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28-02-2008, 23:19
having just finished painting my third dragon :D I thought I'd make a list for them.

Star Dragon, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of defence, Amulet of light, Lance.

Moon Dragon, Vortex shard, Dispel scroll.

Dragonmage of Caledor.
Sun Dragon, Silver Wand, Guardian Phoenix.



Full command, Banner of Arcane Protection.

Dragon Princes.
Full command, Warbanner.

Dragon Princes.
Full command, Banner of Sorcery.

Lion Chariot.

Bolt Thrower.

Bolt Thrower.

I don't know if it'll work in practice but it looks like it might be fun.
I have a local Skaven player I want to try it out on.
Warp lightning this :D

28-02-2008, 23:44
haha nice!

I'm myself trying to do a Caledor list, though as I recently started collecting the High Elves I'm aiming at a 2000pts list that contains 2 dragons.

I've tested playing some, and dragon mages arn't that very powerful. Except against some armies against which they wreck havoc. Either way, 1 dragon in the army is good, but 2 (or in your case 3) is more or less only a points sink...

None the less, I really like the theme, but as for the actual list:

1) Dropping the commands on dragon princes 170pts. Yes, it really saves you that much, and they still hit almost as hard! For 170pts you could simply get another unit of dragon princes, or something else that you want.

2) I personally think that tiranoc chariots are more suited for a caledor army than a lion one, but that's just my take on it;)

3) The spear elves would be better off with either lion standard (depends on opponent though) or banner of ellyrion. Or if you took my advice on princes simply give 'em the warbanner instead ;)

otherwise I like your list, hope it works well for you!

29-02-2008, 21:46
Not that I have any high elf exp. as player, but I just played a list much like this one.
You have 3 very expensive charater's where two of them likely never will see the big CC and are tougness 3 with little or no save and are large target's!?
You have 3 small unit (2x5 knights and chariot) moving fast over the table and 1 inf. moving slow and 4 shotting units!!!In a 3k game, how many skaven unit and warmachines do you think will be on the other side of the table??? There will be more shoting unit's on his side than you have unit's?!
If the skaven player is going shotting/magic like 99% do, your two knight unit will be dead in heartbeat and the chariot will not break the giant clan rat unit's with Ld 9-10... Even if you do the max 5 wound for CR you will still lose combat.
It will be hard even for the dragon to take jezzails fire.

29-02-2008, 23:15
The skaven player will have two units of 5 jezzails, and lots of warp lightning.
turn one, I move the dragons as far forward as possible, flame units with dragon breath, shoot the jezzails with archers/bolt throwers, fire off as much magic as I can get off.
in his magic phase, I turn off the magic with the shard denying him his entire phase.
turn two the dragons charge the flanks of the units while the cavalry/chariot charge the front.
All I have to do is weather one turn of shooting if I don't get first turn.

01-03-2008, 03:10
I really like the list. It's a bit character heavy, but I like it. Try to hit flanks when fighting skaven. It'll really **** him off.

02-03-2008, 20:59
You are going to change charge unit of skaven with 5 knights and hope he is so dum that he will leave his flanks open when he out numbers you in units like 3:1, you are joking!?
And may I ask why in the world he only would have 10 jezzails in 3k I played against skaven and 10 is a minium I have seen in 2k armies. But jezzails isn't the only shotning, what about ratling guns, warpfire thrower's and globadiers?
By the way you know jezzails have longer range than long bows, rigth? Why would he setup within range of you archer's??