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Bretonnian Lord
29-02-2008, 23:42
Warhammer Fantasy (7th edition)
Pitched Battle- 2,000 points, 6 Turns
Bretonnians vs. High Elves

Sir Eric’s eyes narrowed as he observed the scene before him: multitudes of silver-clad elves were assembling for battle against him. Regiments of disciplined elven infantry deployed in formation, covered on both flanks by watchful bolt thrower crews. He had faced these formidable warriors before: they fought with unnatural speed and dexterity, wrecking terrible carnage even amongst his armored knights.

“Sir Leofric,” he called, addressing his trusted friend and standard bearer. “Another battle with these elves is at hand! Are our forces prepared?”

“Indeed, milord,” Leofric replied, surveying the elven battle line calmly. “The peasants have deployed their war machines atop the hill top, as you commanded. A lance of seasoned Knights of the Realm protects them.”

“And what of the younger nobles?”

“The knights errant are restless and eager,” Leofric admitted. “They yearn for battle and glory.”

“They shall taste battle soon enough,” Eric said, taking a lance from his squire. “As for glory, it will have to be earned in foeman’s blood.”

Overview: My friend wanted to push his new elves to their limits, so we decided upon a competitive game of Warhammer. We prepared our army lists ahead of time and brought them to war, not knowing what we had in store for each other. Both of us had to proxy some models, which explains the assorted Lizardmen figures present in both of our armies.

Bretonnian Army List:

Sir Eric, Paladin General
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse, Lance, Shield

Sir Leofric, Paladin Battle Standard Bearer
-Gromril Great Helm, Sword of Might, Barded Bretonnian Warhorse

Damsel Meghan
-Two Dispel Scrolls, Bretonnian Warhorse

8 Knights Errant (Joined by Paladin General)
-Standard Bearer

8 Knights Errant (Joined by Paladin Battle Standard Bearer)
-Standard Bearer with War Banner

9 Knights of the Realm
-Standard Bearer

9 Knights Errant
-Standard Bearer

8 Knights Errant (Joined by Damsel)
-Standard Bearer

27 Peasant Bowmen
-Skirmishers, Villein

3 Pegasus Knights
-Standard Bearer

Grail Reliquae
-Total of 9 Battle Pilgrims



High Elf Army List:

High Elf Prince
-Blade of Sea Gold, heavy armor, shield, Vambraces of Defense

Battle Standard Bearer
-Armor of Caledor
-Biting Blade

Level 2 Mage
-Seer Staff, Silver Wand

10 Spearmen

10 Spearmen

20 White Lions of Chrace
-Full command

20 White Lions of Chrace
-Full command

20 Swordmasters
-Full command, Warbanner, gem of courage (Prince joins this unit)

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers


As shown in the pictures below:

The Proxied models are:


Saurus Cavalry/High Elf Silver Helms with Skinks: Trebuchets with Crew
Saurus Cavalry: Knights Errant
Men-at-Arms and Grail Knights: Grail Reliquae and Battle Pilgrims

High Elves:

Phoenix Guard: White Lions of Chrace
Skinks: White Lions of Chrace
Archers in Swordmasters/Spearmen unit: Swordmasters/Spearmen




Bretonnian Lord
29-02-2008, 23:43
Turn 1

A salvo of missiles erupted from the elvish bolt throwers, peppering the Bretonnian knights with piercing arrows. The elven lines advanced forward resolutely, their assault spearheaded by an elven Prince with his bodyguard of Swordmasters.

The trebuchets groaned in protest as they sent several chunks of stone masonry hurtling towards the advancing elven forces. Sir Eric was satisfied to see several of the famed elvish “Swordmasters” crushed beneath the heavy rocks.

“Forward, Bretonni!” He thundered, raising his lance skyward. The Knights Errant were only too eager to obey, hastening to come into contact with the enemy.

Bretonnians pray for the Lady’s blessing, so High Elves take the first turn.

The Elven battle line marches forward. The level 2 Elf wizard tries to cast a Lore of Metal spell on Damsel Meghan’s Knights Errant unit, but miscasts and loses a level.
The Repeater Bolt Throwers open up with a salvo, but the Lady’s blessing protects the Bretonnians.

In response, the Bretonnian Pegasus Knights surge forward, march blocking the White Lions and threatening the Repeater Bolt Thrower on the far left. Sir Leofric’s Knights and the Grail Reliquae move over the difficult terrain to protect the trebuchets. The Peasant Bowmen pretty much block Sir Eric’s Knights from movement.

Trebuchet and Bowmen shooting sends a few White Lions and Swordmasters to their graves.


Turn 2

Sir Eric winced as he saw several Knights Errant shot from their horses as another salvo of elvish missiles was launched from their bolt throwers. He smiled in grim satisfaction as his Pegasus Knights descended with fury upon one of the elf war machines, sparing no mercy for its crew.

Observing his right flank, his heart soared with pride as his veteran Knights of the Realm easily smashed aside an elvish spearman regiment, causing the enemy to flee in disarray.

The High Elves continue their advance up the hill. Both White Lion units reform to face different Knights Errant units. The two Spearmen units move ahead of the Elven Prince’s Swordmasters, creating a buffer. The Repeater Bolt Throwers skewer six Knights Errant in a particularly deadly shooting phase.

The Pegasus Knights charge the leftmost Bolt Thrower, while the Knight of the Realm unit charges a block of spearmen. The severely weakened Knights Errant unit faces the incoming White Lions, while the rest of the Bretonnian Knights move to better positions. The Peasant Bowmen move up the hill, hoping to get better shots at the Swordmasters. The Trebuchets concentrate fire on the Swordmaster unit, splattering six of them.

In combat, the Pegasus Knights easily dispatch the Bolt Thrower’s crew. The Knights of the Realm also wipe out the Elf spearmen unit, but they overrun a measly few inches and their flank is an easy target for the other Elf spearmen unit.


Turn 3

A sudden blaring of horns filled Sir Eric’s ears, and he turned his head just in time to see the Knights Errant on his left flank being overrun by a group of the famed elvish woodsmen, the White Lions of Chrace. Cursing at this unexpected turn in events, his morale dipped another notch as he saw his Knights of the Realm falling back in dismay, viciously pursued by elven infantry.

The Swordmasters and Spearmen double charge the Knights of the Realm, whose charge reaction is to flee off the table edge. The White Lions charge the Knights Errant unit on the left end of the battle, who also flee, but are caught by the White Lions and killed!
The Elf mage tries to cast a spell from the Lore of Metal, but now a level 1 wizard, he fails. The Bolt Thrower on the right side of the battlefield cuts down 2 Knights Errant from Damsel Meghan’s unit.

Damsel Meghan’s unit charges the last spearmen unit. The Pegasus Knights and Sir Eric’s Knights move towards the right side of the battlefield. The Peasant Bowmen retreat further up the hill, hoping to put distance between them and the White Lions. The two Trebuchets and Peasant Bowmen combine their firepower on the Swordmasters, leaving only the Elven Prince alive.

In combat, Damsel Meghan’s unit kills off the spearmen and overruns behind the White Lions unit.

Bretonnian Lord
29-02-2008, 23:44
Turn 4

Dimly, through the chaos of battle, Sir Eric could see his personal standard being waved by Sir Leofric in an attempt to rally the beleaguered Bretonnians, who were retreating in face of the elven onslaught. Sir Eric watched in horror as Sir Leofric was unable to rally the fleeing knights and retreated alongside them.

“Rally! To me, Knights of Bretonnia!” He roared, waving his lance in the air. The cacophony of battle was great, the air filled with the screams of wounded soldiers and the whinnying of terrified horses. “To me, Knights of Bretonnia!”

The White Lions are able to barely flank charge Sir Leofric’s unit, who flee in response. The Elven mage is again, unable to cast a spell. The Bolt Thrower kills 2 Knights Errant from Sir Leofric’s unit.

On the Bretonnian turn, Sir Leofric’s unit rallies, and Damsel Meghan’s unit reforms to face the Elf Battle Standard Bearer. The Pegasus Knights fly towards the Bolt Thrower, and Sir Eric’s Knights Errant follow in support. The Grail Reliquae positions itself to take the White Lions’ charge.


Turn 5

To Sir Eric’s immense relief, his disheartened knights rallied atop the hill, steeling themselves against the coming onslaught. The trebuchets launched death upon the elven infantry as the frenzied battle pilgrims exchanged vicious blows with a unit of White Lions upon the hill.

Sir Eric ordered his knights forward, determined to re-take the initiative. In the haze of battle he could barely see Damsel Meghan’s unit of Knights staunchly fighting the elves.

The High Elf Prince charges the Pegasus Knights, the Battle Standard Bearer charges Damsel Meghan’s unit, and the White Lions charge the Grail Reliquae. The Bolt Thrower kills off 2 more Knights from Sir Leofric’s unit.

In combat, the Prince does a wound to a Pegasus Knight, but still loses by combat resolution (he holds). The Battle Standard Bearer, however, loses and is run down by Damsel Meghan’s unit. The Grail Reliquae loses 3 Battle Pilgrims, but kills one White Lion in return.

On the Bretonnian turn, Damsel Meghan and Sir Eric position their units to charge the Elven Prince engaged with the Pegasus Knights. Sir Leofric’s unit escapes from the difficult terrain it was mired in. The Trebuchets and Bowmen together bring down 2 White Lions.

In combat, the Prince finishes off the wounded Pegasus Knight, but the Pegasus Knights do a wound to him! The Prince still refuses to flee. The White Lions kill several more Battle Pilgrims, but another White Lion is killed for their troubles.


Turn 6

Sir Eric saw the Elven prince, now deprived of his bodyguard, fighting alone against a unit of Bretonnian Pegasus Knights. The elf fought with incredible skill, dancing around the Bretonnian warriors who struggled to land a solid hit.

“Knights of Bretonnia!” Sir Eric addressed his lance of Knights Errant, who had struggled to control their eagerness for war throughout the entire battle. He would restrain them no longer. “In the name of the Lady, King, and Bretonnia! Charge!”

The High Elf mage charges a Trebuchet, causing the Peasant crew to flee off the table. The Bolt Thrower fails to kill a knight from Sir Leofric’s unit.

In combat, the White Lions kill more of the Battle Pilgrims, but the stubborn peasants hold. Similarly, the Elven Prince cannot finish off the Pegasus Knights.

Sir Eric’s Knights Errant flank charge the Elven Prince. The Peasant Bowmen unleash a missile salvo at the Elven mage, killing him off. The Trebuchets, with their last shots of the game, fail to flatten anything.

In combat, the Elf Prince heavily loses combat resolution and is run down by Sir Eric’s Knights. The White Lions finish off the last Battle Pilgrim, leaving the Grail Reliquae alive, but the unit still holds its ground.


Bretonnian Lord
29-02-2008, 23:45

Sir Eric tore off his great helmet, taking in several gulps of air. Across the battlefield, his knights were harrying the retreating elf forces. Despite the immense casualties incurred, his knights had managed to rally and counter-attack. The Elf prince and his army were now scattered in disarray.

He raised his splintered and bloodied lance in victory.

Sir Eric’s Bretonnians score enough victory points for a Minor Victory over the High Elves, their victory points falling slightly short of a Solid Victory.

Surviving Bretonnian units:

2 Pegasus Knights
14 Knights Errant
Sir Leofric, Sir Eric, and Damsel Meghan
27 Peasant Bowmen
A Trebuchet
Grail Reliquae

Surviving High Elf units:

A Bolt Thrower
29 (Give or take a few) White Lions

End-Game Overview:

Overall, I’d say my strategy worked decently. I went cheap on characters and magic, hoping to swamp him with hordes of Knights Errant. It worked to a degree, but not as much as I was hoping for. Those two blocks of White Lions really limited my choices- each of them alone could probably take a charge from two units of Knights Errant simultaneously, hold, and break them in the following few turns. Therefore I concentrated my energy on ignoring the White Lions (or tar pitting them with the Grail Reliquae) and attacking the rest of his army. I made some “iffy” decisions, like choosing to flee with two of my Knights Errant unit, which ended up giving the High Elves free victory points. On the other hand, having Sir Leofric’s unit flee saved him from certain death by the White Lions. Hopefully my friend (Big Chief Slapahoe on these forums) will give some of his thoughts on the battle when he reads this.

Also, check out our 40k battle report too. I'm Eldar and he's Tau. :p

01-03-2008, 03:19
The high elf player had a major flaw. In this case, he should've put more points to anti cav stuff. Congrats on winning though.

01-03-2008, 12:27
a very un-knightly game with all this fleeing :)
It won you the fight though. Nice rep.

01-03-2008, 14:08
That's a lot of knights errant... but then against it's not like he had a lot of units to bait with.

Why did you put the archers infront of the knights so they couldn't move first turn?

I'd have to say this is a perfect style for battle reports. A bit of fluff, then when really happened, and then a picture to show it all.

Very nice.

Edit: You know everyone says all that brets do is charge, but when we do something else like flee and bait we get called cowards. It's not fair... *sniff*

Big Chief Slapahoe
01-03-2008, 15:46
Hi this is Chief just saying that my friend is a skilled opponent, and we win about 50% of the battles against each other, so neither force was unfair. however the fact he wasnt a tard and evaded my white lions completely was rather frustrating. Eric sure likes to spam his errants too, but i was sort of spamming infantry.

01-03-2008, 15:56
I'm not saying he was being cheesy by having lots of KE, I'm saying it's dangerous.

I don't like the treat of being baited and having to pass ld tests to stop it. Plus the WS3 can really hurt against a close combat army.

Had the HE team had more units like eagles it could have really thrown off the brets as their knights made charges they didn't want to.

02-03-2008, 01:15
I only got as far as the army lists before I stopped reading the report, and I have to say that the Elf list doesn't look too great. Firstly it’s illegal, as a mage can't have two arcane items. Then the three units of 20 elite infantry, none of which are Phoenix Guard, which are the only ones that should be taken 20+. No Dragon princes, Eagles, and in fact no non-infantry at all, and biting blade on the standard bearer rather than a striking first great weapon?
Don't mean to be overly critical, and it's great that not everyone takes min-maxed powerful armies, but the High elf player really didn't have the right tools to take on an Errant spam Brettonia army. In the hands of too equally skilled generals, this would be a no contest.

28-03-2008, 05:03
Sweet report my friend!

29-03-2008, 18:01
Good job guy for the battle report & the battle :)

But I think the HighElf list isn't very good :(

Photos are of a very good quality !

29-03-2008, 22:17
Have to agree with cyrush a bit. I'm not very knowledgable on the topic of high elfs (or brettonians for that matter) but the list did look like it could be improved somewhat if you want to "push the new elves to their limit" or play competitive.

and yes, WHFR page 121 should be read more often.

arcane items are items that enhance that enhance a Wizard's magical powers in some fashion. Only a wizard can carry an arcane item and no character can carry more then one

edit: I have to say it was a very well-written and highly entertaining battle report. Keep them coming!

30-03-2008, 11:03
Very nice, but the end was really unknightly, especially after the humiliation of your knights running and finally seeing a great opponent I think sir Erik should have challenged his opponent instead of running him down with the whole unit in order to make up for the humiliation. Your paladin has no style! :p

30-03-2008, 12:47
What was the High Elf Player thinking? charging his lone BSB and prince into your units. Characters chance of winning is slim to none if they have no unit to support them. Also why the blade of sea gold. When you can have a great sword. Sure they get to make there armour at -3 instead of no armour save, but if you can't wound with your strength 4 it doesn't matter.

Still a good battle. But your high elf player is still stuck with the old rules. He needs to play more to the new rules to have a better chance of victory.

Looking forward to your next one.

01-04-2008, 04:39
Good job guy for the battle report & the battle :)

But I think the HighElf list isn't very good :(

Photos are of a very good quality !

Have to agree with Ptolémée about the list being rather weak. I personally wouldn't have even taken a BSB and probably switched it up for some eagles. Those things are just awesome. But who am I to say? I'm still new with High Elves

Gabacho Mk.II
05-04-2008, 10:18
I dare say that an all elite army for HE's cant cut the mustard, even though it might look good on paper.

However, with a more constricted HE deployment (diagonal, in either corner, shoulder to shoulder and RBT's formed to shoort through the gaps of units) would have doubled the effectiveness of the HE army, and would have surely gained more fighting prowess than was displayed.

Monday morning quarterbacking. ;)

Gazak Blacktoof
10-04-2008, 18:34
If what you're proposing was a castle defence I don't think that would have cut it against the brets. Two trebs with bowmen in support are going to win a shooting match against 2 bolt throwers hands down.

The high elf list deffinitely needs more types of units, its fairly limited tactically and doesn't have a lot of punch IMO.

Conversly the bret list is failry flexible (if it a little uncontrolable) only lacking in magic defense.

10-04-2008, 20:00
Very nice report, but one thing on your list...Do either of your paladins have the grail vow? cause if not and since you dont have grail knights you cant take the reliquae..

Bob the Butcher
18-04-2008, 23:35
A very nice battle report well done. The format is a good one, with fluff, photos and commentary.

High elf player probably needed an extra RBT for fighting Bretts.

Stubborn white lions in blocks of 20 are ideal for beating up knights (I disagree with Cyrush's comment regarding High Elf elite infantry, White Lions are awesome in big blocks due to their stubborn leadership). I would've tried to avoid the grail pilgrims with the Lions, hitting them with sword masters instead would have been better for the elves.

Swordmasters I would have run in 2 units of 10.

An interesting battle as I have both these armies but have never used them against each other as yet.