View Full Version : clan eshin army.... can they work?

01-03-2008, 09:07
hey guys can a clan eshin army from storm of chaos or normal skaven lists work? ive had so many people talk me out of buying alot more eshin to make an army of them simply because "theyre a weak army" and dont hit very hard.
So id like to see if anyone could advise me in a way to make them work.

01-03-2008, 09:11
use terrain as best you can and never attack a block of infantry from the front

equip units with slings and throwing stars to whittle down these blocks before using your manouverability to flank them

tunnel teams are risky but great for taking out artillery and charging units in the rear

fight similarly to wood elves basicly

02-03-2008, 02:07
I have quite allot of experience with the Clan Eshin army, and all I can say is that if you are going to play with under cover of darkness your army almost entirely relies on your Master assassin with the Fell blade.

The army usually consists mostly of night-runners and gutter-runners which jump around generally annoying the enemy and killing fragile support units and missile troops, causing as much chaos as possible in enemy lines. Near the end of the game you use them in tandem with Triads to overwhelm single units by charging them in the front, flanks and rear. Eshin armies also benefit from skirmishing Skyre troops (Globadiers and Jezzails) to add some anti-armour and anti-ethereal firepower.

However, if your master assassin doesnít perform, you'll never get big wins, and would more likely take a hiding. The master assassin should be taken with the fell blade and talisman of protection (so you add least get a 6+ save), and be backed up by three sorcerers. I used to run two sorcerers and an extra assassin with the Weeping blade or Warp-stone stars, but quickly found out that you need to max on sorcerers to push through skitterleap, as this army really is a one trick pony.

Try to get the Master assassin into the following targets in order of priority:

1. Mages (to establish magic supremacy)

2. Multi-wound monster (units), as terror and fear can really ruin your day, plus d6 wounds just munches these guys up.

3. Enemy General

4. Battle standard bearer

5. Any other characters (for that juicy extra 100 victory points)

6. Chariots

7. Small knight units

Itís almost inevitable that the Master assassin will die, as you are throwing him into the hardest units the enemy has, and it only takes one round of fluffed attacks and heís dead, plus thereís the fell blade. However, do your best to keep him alive long enough to takes down as many high point enemy units as possible before he inevitably kops it.

To add m final thoughts, the clan Eshin army is quite an enjoyable one to play once you get past the learning curve; however it is very fragile (no Eshin units have armour saves and you suffer terribly from low leadership), so things can go tits up very quickly. Other disadvantages are that it can be frustrating for your opponents as you are essentially playing points denial whilst picking of his weaker units and characters, and that it is banned from many tournaments now as it is a SOC list.

However, in my humble opinion, I think you should give it a go. Itís a fun army to play and model (loads of L33t ninja conversions), and is very unique, as no other army plays quit like it. So give it a go, and if you put the energy in you will enjoy the experience I promise.

Go forth now young night runner, and may your blade remain hidden...

02-03-2008, 09:48
sweet thanks man youve really shined some light on playing eshin for me.
im definetely going to give them a go now.

02-03-2008, 23:30
Great :), hope you enjoy the Army, as I sure did.

03-03-2008, 17:38
Warpstone Stars + Cloak of Shadows on master assassin
tons of gutter runners with poisoned ramged weapons (tunneling really isnt needed)
couple of sorcerers for magic protection and the threat of skitterleap

It runs very similar to an all skink army
never attack any unit unless its something like a warmachine or tiny, low armored units.

I personally find this army too one dimensional, but havent lost the 3 or so times I have played it.