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01-03-2008, 12:45

Hello, Chaps. Its that time again.
Time for 'The Tale Of Fantasy Painters' monthly update!

So, we are Eight months in. Two thirds (Thats 2/3!!!) of the way through the project. We are now just have to keep going and bring it on home.

Still, around 20 of us left in so looking forward to seeing the best part of 4,000 points freshly painted this month.

Those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in month Seven. (February).

You should post up to three photographs of your months work and a photo of the army so far. (The last Eight months work). Eight Months in (depending on how many jokers you have used) you should now have a minimum of 1,200 points and a maximum of 1,600 points (Approx).

With the photographs of you work please include a description of each character/unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades, items and equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit and, if you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your months work.

You can also say anything you like about the highs and lows of your months painting. What you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc.

I will be posting my armies using the, now, familiar format. Please feel free to do the same. (or not!)

I hope you have all had a great months painting.
I can’t wait to enjoy the results.

All the best


The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete a 2000 point army in the next twelve months.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with the last day of July 2007.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post saying "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. 200 points for 10 out of the next 12 months.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.

All chat, questions, discussion, WIP, painting advice, encouragement, tutorials, etc, etc, should be on this thread.

A new thread will be opened on the last day of each month for each painter to post the next 200 point ‘update’ for the army they are painting and a picture of the army to date.

I will just take this opportunity to thank all the painters who have signed up for their interest and enthusiasm and for their ideas that have helped shape this project. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope this project is a big success for everyone involved. I also hope 'the viewers at home' enjoy the results of all the work of the painters involved.


AdHoC : Orcs and Goblins : 6 Months painting : 1 joker
Arhalien : Woodies : 8 Months painting : No jokers
Armos : Chaos : 6 Months painting : No Jokers
Catferret : Ogres 7 Months painting : 1 joker
Danny 76 : Empire : 4 Months painting : 2 joker
Deadorc : Lizardmen : 6 Months painting : 2 Joker
Dino : Empire : 7 Months painting : 1 joker
Doi : Dark Elves : 8 Months painting : No jokers
Harry : Dark Elves : 7 Months painting : 1 joker
Harry : Dwarves : 6 Months painting : 2 jokers
Harry Daemonic Legion : 8 Months painting : No jokers
Harry Vampire Counts : 8 Months painting : No jokers
Hespithe : Khornate Doombull ogres : 8 Months painting : No jokers
Huw Dawson : Dwarves : 8 Months painting : No jokers
jme : Dark Elves : 5 Months painting : 1 joker
Jonahmaul : Goblins : 3 Months painting : 2 jokers
Knighta : Skaven : 8 Months painting : No jokers.
Kraxnar : Possibly Out!
Netguru : Empire : 3 Months painting : 2 jokers
Sigur : Dark Elves : 6 months painting : No jokers
Silverstu : Dwarfs : 4 Months painting : 1 jokers
Tarsus : Dogs of War : 1 and a Half months painting : 2 jokers
Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull : Night Goblins : 5 months painting : 1 joker.
Zark the Dammed : Ogres : 6 Months painting : 1 Jokers.

01-03-2008, 12:51
Forgive me but with everything I have got going on I have completely lost track of where everyone has got to with their painting.

If possible could you include with this months post how many months painting (and how many jokers) your army so far represents.

E.G : Six months painting and 2 jokers, 7 months painting and 1 joker, etc.

That would be a big help so I can get the list all straight again. Cheers, Harry

01-03-2008, 13:32
Think you might need to edit the title of the post Harry, it's month nine WIP! Not actually started this month's yet but may joker & then spend all this month 100% finishing off the stuff i've started & then getting another 200 points done.

01-03-2008, 13:49
I'm back and with a vengence....

Middenland and Middenheim 8th

Units:Caption of the empire on barded warhorse, 10 hand gunners, and 10 spearmen.

Backround/Theme: Warriors from Middenland and Middenheim band together to fight against invaders.

Build/Conversion: The spearmen and handgunners are pretty much strait from the boxes. The caption had his right hand replace with a hammer hand becouse the word hand he came with was broken. Them I gave him a sheild from the last edition spearmen.

Painting: Same as the rest of the army.

Basing: Same as the rest of the army.

Still to do: Nothing at all.

Ups: Just getting them finished.
Down: Nothing really.

Points:Caption of the Empire, full plate armour, sheild, barded warhorse pts. 74
10 Spearmen pts.50
10 Handgunners, marksman with Hochland long rifle pts. 105
Total from last time 1191
All around total 1420
Caption of the Empire
Army shot
@Harry: Here's my record, 7 months painting, 1 joker

01-03-2008, 14:53
Think you might need to edit the title of the post Harry, it's month nine WIP! Not actually started this month's yet but may joker & then spend all this month 100% finishing off the stuff i've started & then getting another 200 points done.
Yes I spotted that I had gone bonkers and done that but don't seem to be able to change it?

It's nice to get stuff properly finished. Good use of a joker i'd say.

I'm back and with a vengence....

@Harry: Here's my record, 7 months painting, 1 joker
I knew we could count on you. :D

And a great looking months painting it is too. Your skill as a painter continues to improve.

Thanks for that. I'll update your entry.

01-03-2008, 15:07
That's a great looking army there Dino, they'll be very striking on the tabletop.

01-03-2008, 20:19
Painter Name: Arhalien
Army: The Twilight Host, Wood Elves
Painted this month:
BSB, amaranthine brooch=125
5 wardancers, musician, champion=111
Highs: getting the painting done in good time and to a standard I;m happy with
Lows: The faces on the wardancers are pretty poorly sculpted to be honest, and with the amount of flesh on the models and my dislike of painting faces these weren;t that great to paint.
BSB and last waywatcher
First 5 wardancers (there's one withpout the flock painted catachan in this pic, but that's been sorted):

I'll try and take a group shot if anyone's that desperate, but it won;t be that good.

Painted so far: 8 months painting, no jokers (but one month well under target)=1533
Next month: wardancer noble and 3 more wardancers

@Dino: Great work as ever; that army is looking really good, and putting mine to shame in terms of its size (I keep realising I've sort of taken the easy route here; wood elves with 4 heroes in them)

01-03-2008, 22:16
Joker one is being played. New job has utterly sapped my motivation to do anything, except the odd conversion. Hopefully this will get sorted soon.

Total painted to date: 1453 points

Congrats to everybody who is still posting. :D

02-03-2008, 02:26
Shizknits Horde

Units: Warlord Shizknit

Backround/Theme: Leader of the Clan, he's a tricky little hobbit that is willing to sacrifice his troops to save his own ass.

Build/Conversion: From the pack

Painting: 13 different shades of green, and some boltgun and green ink.

Basing: Green ink + food dye

Still to do: None

Points: around 190
TOTAL: ~1600

Highs: Not having to do anything, as he was given to me as a gift, from my brother. Gave me time to paint snikch, as well as fix up the next unit.
Lows: The top bit keeps coming off

Deathmaster Snikch, whom i painted this month, so that i was doing something useful:
Group shot:
@Harry: 8 months, 0 jokers

@Dino: Good looking stuff as always, and (nearly) first to post. What have you used to make that snow? Just curious, thats all. Looks great. keep it up.

@Arhalien: If you wouldnt mind, a group shot would be great, just to see the size of your force. It doesn't have to be a good photo, just a quick snap. Ass for your painting, you've done a good job with them.

Next Month: (Another) 30 clanrats... :(

02-03-2008, 06:33
Lovely stuff your painting just gets better and better.
How about an army shot. I love how thes eguys look all together.

13 different shades of green!!!
I get a sence your photography has not been doing your painting justice.

Love the job you are doing on Snikch. Have you considered a chestnut ink wash on the gold. it works wonders.

Congrats to you both for 8 months and No jokers. Great effort! Not easy to keep it going EVERY month.

02-03-2008, 07:54
@ Dino - ah, things are back to normal, Dino is first post again! Nice looking stuff once more Dino & the army looks awesome.

@ Arhalien - another excellent entry from you, for someone who wasn't convinced they'd get their stuff done you've managed to keep up with the pace better than most!

@ Knighta - it just seems odd not seeing a heap load of models as your entry! Some lovely looking stuff though, 13 shades of green?! - that's insane!!

Going to check my case but off the top of my head i think i've only got 1000 points painted which means i must've used my 2 jokers already so can't joker again this month which means i'm going to have to get my backside into gear & get Skarsnik painted soon! (Or i might just play a '3rd' joker and then 'buy it back' by posting 400 points worth of stuff at the end of the month)

02-03-2008, 08:12
I will say one thing about this. It helps a shedload. If I hadn't done this, then odds are I would have never got the army finished! :D

I'm only two months away, too.

Huw Dawson: 8 Months Painting - No Jokers.

I'll get an actual post up this coming week.
- Huw

02-03-2008, 08:24
13 different shades of green!!!

I get a sance your photography has not been doing your painting justice.
Love the job you are doing on Snikch. Have you considered a chestnut ink wash on the gold. it works wonders.

Congrats to you both for 8 months and No jokers. Great effort! Not easy to keep it going EVERY month.

Yeah, i'm not a very good photgrapher. Gave chesnut ink a go on snikch, came up pretty good, so thanks for the advise. And thanks for the comment.
You've done pretty well for yourself too, considereing the standard of painting, spread across your 4 armies :)

02-03-2008, 08:53
Yeah, i'm not a very good photgrapher. Gave chesnut ink a go on snikch, came up pretty good, so thanks for the advise. And thanks for the comment.
You've done pretty well for yourself too, considereing the standard of painting, spread across your 4 armies :)
Glad the wash looks OK
You can still do a final dry brush of burnished gold to brighten it back up again.

A wash of green ink will make the poison on the blades look nice and wet and juicy too.

02-03-2008, 09:18
Right, a group shot it is then. Don;t say I didn;t warn you ;)



02-03-2008, 11:30
Arhalien - you're a muppet! No offence meant! Although you can't make out indivdual details very well your army shot looks awesome! Excellent colour scheme which really brings out the dark & malevolent side of the WE's. They may look a little better on a grass gaming board with some trees around though! Your army is easily up there with some of the best on TOFP.

I am officially slack! Just checked my case & I really am on 5 months painting with 2 jokers which means I have to post this month. I may go for the double post at the end of March though as long as people don't mind too much but wil see how quickly I get Skarnik done. If I get him done in the next week i'll post as February's entry but really need to spend some time putting finishing touches to some of my stuff.

02-03-2008, 11:50
@Knighta: Good looking assassin there; I like the painting on the poison on the blades, although as Harry says, some ink or possibly even varnish to add a bit of shine would make it look far more liquid.

@Jonah: How dare you!!! :mad: ;)
I may try and get some pictures of the army the next time I'm in GW, although that may be a few weeks.
Thanks; given that this tale includes armies such as Catferret's, sigur's and dead orc's, I;m flattered you consider me to have one of the best :)
Good luck on getting your own painting done; if you get the army finished I'm not sure anyone will mind when you post ;)

03-03-2008, 01:03
Wow, those armies are looking great guys! Congrats to everyone whos has posted last months stuff already!

The White Lions should be up to a dodgy standard in the next few days so they should be up on here soon. I'm pushing them out to get started on March's painting, which involves something big...


04-03-2008, 05:37
Dark Elves

Units: 5 Cold One Knights

Background/Theme: Still none

Build/Conversion: Straight from the blister

Painting: Nothing special, more or less the same way I've painted the rest of the army

Basing: PVA and bicarb soda snow bases

Still to do: Just need to add some 'ardcoat to the black armour to give it a lacquer look

Highs: Actually getting them finished, got the cold ones done within three or four days of the start of the month and then lost all motivation to paint for two weeks, but they're done now atleast

Lows: Losing all motivation to paint for two weeks, and the fact that I can never get the riders to sit on the cold ones properly even after stretching the legs apart (and cutting my hand in the process, damn spikes)

5 Cold One Knights - 145
Month 8 total - 1542
Got quite a large month of painting points wise this month so I'll be back on track soon

Now for the pictures:

Cold One Front shot

Cold One Knights Angle Shot

and the army so far

@ Harry: 8 months painting an no jokers so far

@ Dino: The army is really taking shape now, well done

@ Arhalien: I really like that BSB, how did you do the blond hair? I've never managed to paint blond hair without it looking far too yellow

@ Knighta: Nothing to say about your warlord that I havent told you before, the Deathmaster Snikch looks really good. Must be nice for a change to paint 1 model not 30

04-03-2008, 11:11
@Doi: very nice looking Cold One Knights. I can empathise on the difficulty of getting metal cavalry on horses; the current dragon princes are equally impossible :(
The blonde hair is a recipe I got from Captain Wolverin for horses, and runs something like this
Tau sept ochre
Chestnut ink wash (thinned)
overbrush tau sept ochre
overbrush lightly bestial brown and bubonic brown
overbrush bubonic brown
overbrush bleached bone

Hope that helps :)

Dead orc
04-03-2008, 12:18
I've fallen behind... I've finished month 7s work which I never posted and I have 50% done month 8s. I'm going to get everything finished this weekend and then post on the sunday or else i'll have to drop out. :(

Zark the Damned
04-03-2008, 13:15
Sorry to be a spoilsport Harry, but you seem to have missed a month's painting for me and Ad-Hoc - we're both on 6 months done + 1 Joker. Seems you missed our entries in the last thread...

Also you need to fix the title of this thread, it's month 9 WIP ;)

I should be able to post my month 8 submission at the weekend, need the camera again...

04-03-2008, 19:10
Group shot looks great. BSB's Blonde hair makes her stand out in the crowd beautifully.

They are starting to look so cool all together.

@Zark the Dammed
Sorry, i didn't update the list for anyone last month. (life was too complicated).
Everyone is telling me where they are up to as they post and I am correcting the list as I go.
The names in Green are the ones who have been updated.
I will add you to those.

I seem to be unable to change the title of the thread can anyone tell me how to do it?

04-03-2008, 19:20

UNIT: Three Bloodcrushers

BACKGROUND/THEME: Vanilla Deamonic Legion of Khorne.

BUILD/CONVERSION: These are three classic Juggernaughts with classic Deamons.

PAINTING: Just like everything else in this army …. they were painted blood red all over then given an ink wash (or two) with a mix of red and purple ink. Claws, horns armour and details on Juggernaughts painted black. Then several metalics used to build up ‘brass’ colour.

BASING: Trying to take the themed bases even further this time. I made a set of linked bases. Ripped cork. Drybrushed greys. Lava painted by layering up all the reds and oranges to sunburst yellow.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High : How well the bases worked out. Low : Disappointed with the metalics on the Juggernaughts. They need to be brighter.

STILL TO DO: Silver chains and some brighter metalics on Juggers. Green Glaze on hellblades.

POINTS: 3 x 80 = 240





04-03-2008, 19:26

UNIT: 20 + Dwarf Miners.

BACKGROUND/THEME: No special back story to this unit they are just miners

BUILD/CONVERSION: These are straight out of the box last edition miners.
However I have included one of the drunken dwarfs that clearly looked like a miner and I have converted up a couple of other drinking buddies for him.

PAINTING: I have tried to paint them looking a bit more neutral and ‘earthy’ … less colourful than some of the previous units.

BASING; Gritty sand, painted bestial brown, highlighted with Snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes with static grass added.

STILL TO DO: Nothing this unit is finished. (except for a few bits and bobs like lanterns and jewels).

HIGHS AND LOWS: All lows. (Except for finishing them. I got in a real mess with these). I loved these minis when they first came out and wanted to do a special job on them. In the end my ‘grasp exceeded my reach’ and I was unable to achieve the standard I set myself and found myself going backwards and forwards retouching them up and getting increasingly frustrated with my efforts and the fact that they were costing me another joker! In the end they I am reasonably happy with the result except for some of the faces which I will have to repaint at some point.


The army shot represents six months painting and 2 jokers.





I will try and get pics of the other two armies up by the weekend.

04-03-2008, 20:04
@Deadorc: Well if you have to drop out you have to, but it would be real shame to lose you; your lizardmen are absolutely stunning :)

@Harry: Thanks :)
Very impressive bloodcrushers; those lava bases you do really are fantastic. Where are these points values coming from out of interest? :p
Dwarves: bleh, stunties :p (still good though )

05-03-2008, 19:09
Very impressive bloodcrushers; those lava bases you do really are fantastic. Where are these points values coming from out of interest?
The points were taken from the 'Storm of Chaos' Deamon list.

(Or they would have been 70 points each not 80. ;) :eek: :D)

05-03-2008, 19:19
ooh! *runs straight over to rumours section* :p

Nah, I wouldn't. It would only start a wave of ranting and moaning probably ;)

Dead orc
07-03-2008, 08:51
Well, with a day off work sick yesterday I managed to catch up again! Pictures for the last two months will be posted on sunday!

07-03-2008, 11:58
*cheers!* :D
Great news Dead Orc! I look forward to seeing the pictures ;)

08-03-2008, 23:32
Sorry Harry. Me and Zark are gonna be late posting again. Camera and schedule problems. We've both got the actual painting done though.

09-03-2008, 06:46
No need to apologise.
I have not posted two of my armies yet. :D

But they are done (enough to post) and I have got pictures.
Just need the time to play around on photobucket. yesterday was taken up with watching the rugby and then the odd celebratory drink. :D

Dead orc
10-03-2008, 00:13
I've also photographed everything but lost the lead.... Its too late to go looking now so i'll find it after work tommorrow and get the pictures up then.

After that I should probably start on the bucket load of skins i'm doing for this month :S

10-03-2008, 12:55

I'm having trouble sourcing a camera at the moment. Thats why my entry isn't up yet...

- Huw

Dead orc
10-03-2008, 15:57
LIZARDMEN, and there orange.

UNIT: 15 Saurus with handweapons and shields + Full command
+ Terradon Rider, 1 Jungle swarm and a Saurus Scar vet.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Orange flavoured.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Nothing done to the saurus or the scar vet. The swarm has two very dangerous rocks on it and the terradon has a rider converted from a plastic skink.

PAINTING: Only WIP on the saurus, Basecoat Foundation orange then red ink.


+ managing to get it all finished!
- Having to rush.

STILL TO DO: Lots...

POINTS: 210 I think...

Total: 6 months painting + 2 jokers.

Yuck, bad photgraphy....




Dead orc
10-03-2008, 15:58
Since then i've dropped the terradon so he needs fixing.... as well as painting all this:

12-03-2008, 16:04
Right, slight problem with the plans for the warhawk riders for the future, as apparently the glade riders are not going to fit on the fell bats. This leaves me with a couple of options:
1: instead of fell bats use the old, classis eagles, if they're still available that is :rolleyes:
2: Find something else to take up the last 120 points, although i have no idea what. More cavalry sounds like a good idea to make up for the loss of mobility, and if I can find the points somewhere some wild riders (even though they break the theme slightly) would be an interesting alternative to just adding more glade riders.

Any thoughts?

12-03-2008, 19:12
How many old warhawks do you need?

12-03-2008, 19:42
3 of the old eagles (the ones in the old High Elf book). They're one of the later months so not urgent.
Would a glade rider fit on them though do you think? I'd like to check whether this will actually work first ;)

12-03-2008, 20:13
I'm here with a slightly late batch of Dwarvern piccies. Sadly I've had to use my pretty meh 3.2MP camera for these, and the lightbulb on my lamp is too low wattage for decent lighting...

Worst thing is, I've had to shell £61 out for exam fees! :O

Anyway, on with the pictures!

Huw Dawson's Dwarven Army - The North Hall of Karak-Karaz

LIZARDMEN, and there orange.

UNIT: One Organ Gun. One Grudge Thrower with rune of Accuracy.

BACKGROUND/THEME: A rather blue and red Dwarven army. Nothing special.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Nothing... I feel so lazy!

PAINTING: The war machines are basically just chainmail/mithril silver with burnished gold for the gold bits. The crew are the same as always.

BASING: GW flock, suprisingly underrated I feel. Its certainly more efficient for quick painting to use flock.

+ The metal crew are the best models I have ever painted. Hands down. They are LOVELY sculpts! The Bolt Thrower crew are also absolutely terrific (they'll be shown this month, hopefully), and the crew for the Organ Gun were also fun.
- The solid metal of the stone thrower... This was a nasty model to paint.

STILL TO DO: Nothing, other than the backs of the metal crew If I think they need fixing.

POINTS: 225 exactly!

Total: 8 Months painting, no jokers! That's 1570pts.

And here are the obligatory pictures, you picture whores you.

- Huw

PS: I'm pretty much set on an Ork army for the next ToP, unless Daemons of Chaos are just too... pretty... must... play... And I know the pictures are really poor, and there is no army shot...

12-03-2008, 20:21
Pictures look better than most of mine Huw. :D

Great work and congrats on still hitting target.

You could always pull a Harry and do Orcs and daemons... :evilgrin:

13-03-2008, 20:51
You could always pull a Harry and do Orcs and daemons... :evilgrin:

Last time I tried that, my wallet grew limbs and beat me senseless with a coffee mug. But now... it looks tempting. Darn you CatFerret! You have made my finances so much more difficult!

Now, food or minatures? :angel:

- Huw

14-03-2008, 18:38
Right, as the wardancer lord was out of stock when I tried to order it I;ve bought a wardancer command instead (as well as 6 wardancers); fewer points but more models and given that this is a holiday then I need to get as much done as possible. They;re in the garage atm drying after being primed.

And why;'s it all gone quiet this month; I'm sure there are plenty of people we haven;t heard from yet. Where are you all?

14-03-2008, 19:10
Now, food or minatures? :angel:

Coffee and biscuits and miniatures! :D What sort of geek are you? Pffft. Damn kids.


Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
16-03-2008, 08:20
Hello guys,

last weeks from me where a little hectic so I didn't have time to take pic's and show my work from last month:s, but I will do it tommorow if that is still good and I will also include some wip pictures from what I did for this month.


16-03-2008, 10:15
3 of the old eagles (the ones in the old High Elf book). They're one of the later months so not urgent.
Would a glade rider fit on them though do you think? I'd like to check whether this will actually work first
Sorry buddy ... only got warhawks not eagles. might be a bit small for a glade rider. they had tiny riders.

LIZARDMEN, and there orange.
No they're not. But they are nicely painted.:D

last weeks from me where a little hectic so I didn't have time to take pic's and show my work from last month:s, but I will do it tommorow if that is still good and I will also include some wip pictures from what I did for this month.
Its all good.
Just want as many as are still left in to finish as possible now. Folks have come to far to chuck it in now.

I am a bit behind myself. (Due to hecticness) my other two armies have been done (enough to post) for over a week I have just not had the time to post....

16-03-2008, 10:17

UNIT: 5 Black knights and a Wight Battle Standard Bearer.

BACKGROUND/THEME: No theme selected. Vanilla Undead (at this point).

BUILD/CONVERSION: 5 Straight out of the box, classic skeleton horsemen. I converted figure using an extra rider and a standard bearer on foot to make a new mini.

PAINTING: Bone : scorched brown drybrushed with mixes of snakebite leather and bleached bone. Armour : drybrushed with tin bitz and then chainmail and shining gold and burnished gold.

BASING: Gritty sand, bestial brown highlighted with snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes with static grass applied to finish them off.
STILL TO DO: Nothing. These are done.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Really quick to paint. Love the character of these minis. They also seem to look a lot like the new stuff.






16-03-2008, 10:20

UNIT(S) : 6 Dark Elf Cold One knights of Karond Kar.

BACKGROUND/THEME: The army of Karond Kar.

In the tongue of men the city of Karond Kar is called the city of Despair. It is to this terrible place that thousands of slaves are bought. Men from the old world, Elves from Ulthuan, and more from all across the world all destined to serve the Witch king. The wailing spirits of dead slaves are said to haunt the whole city. The Dark Elves love to hear this sound of dread and despair. It fills their dreams with delicious images of suffering and pain.

Karond Kar is the bastion of our Beastmasters. Here are the stables where the beasts that serve our great cause are reared and trained, The folk of Karond Kar also tame the ferocious cold ones. Hatch and hand rear the beasts and train them to accept riders.
When a child shows talent for taming animals he is sent to the city of Karond Kar to study under the masters who dwell there Beastmasters are also in charge of the slaves.

If you ever visit the distant city of Karond Kar, you will witness a spectacle that will fill you with elation and fear in equal measure. Upon the thermals of the sacrificial pyres soar the Harpies - winged beasts with a savage primeval beauty. Some claim they are the souls of slain witch elves given form. Others, that they are manifestations of Khaine in his aspect of the predator. They are creatures of khaine, that is for sure, for they delight in the tormenting of their victims and feast upon raw flesh. The Harpy is a sign of good fortune and it is claimed that if they were ever to dessert the city, it would fall to the enemy within ninety days.

The army will be made entirely from vintage Marauder miniatures.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box vintage Marauder dark Elf cold one riders. There were a number of different bodies but for this unit I have used all the same ones.

PAINTING: The same skin tones, armour, etc as the rest of the army. Just the slash of red on the plumes identify these as an elite unit. The Cold Ones are painted the same as the Hydra.

BASING: Same as the rest of the army : Gritty sand, scorched brown highlighted with bestial brown and bleached bone mixes. (I have left these looking more baron as I imagine the far north of Naggaroth to be).

STILL TO DO: Bits and bobs.







16-03-2008, 10:27
Actually neither Black Knights or Cold One Knights are completely finished but I had to 'draw a line under them' and 'move on' for now. I will come back to them when life is less hectic and finish them off.

Up next for me....

Dwarfs : Flame cannon ... well on the way to being finished.
Deamons : More Bloodletters (to fill out my three core slots).
Dark Elves : 6 Dark Riders ... coolest horses ever.
Vampire counts : Vampires!!!! Going to do something classic to represent the knights of Blood Keep.

Well done to everyone who is still in this.
Keep it going.
Couple more months and you will have achieved the original goal of a 2000 point army in a year and provided a big dollop of inspiration and motivation for the rest of us who have followed your progress.

16-03-2008, 10:53
@Harry; tis nae a problem; I'll probably be able to find some on Ebay
@Harry Vamps: Looking nice. Just one thing; is the axe on the chap painted yet or not, because it doesn;t look like it is, yet the rest of the weapons have all been painted.
@Harry Dark Elves: I think I've already commented on these; is anything likely to be done with the clashing colours eventually?

Onto my own painting: I've finished the first 2 wardancers but I'm really not happy with them; they're messy, quite badly highlighted and just generally rushed. Needless to say I won;t be batch painting them from now on.
I'll get pictures later but the camera is out of charge atm.

16-03-2008, 11:11
@Harry Vamps: Looking nice. Just one thing; is the axe on the chap painted yet or not, because it doesn;t look like it is, yet the rest of the weapons have all been painted.
@Harry Dark Elves: I think I've already commented on these; is anything likely to be done with the clashing colours eventually?
Yes. I was going to give him a drum, hack that off and turn it into a drum stick thats why I didn't paint it ...had not settled on exactly my plans for him.

Yes I need to take a long look at the whole army and decide exactly what I want to do with colours. I have been struggling with the colours for these guys right from the start.

16-03-2008, 18:35
Well glade to see so much good stuff this month but sad to see so many people have dropped out. But on to the comment son other people armies first.

@Arhalien: You know what I said about youre stuff already and it's all good.

@Knighta: Hurray more skaven. Man you do some good stuff. As for the snow I use a mix of baking soda, water, white paint, and white glue.

@Doi: More cold one knights are always good in my opinion. Nice job.

@Dead orc: It's been a bit sence I say youre lizardmen and to be honest I like what I see. Keep it up man.

@Huw_Dawson: Warmachines are always a good choice for a dwarven army.

@Harry: Saved you for last cause youre stuff is really awsome so here's my comments. Youre daemons are coming along slowly but they look really great. The dwarfs are looking to be one a really amazing force. Black knights and wright king look very nice as well and I can't wait to finally see some vampires in this army. And last the cold one knights are pretty good. Can't wait to see what else you paint up in the last few months.

And I have some good news for eveybody. I will be on time this month for my work this month. You'll see it when it's time to post our pics.

16-03-2008, 20:27
Right, picture have been taken, and they;re bad ones; the highlights are not that blocky.
And I take back what I said earlier, as I compared these to some of the other wardancers I'[ve done and that painting is about the same.
Anyway, pictures:

17-03-2008, 00:01
And why;'s it all gone quiet this month; I'm sure there are plenty of people we haven;t heard from yet. Where are you all?

Sorry I'm still up to my ears in work- I'll be doing my usual of posting last months at the end of this month- if I'm lucky. Have to get caught up at somepoint- hoping to get a couple of days off soon.

Quick comments:
@Arhalien- wardancers are looking nice mate- looking forward to seeing more stuff- hope the warhawks come off- sounds good.;)
@Harry- dark elves look great- the coldones skintones really enforces the army colours and the whole marauder era look is coming through nicely.
-VC- brilliant as always- great use of old mini's[particularly the army bsb], well painted and the whole army is ace.
@Huw-your artillery looks very, very nice-very inspiring and I like the crews- how you built the plastics and the neat and clean painting- splendid.
@daedorc- orange isn't easy to do well and you have got a great tone there as always, very nice work and especially like the shields- again brilliant tone of blue- keep it up.
I'll comment on everyone else soon- off to get a bit of kip..

17-03-2008, 04:02
Well so much for me only needing a few days of March to get Feb's work finished off...

We have had a hell of a heat wave over here, 15 days straight over 35 deg C and most of those have been over 38 deg C (aka 100 deg F).
Long story short, it has been virtually impossible to get any painting done, so I will attempt to get Feb's and March's stuff up for the next monthly thread.


Dead orc
17-03-2008, 11:19
Based all of the skinks yesterday, will be spraying them tonight and starting to paint them tommorrow. These guys may also end up not 100% finished.... but i've got a holiday next month so i should be able to catch up and get everything completed.

Well, thats the plan anyway... I doubt things will work like that.

17-03-2008, 14:33
Right, I have based and undercoated a Butcher and I'm going to get him painted for the next submission. I haven't painted anything in a while now so I'm intrigued to see if I can still do it.

I'm still determined to finish this army now I'm so close. I still have 1 joker if I need it. May come in handy while I convert the last 2 Maneaters.

Arhalien: The Wardancers look pretty damn cool despite your complaints about photography. They look suitably wild/feral. Think those are the words I'm hunting for.

17-03-2008, 17:53
Right, i'm just sneaking in the back door to comment on people's stuff & hoping nobody notices that I haven't posted my own entry yet!

@ Doi - awesome looking cold one's although I would've tried to put them on the new plastic cold ones if I were you (though many people don't like them I think they're good though not a patch on the ones due out in the summer!). Still excellent painting though & i'll even overlook the blurry army shot :p

@ Harry - awesome looking bloodcrushers, the bases are very special. Damn that's a small amount of models for so many points! The miners look excellent & the dwarf as a throng look excellent

@ Dead-Orc - nice looking lizzies, orange & blue work really well together so be good to see these 100% completed although I wouldn't have painted the shields on the sprue. makes me want to paint my lizzies now!

@ Huw_Dawson - we are picture whores & rightly so when we get to look at such nicely painted miniatures! Another excellent effort from you

@ Harry (again) - some more excellent skellies. Is that a beastman banner pole? army still looking excellent together. Don't remember you sneaking that zombie dragon in?! Afraid I'm not so keen on those cold one models, they look very weedy but the paint job is lovely all the same.

@ Arhalien - awesome looking wardancers. I think your army is one of the ones i want to see most 'in the flesh' as your photography doesn't to them justice

Now i'm running away before someone asks me where my entry for last month is!! (I've ordered 6 blisters of squig herders for this month & hoping to double post at end of the month) - adios!

17-03-2008, 19:57
Thanks all :)
@Jonah: well on these I think the photos are a bit kind in places as they don't show some of the shoddier areas of paint ;)
@Stu, Jonah, Dead Orc: Good luck getting your stuff done all of you :)

I've finished another wardancer but I can;t be bothered to post pics ;)

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
18-03-2008, 06:34

Great looking models harry:) I love it. Tonight it is update time for me:)


18-03-2008, 12:10
Hey people! Just a quick line to say Im still around and will post very shortly, have been crazy busy with uni work but post my work and comment on everyones when I get a chance to take some pics.

18-03-2008, 13:29
@Harry; tis nae a problem; I'll probably be able to find some on Ebay

http://cgi.ebay.com/3-High-Elf-Great-Eagle-warhammer-OOP_W0QQitemZ290215024275QQihZ019QQcategoryZ45364Q QrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD2VQQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p1638 .m122#ebayphotohosting
How about that for luck ;)

19-03-2008, 02:09
WiP pics for my next submission. Tis a Butcher with Skullmantle and Siegebreaker magic items. Model is nearly finished. Needs more gore splattered over him, the base finishing and his tattoos done. Oh, and his nipples fixed...


19-03-2008, 02:54
This is awesome, the barrel actually has texture. Amazing.

Love it.


19-03-2008, 10:26
Good stuff Catferret; I love the gnoblar hanging off his trousers
My one criticism is that the colouring of the mask doesn't look quite right to me; seems a bit unfinished in that grey colour. Maybe a metallic colour may look better?

19-03-2008, 14:00
Yeah, it didn't turn out well in the pics. None of the wood grain is showing at all and the colour has totally washed out to grey. Will redo it later today. Thanks for the input. :)

20-03-2008, 15:24
Is there a 'sacred colour' associated with The Maw? (Heh heh, 'yer maw', lmao.) If so, throw that all over the mask, or paint it so it stands out (bright red? white? scorpion frikkin' green?) - it should cause consternation in your foe after all!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
20-03-2008, 19:20
Well I really hate it, I lost my Usb cable for my kodak and I'm leaving for barcelona tommorow so I can't post my pic's for last month.

Harry is it alright that I post up 400pts next month?

@Catferret: nice looking ogre I really love how the skin turned out.


20-03-2008, 19:40
Yes. No probs.

21-03-2008, 17:54
Up next for me....

Dwarfs : Flame cannon ... well on the way to being finished.
Deamons : More Bloodletters (to fill out my three core slots).
Dark Elves : 6 Dark Riders ... coolest horses ever.
Vampire counts : Vampires!!!! Going to do something classic to represent the knights of Blood Keep.

There are some more of these still in the 'dip'.

Heres one of the Dark riders horses I mentioned.

This guy will be the standard bearer for my Knights of Blood Keep.

21-03-2008, 17:57
These are the miniatures I am planning to paint for the vampires in my army. (I might not get them all done this month).





21-03-2008, 18:58
Hmm, interesting stuff Harry; for the VC I'm guessing 3 BK + standard and 2 vamps on foot? or are the models on foot getting converted to riders?

23-03-2008, 16:08
Whoa. Awesome looking horse Harry! But isn't it too armoured for fast cavalry? Anyway, still looks great though!

Also, if no one would mind, can I post my finished 1k Night Gobbos here in the future? I'm already out of the Tale but I'm still proud of this rag-tag band of gobbos. hehehe

23-03-2008, 20:54
Go for it Saulot. While we pretend to keep some sembelence of order here we always like to see pretty painted miniatures!

23-03-2008, 21:31
Can those last two Chaos Champions you have even fit on 20mm bases properly? I have both of them and the first looks like it'd go on a 20 snugly and the second's feet overhang on a 25mm base.

24-03-2008, 12:35
And with the musician finished this month's painting is finished!
I've got (bad) pictures of the last three models I've painted; I'll get full pics of the 8 I've done this month for the final submission date.


Thanks for looking!

24-03-2008, 18:35
Arhalien: Cool. Seems your getting stuff done aheaed of time regularly now. Great work.

I may try to get another Butcher done before the deadline and see if Harry lets me buy back my Joker from this month because there are other folk who haven't posted yet. :evilgrin:

24-03-2008, 18:43
Thanks Catferret :)
And getting stuff done regularly only because of the holidays and my total inability to settle down to any schoolwork so far... Ah well, still 2 weeks of holiday to go

24-03-2008, 18:46
Hey folks... sorry I've been missing in action the last few months, essentially been flitting back and forth between New-York and my young lady's flat and haven't had a chance to get photos... anyways enough jabbering I guess I owe you guys a couple of month's work.

First up for January...

unit: Beast-herd... 6 gors with 2 hand-weapons, 12 gors with spears and shields, full command

this unit was a bit of a mission to paint to be honest, I'll admit I fear I rushed the ungors a little bit.. I may go back and touch them up at a later point. quite pleased with how the war-paint turned out though.


and for february...

units: Bray-Shaman with Braystaff

and 6 Furies

Not a fan of the current Bray-Shaman models so I thought I'd have a go at making my own, quite pleased though I think the fur-hood is a little bit messy, I'm not much of a sculpter I'm afraid.


and 6 furies... I'm afraid I can only get a photo of one as the other 5 are currently on display in my local GW as part of a painting competition, but there's not much variation between the others.


next month... marauder horsemen.

anyways lots of lovely stuff people, it's great to see so many armies coming together so nicely

@Dino: your army becomes more impressive every month, great work on the character too.

@Arhalien: lovely work as ever, the standard bearer in particular is very nice

@Knighta: nice work on the deathmaster... this has always been one of my favourite models and you've done an excellent job.

@Doi: nice work on the knights.. you're army's looking very impressive

@Harry: great looking Bloodcrushers.. the bases are fantastic as ever.
Lovely Dwarfs, I really like the understated 'workmanlike' look to your dwarfs. I hadn't realised how impressie they were till I saw them as a whole in that pic.
Nice work on the Vampire counts... I really like your black knights and I'm looking forward to seeing your blood knights next month.
Lovely looking Dark-Elves too... great job all round as ever.

@DeadOrc: nice looking lizards, keep it up

@Huw_Dawson: good work on the dwarfs... artillary-tastic!

@Catferret: Lovely looking butcher.. any chance of a group army shot?

great stuff all round guys.. sorry if I've missed anyone

24-03-2008, 18:50
Armos: I love the facepaint on the Beastmen. It really catches the eye. The converted Shaman is great too.

24-03-2008, 19:07
Armos lives!!!! :D :D :D *cheers*
Beautiful work as ever; I really like thos beastmen, and the shaman is wonderfully characterful.
The fury is nice, although it looks a bit shiny to me; has it been washed heavily or is that just the varnish?

25-03-2008, 00:02
Sigur lives too. Holy emperor, finally I have time to post my stuff here. Anyways, I have to catch up on commenting first:

@Doi: Nice as always. I guess your scheme for the Cold Ones is better than mine. I didn't find them to be that hard to put onto their mounts; some legs required bending and of course they had to be pinned in place and don't fit 100% perfectly well but anyway. That's the price you pay for having cool metal miniatures instead of that light plastic stuff.

@Daemon Harry: Cool idea with those bases. The transistion between the lava colours looks even better than before too. The models look great. Thanks for letting me see those in my lifetime; I wouldn't have thought I'd do that one day. Back, long ago, when my brother and I started a WHFB chaos warband, we fantasized about having Bloodletters on Juggernauts but that was darned costly. By the way, does the upcoming army book make you cange your plans for the army?

@Dwarf Harry: Lovely. Another very well-done unit. Be cautious though, people will jump into your face because of "zomg wrong flames!"-thing.;-)Your bases look very good again, as well as the conversions of drinking/drunk dwarfs.

@dead orc: Sure, they are WIP, so make sure you finish them quick! Orange lizardmen surely look cool, especially with blue shields.

@Huw_Dawson: First off, who's that disturbing man with a glowing sausage on a stick in your new avatar picture? concerning the dwarfs: Very nice, natural colours. It's always a relief to see non-armoured dwarfs.

@Undead Harry: Hey, you also did the undead this month! That, along with the Dwarfs, the Daemons and, as I know from your log, the DE means that you managed to paint stuff for all your TOFP-armies this month! Congrats mate.;-) Your undead army all together looks spectacular. Those guys you're going to paint us for your vampires will look great!

@Druchii Harry: Yay, Cold One Riders! Cool miniatures, good theme on the cold ones and good idea to add some red. Hey, when did you have the time to do that scenery bitz? Looking good and going very well with the army setup (front: no rocks, back: big rocks. Something like that). You were right; those are the coolest horses ever.

@Arhalien: Nice work as always. The blond hair looks pretty cool. I think that the blades need a bit of shading and highlighting though.

@Catferret: I like that facemask much; it looks vicious. Very nice details on him too. Once the gore is added, the belly won't be as prominent (and clean) too so go, go!

@armos: Looking great as always. Crisp, "fleshy" and well-shaded painting. Cool.

Beastlord Rakarth™'s Hunting Party (still work in progress name)

- Highborn Beastlord Rakarth and Bracchus
- 5 Cold One Knights
- 5 Dark Riders with repeating corssbows and Musician
- 10 Executioners of Har Ganeth
- 6 Shades
- 12 DE Warriors with RxB and shields (musician)
[- 12 DE Warriors with RxB and shields (musician)]*
[- 20 DE Warriors with Spears and shields (full command)]
[- 1 Cold One Chariot]
[- Sorceress on Foot]
[- Sorceress on Foot]
- 1 Cauldron of Blood

*[...] = painted before the start of the TOFP

this month:
- 1 Cauldron of Blood, 205 points.

*is inventive* Real evil elves hunting for slaves and fun ...and to sacrifice them to their god of blood for more killiness. +++NEW+++: ...or stab tem in the back.

Nothing fancy, just an Assassin. Cool miniature.

Painted him quick. I guess I finished him in two days. Since then, I did commission painting and quite a lot of other stuff (if you had a look at my log recently, you've seen it: weird mage guy, NMM studies, a bit of SoB painting). I really can't bring myself to painting DE these days. Comission work and annoying real-life stuff is much more important at the moment and painting Sisters of Battle is such a pleasure. I almost have my army of them finished (but almost everything needs a repaint *sigh*). Anyway, I'm at peace with this miniature. Can't say that I'm too happy with the work but it's not too bad either. When I got him two years ago or so, I planned to paint him up like Ryu Hayabusa from the originalNinja Gaiden games on the NES (yes, I also am not totally resistant to those stupid "I just saw a movie/played a game and I want my army to look like the hero because he's so COOL!11" ideas yet.). Glad I didn't do it in the end.

Of course it's not done. Are you expecting me to actually finish bases all of a sudden?! ;-)

The base.

-Highborn Beastlord Rakarth and Bracchus - between 470 and 550 really, depending on the equipment)
- "Hunter" Noble on Dark Pegasus - 175
- 5 Cold One Knights - 145
- Assassin (equipped with all kinds of overpriced stuff) - 175
- 5 Dark Riders with RxB (including musician) - 127
- 13 Executioners of Har Ganeth (including full command) - 173
- 6 Shades - 84
- 6 Harpies - 78
- 12 RxB Warriors with shields (including musucian) - 149
- Cauldron of Blood - 205

Total: 1311 + 470pts for Rakarth = 1781pts

The pictures:


Theoretically, I should paint up a unit of Black Guard for this month but I can't really bring myself to painting them. a.) I got no time, b.) Black Guard, as beautiful as they may be, currently suck. Don't know where this lack of motivation is coming from, maybe a natural reaction of my sub-consciousness to make my enthusiasm about the new DE stuff this summer bigger.

by the way, where's Doi and his laquered DE?

25-03-2008, 01:23
Nice assassin Sigur. Great subtle highlighting on the cloak making it stay black looking rather than grey.

I'm sure we could give you an extra week of grace if you painted a few Black Guard. ;)

25-03-2008, 08:40
by the way, where's Doi and his laquered DE?

Lurking in the shadows:D. Those Cold One Knights for this month did get laquered, just not before I took the pictures. It was already a couple of days into the month, as usual I painted half of the months work in the first few days of the next month:angel:, and figured I should get pictures posted up. On holidays now so I should get some updated pictures up tomorrow.
But I have to say I don't think my scheme is any better than yours for the Cold Ones, just different, yours are quite striking colour wise while mine are quite subdued.

Well unlike usual I've got my painting done well before the end of the month this time, just need to get them based and this will be the first (and most likely only:p) month I get my models done on time. Might even get up pictures of Mengil and his Manflayers tomorrow.

I'll post some comments tomorrow on people's work (which as usual is looking fantastic) but for now I've got to go and watch Stargate


25-03-2008, 08:42
Doi: Your avatar has reminded me that I haven't watched Pan's Labyrinth for a while. Best go dig out the DVD. :)

26-03-2008, 04:59
Well I did say Id have pics of both the Manflayers and the Cold One Knights today, but the Manflayers gave me so much trouble trying to get good pictures I couldnt be bothered taking photos of the Cold Ones anymore.


Not the best picture, but it'll have to do. These models were quite the learning experience for me as I was playing around with colours I wouldn't normally use (the lighter colours for the flayed skin) and tried painting more than 5 models at once. I put 10 hours or so into the cloaks alone but I reckon it was worth it. Now just have to get them based


26-03-2008, 10:48
The secrets of my new avatar are long and mysterious.

Let us say that it is not a sausage, it is a poker. And if you click the link below, you will see it comes from one of my favorite Flash MovieMakers, Weebl.


Yes, it is pretty daft... Although the chap in Late Night Shopping has the exact voice I'd imagine Harry to have.

- Huw

PS: Everyone cheer! Melons are here! I think I have just lost all respect from Sigur, but ah well. :p

EDIT: I just had the inspiration to do a High Elf army with my Avatar as the general...

EDIT X2: I think next month I will put my pictures in an attachment as well as on the main page - that way everyone can see them, even if they have some sort of firewall that blocks access to Photobucket.

26-03-2008, 11:30
Yes, it is pretty daft... Although the chap in Late Night Shopping has the exact voice I'd imagine Harry to have.
Not so much.

26-03-2008, 13:19
Ah, fair enough... Its certainly a distinctive voice, though!

- Huw

Zark the Damned
26-03-2008, 20:24
Afraid I'm gonna have to leave this project to you guys... I just haven't had the motivation to get on with more of my Ogres after getting everything ready for the tournament (guess I burned out)... plus with the problems getting hold of a camera I doubt I'll be able to post regularly any more.

So, I'll call it quits - it's been fun while it lasted, and it was great seeing all the top quality work being put out by everyone, but I've had to accept that between all my other projects, it's going to be a while before I go back to work on the Brassbellies.

So long Space Cowboys...

26-03-2008, 20:34
Have you not done more than 2000 points now?

Is it not just a case of you posting up the stuff you have alreday done that we have not seen yet?

Seems a shame to dip out now with only two months to go.

26-03-2008, 20:35
That's a darned shame. So what the hell are you painting then if not the Ogres (I'm not willing to accept that you paint nothing)?;)

Zark the Damned
26-03-2008, 20:42
Its mostly getting the pics done which is a pain... also it feels like a bit of a cop out to post stuff I've had kicking around for a few months rather than getting new stuff done (I still have a ton of Ogres left to paint)

I may reconsider if I can get the motivation up again though... I'll try get some pics taken but I reckon I need to Joker up for month Eight (putting me on 6 completed and both Jokers used...)

As for other stuff, I have a High Elf army needs painting (commission) plus I (was) volunteered to build a Stompa for an Apocalypse game in May, plus a ton of Website stuff to do too, so I don't really have much time for the big scary guys, nor for visiting Warseer.

EDIT: Hmm... while looking around my HD for some other pics (for another project) I found a couple of other random Ogre pics I hadn't posted yet... saves me the job of scrounging a Camera. Cancel that Joker!

26-03-2008, 20:53
Peer presure FTW :D

Zark the Damned
26-03-2008, 20:55
OK, back on the upswing here with my Month 8 Painting:

Unit: Slaughtermaster with Skullmantle (other equipment varies) = 220pts

Background: Thorg once ate the head of a Daemon while in combat. Pretty dumb thing to do, but he IS an Ogre, after all. It's started to have 'interesting' side effects...

Conversion: Not much done - basically it's Skrag's body and arms, with the right hand off a regular Butcher, the Chaos Giant head (which fit surprisingly well despite being about twice the size of a normal Ogre head) and a few bitz added.


Army Shot:
I couldn't fit the entire army in a single shot, although this is pretty much all the Ogres I have done so far.

26-03-2008, 20:55
Good to hear you may still be with us Zark; it'd be a shame to lose you as I really like your army; wonderfully themed.

And I bring bad news; I missed out on those great eagles. I meant to put in a bid this evening as I saw that the auction was ending the 26th at 11 o clock... I didn;t see that it was 11 am :(
Which gives me an interesting choice; try and scrounge together the unit from mulitple ebay auctions (which will be time consuming and expensive on P+P) or try and find something else to use for that last 120 pts.
More cavalry would probably be best, and I'm quite tempted by the idea of wild riders, although they'd be expensive and break my theme, while glade riders fit perfectly. The added bonus of them is that I get to try and paint a regiment of them well this time ;)

26-03-2008, 22:13
You probably would've got stung on import tax on those eagles Arhalien so don't worry too much bout losing the auction, plus everything happens for a reason! I'm sure some more will come up some time, just keep looking & maybe place a wanted add in the trading forum?

@ Catferret - nice looking Butcher though the mask did look a bit like it was just sprue to me because of the greyness of it though the picture doesn't seem to do it justice. Otherwise looking awesome & love the gnoblar on the back

@ Harry - looking forward to seeing that stuff painted.

@ Arhalien - wardancers looking awesome though picture a little blurry again!

@ armos - welcome back. absolutely beautiful mini's again. hope you don't do a disappearing act again because I really want to see that whole army painted.

@ sigur - lovely looking assassin, just needs basin :P

@ doi - how come the DE always seem to get posted together?! Pretty much same as I said to sigur, awesome looking models, just need basing! Post pictures of the cold ones, not fair to tease us!

@ zark - really like the conversion on that ogre, looksreally good & suprisingly that giant head does indeed fit very well!

on my own stuff - i've finished skarsnik (apart from the base) which was suppose to be last months entry & i'm going to do a unit of 30 squig herders/squigs. I started painting them tonight but got 8 squigs almost completely finished so think i can get them done with a few days leeway then double post at end of the month to be back on track. on to 30 night goblins again for next months entry then! Are we still going to meet up for some sort of TOFP army tournament?

26-03-2008, 22:22
Import tax from Wales to Bedford? :p Somehow I doubt it Jonah ;)

I hope that we can get some sort of meet-up going, even if not a tournament. McMullet mentioned it on the 40k thread so I think we should just poke Harry until he officially opens a discussion here :p

27-03-2008, 07:46
@ doi - how come the DE always seem to get posted together?! Pretty much same as I said to sigur, awesome looking models, just need basing! Post pictures of the cold ones, not fair to tease us!

Well it was Sigur's for this month and while mine are WIPs for next month;) Id have pics of the Cold Ones today but I spent all day playing warhammer so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. They are only updated pics anyway, you can find them before I applied the gloss varnish on page 1 or 2 of this thread anyway

@ Zark: Thorg looks really good, the use of the giant head was a great idea


27-03-2008, 17:36
@ Arhalien - wasn't the link you gave for an auction for 3 eagles in america?! We're a funny lot over here in wales so we may've charged you an import tax. we have to pay to get over the bridge & back in after all!

27-03-2008, 20:43
I don't want to hijack your guy's thread, so I waited until the end of the month, but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed this thread. It has been wonderfully entertaining for me to check in on this thread and see all the work you guys are making each month. Everyone is doing great work, and you can see the marked improvement in the armies, especially those that aren't the top flight painters. Very inspirational, and I hope Harry starts another one of these when this finishes, b/c I would love to get involved when I start a new army this summer (after finishing my DE).

Great work!

27-03-2008, 21:29
Bennietzel - don't worry about popping in & commeting whenever you like. We are a friendly lot & comments are always welcome! We'll be going again with another TOFP after this one has finished so it'll be good to get to see your stuff.

27-03-2008, 21:43
'Item location: Bangor, United Kingdom'