-2008, 16:19
Hey guys.

Kinda new to using Slaanesh. Would like to make a fluffy 2000 pts army but still be competitive. Would appreciate any comments and tactical advice.

I have about 140 pts to play with and am not sure wether to buy 2 Slaaneshi Spawns or an Aspiring Champion for my Knights.

Both Sorcerors will go in the Marauder units, but not sure if they benefit from the Sorceror's immunity to psychology and if it's a good idea putting them in there.

399 - lv 4 sorceror (slaanesh, chaos steed, power familiar, gaze of the gods)
206 - lv 2 sorceror (slaanesh, chaos steed, 2 dispel scrolls)

186 - 23 marauders (full command, shields, light armour)
186 - 23 marauders (full command, shields, light armour)
325 - 5 chosen knights (slaanesh, standard, musician, rapturous standard)
42 - 7 warhounds

105 - 7 furies
170 - 2 beast chariots
60 - 5/5 beastherd

205 - giant

? 150 - 2 spawns (slaanesh)
? 143 - aspiring champion (slaanesh, chaos steed, enchanted shield, sword of might)

28-02-2008, 21:14
I don't think they do benefit (the benefit doesn't carry over), also why give them steeds if you're going to put them with units on foot?

28-02-2008, 21:16
For a 2+ armour save.

28-02-2008, 23:36
Upon further review, it seems my list lacks a bit of muscle. With this in mind I've added 3 Dragon Ogres and 3 great weapon Ogres (I know, I know, Minotaurs are better but these are the minis I have, plus I'm thinking of running them beside the Rapturous Standard Knights, taking advantage of the banner).
Let me know if you guys like it better. I kind of feel like I don't have enough throw-away units though :confused:

399 pts - lv 4 slaanesh sorceror (steed, power familiar, gaze of the gods)
181 pts - lv 2 slaanesh sorceror (dispel scroll)

186 pts - 23 marauders (full command, light armour, shields)
186 pts - 23 marauders (full command, light armour, shields)
325 pts - 5 slaanesh chosen knights (standard, musician, rapturous standard)
36 pts - 6 warhounds

105 pts - 7 furies
142 pts - 3 ogres (musician, great weapons, heavy armour)

237 pts - 3 dragon ogres (great weapons, heavy armour)
205 pts - giant

2000 pts

28-02-2008, 23:53
Minotaurs will cost you slightly more, but you get a greater weaponskill as well as a greater persuit ability.

29-02-2008, 10:33
Totally agree. My experience of Chaos Ogres has been less than positive - that WS3 thing makes them so much weaker than Minos, IMHO.

29-02-2008, 10:53
You could consider ditching the giant and going for a block of chaos warriors for some all important Static CR.

and no Daemonettes?

other than that it looks alright. I am interested in this list cos I have just started a themed Slaanesh mortal army.

02-03-2008, 06:02
Chaos warriors and daemonette infantry aren't worth it for what they cost. The marauders are providing more static CR than most Slaanesh lists have.

Putting shields on the Chaos Ogres instead of GWs is cheap, and would turn them into an escort unit for the marauders focused on denying ranks (hard to kill with a 3+ save in the front).

Alternatively, you could trade in the DOs and Ogres for two units of 4 Minos with GWs. That wouldn't be bad at all, really.

ginger gobbo
02-03-2008, 07:42
you should try and have some warriors because its just marauders and they arent as good in stat line
you could have 9 units of marauders with full command light armour and shields and a exalted champion with nothing and thats around 2k