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29-02-2008, 21:27
I've been planning a list for a 2000 pt tournament tomorrow. I didn't want to go with anything too off-the-wall, so my list is pretty plain but I hope to be competitive. Any thoughts are welcome:

2nd Gen. Slann, plaque of tepok and dominion, BSB-550
Skink Priest, level 2, diadem of power-135

20 Saurus, full command-270
20 Saurus, full command-270
16 Saurus, full command-222
14 Skinks, scouts-98
14 Skinks, scouts-98
14 Skinks-84
13 Skinks-78

3 Salamanders-195

I want to use scouting skinks to pester and march block and the non scouts to bait charges and get my saurus into possition.

Some options im thinking of are making points to have 16 temple guard instead of warriors to go with the slann, some chamelon skinks, or cutting down the preist for something but I don't know what.


29-02-2008, 21:33
I never really like armies with a slann in 2000. Not because I'm against slann, but because you don't have room for all the elements you need.

You're list looks fine and could do well. I won't get temple guard as you are pretty elite already and the way it is now lets your slann move around if he is in trouble.

29-02-2008, 21:39
Looks good, although I'll echo Malorian's sentiment on slaan in 2k games. Consider downgrading the skink priest to level one (you're going to be fine, magic-wise) and slapping quetzl on the slaan's unit of warriors for additional staying power, or maybe... ermm... make them immune to psychology so that they don't get run down by fear-causers?

29-02-2008, 22:30
what would you think about trying to find the points for spears on at least one of the saurus units. I've already decided to take the advice and downgrade the skink and give the slanns unit either quetzl or tlazcotl.

29-02-2008, 22:42
I'm no expert, but as I understand it spears cost more points than they're worth. I've heard of some people having good results with small units of flanking spearlizards, though.

I wouldn't worry about it, were I you.

Dux Ducis
29-02-2008, 23:56
A plain unit of 10 Saurus with no command and spears can work wonders as a flank-charger to strip ranks. Have a small unit of skinks to protect them from missile fire.

Otherwise I wouldn't bother taking spears in the larger units - Saurus typically grind the enemy down with thier two Str4 attacks, combined with thick skin, Tgh4 and shields.

01-03-2008, 00:07
Is that really worth the 140 pts is costs? You'd think a flank charger would be okay with HW/shield. That being said, I'm now thinking of using this detachment-esque unit.

01-03-2008, 13:23
You need temple guard. Drop the 16 sarri for 10 guard.

Id replace the [priest with a JSOD. 2nd gen slann makes the priest very insignificant.

Your sarri should be spawned of quetzle. A 5+ save on charging cav is worth a lot.

A scar vet with gleaming pendet would be nice as well. You could remove 2 sallies for him.

If you don't remove same sallies, id split them into 2 units.

01-03-2008, 14:02
Where is your Scar-vet with CotJW and GW? :O How can u got to battle without him? I mean: He is everywhere on the field! Chariots will have no chance against him..

Plus, u should consider giving your skink priest the cloak of feathers, and then cast sword of ruin, or bears anger on him. A perfect wizard-killer! And your opponent will never see it coming :P

Just my thought :)