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dark blade
28-02-2008, 20:27
hey there,

first off i need someone to please tell me how to put pictures in my threads, if someone will please explane this to me then i will start to put them up for you all to see :)

So anyway, i just got the new samuel master of the ravenwing on jetbike, mainly becouse i thinkt aht he looks cool, i have no army to go with him and no intention of buying one really (but i might do.) i intend to paint him in a very unusual way, basically he will be very very gold, but i will be working greens and blacks into the gold to create coulers and contrasts, if all goes acording to plan then i will be starting on him in about a month, i know tha this is a bit in advance, but i am almost cretne that i will not be able to resist working on him a little bit before then so it will probably show up soon.

i also got the ork big mek with shock attack gun, becouse we all love big guns right?? well i do anyway. i am going to be painting him in a pretty traditonal way becouse he is the only ork that i will have and i want him to be easly recognisable. also it is such a nice mini that i dont feel the need to do anything flashy when it comes to painting him, just let the coolness speak for itself. he will likly be painted in a very slow, on and off way to stop me loosing my sanity when i am painting:

60 necron warriors, 30 scarab bases and a necron lord, my latest 1500 point armie becouse in addition to big guns i love robots. these guys are going to be made to look weard.....like really weard. basically i am looking at going with a hot, lava style effect for the head and 'inside' of the chest plate (between those rib looking things that they have) with a mettalic outside and a frost-like effect on the farthest parts of there extrimitys (hands, feet) based on a lunar rock type of thing. the whole armie is for fun but i also want it too look origanal so i am going with the unsettaling 'hot' 'cold' contrast.

my eternal gratitude has to go to both Starks333 for an unbelevable ammount of help with how to paint ork skin so that it really pops and for also helping come up with the frost idea, and for the idea of having the brightinst couler on the deepest points when painting lava. AND to Mechu95 for giving me the basic green recipie that i will be using as a base for starks technique with the skin, and for giving me the gold recipie that actually works over large armor areas rather then just trim. i owe both of you one, i said that i would credit both of you when i got this started and now i have :)

so basically, more to come when i can post pictures.

28-02-2008, 20:36
First of all, go to Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com)

Then, after uploading your photos from your digital camera or phone to your computer, upload them to your Photobucket album.

Once uploaded, you will see three hyperlinks underneath the picture - copy the third and paste it into your post. It will look something like this:


Hope that helps! :D

dark blade
28-02-2008, 20:39

normally i would do it right now, but seeing as i have now been awake for almost 36 hours it is really time i hit the sack, will get right on it when i get back from school tommorow.


28-02-2008, 20:42
No worries. Get some sleep and I look forwards to seeing your Necrons. :)

dark blade
29-02-2008, 16:34
just as a genral update,

got my camera working, when i have done my homework i will supply pictures,

started clupping and separating the necron parts,

realise that i have no metal glue.......anywhere :rolleyes: so anything with metal in will have to wait.

dark blade
29-02-2008, 20:50
i know, i know, a double post. i'll slap my self on the wrist (but i'll do it anyway)

got the pics working

so to start with we have 2 pics of my work place,

one from the outher side of my room,
and one from closer up.
then we have,

some of the necron bitz clipped off the spru and in there box, all seperated out neatly (very unlike me)
we have the pics of samuel and the big mek,

dark blade
29-02-2008, 20:52
and finally some WIP's of varios models

my freaky chaos lord,
my tratior assasin (see if you can tell which one it is)

and finally me first experement into the apperance of 'hot' and 'cold' coulers when they are put close together.

'hot side'

'cold side'

these are hear basically to keep you all entertaned, and becouse i have to be doing something to stop me going mad with all the repetative painting of necrons and lack of superglue means i cant put samuel or the mek together for about 8-9 days, till i get some more.

C and C are as always, very welcome.

01-03-2008, 04:08
Another thing that uses "hot" and "cold" colours which iv been to scared to try out on models is tone.

By mixing in dark blues for shadows and yellows for highlights into ur base colour... it could make it look more... 3D. Works on paintings... just MABYE not models.

If u try it out... would be good

dark blade
01-03-2008, 11:04
thats intresting :) ill have a look at that today after more homework (a levels are a git), probably get an outher model made up for that and have the first results posted up in about 8-10 hours from now :)

dark blade
02-03-2008, 11:24
sorry i have not got anymore updates, got a babysitiing call last night and have a load of homework, will try to get something done today.

dark blade
03-03-2008, 17:36
finally got time to start ont he necrons,

si i tried out the scheme that i was origanally looking at, but it really looked bad, the necrons are not as bulky as the marines that i am used to working on and the effects that i had in mind just did not look 'right' when they where that close together.

so i went with something compleatly diffrent, but that also sucked, got a couple of pictures of it hear,



the i dea was to go with a glowing yellow, and red shots running through the black of the armor, the cumulative effect is that of a cristmas tree, and quite a convincing one if i do say so myself.

so i have finally settled on this, it is kinda a dark yellow, becouse of the yellow and black 'danger' instinct it makes them look menacing, while still standing out from the black, the green is really just to make thase areas diffrent from the outhers, arms will be painted later


now i know that i have a lot of work to do what with smoothing out colers and makeing the black look more deep, and the green not look like one cote of green ink on white, (the the yellow is one coat as well, ill do a recipe if there is any intrest for it) but i thinkt hat this scheme applyed to an whole armie will be striking, and it is quick and easy to boot.

however i am struggeling to actually buld the necrons at the minut, becouse gess who managed to put a brand new scalpel blade down to the bone of there thumb?? ME. and i can assure you that it really, really hurts a lot, as you would expect it to.......however plastic glue in it hurts just slightly more.

C and C are welcome as always, although i hope to get more C then C.....but sereosly, i would really love to get some feedback on these guys as they are the first actual army that i have painted as a whole.

next post will be a shot of 5, likly without arms as i am working on how to paint them now.

dark blade
04-03-2008, 19:43
trying not to get dissapointed by the lack of intrest hear, is it that no one has formed any opinions? or has no one noticed the thread??

Death Korp
04-03-2008, 19:58
Lots of people ingnore threads, i don't kno why, but they do. they did for me for a while.

Looking good, the Necrons arelooking very snazzy, though i do like the last necron you photoed, he looks very necrony (a word?).

Keep it up, and don't get discouraged by not having any comments! Just keep going, and they will soonflow in, like they have done for me today :)


dark blade
05-03-2008, 12:05
Death Korp. thanks for the comments, i am going with the scheme shown in the last picture as i think it sutes the kinda dark, gritty thing that the necrons have going on.

got some group shots of the 3 that i have currently got painted, however hope to round it out to ten by the end of the day as i am off school ill. but not so ill that i cant paint :)

hear is the group from the front,


and a close up,


and the back, (just to show off the little 'spines' that theyu have on the sholder pads)


05-03-2008, 13:47
Don't worry too much about the lack of interest, give it awhile and people will start popping in and saying hello, with c&c also.

I much prefer the newer necron scheme as you say the original didn;t quite seem to "work" too well.

If you can try and get brighter pictures of these robotic death machines it would be great (as it is your photo skills outstrip mine).

What kind of bases are you going for?

Hadriel Caine
05-03-2008, 15:26
nice 'crons there mate! i like the yellow and black scheme a lot, you'll get used to making bolder lines too!

tip about photo taking. use a white backdrop in natural or soft light if you can. maybe steady the camera... i use a pile of post-it notes but i hear camera tripods are good too...!

05-03-2008, 18:06
Keep it up with the necrons matey, I keep looking for inspiration for the tons of 'crons I picked up cheap recently. This is the 2nd army I've seen making good use of yellow, that might be the way to go.