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01-03-2008, 13:47
I am quite new to Fantasy, having been a 40k player for some time, although I am familiar with the rules, just not the strategies. I have been asked by a friend to create an Empire army (2k), to help test my friend's High Elf army, and so it needs to be competitive but also not extreme in any way, unless that is normal for Empire (eg all artillery or whatever). This will help him refine his army against al comers.

Would any of you be able to help me come up with some ideas for an Empire army that I could construct? He has a whole range of models for me to use so that shouldnt be a problem.


Be Afraid
01-03-2008, 23:52
lv 4, 3x lv2, 4 cannons, 2 steam tanks and a million, billion crossbowmen :p kidding

i think the most balanced empire army wold have too include 1 of each unit, they are all cool in their own way

02-03-2008, 00:58
A Steam Tank is a brilliant choice for any empire army :D

Also Kurt Helborg *cough* lol, im a huge fan of him :P

But yeah, knights/xbowmen/handgunners (whichever you prefer) swordsmen, mages, cannons, steam tank etc. Are all good choices, i dont think there is 1 rubbish unit in the empire book :D

Sir Spoon 88
02-03-2008, 02:23
Against HE, you may have trouble finding range on handgunners and hellblaster early, and the S4 of xbowmen will prolly neg their armour enough to kill them in droves, as long as they dont have mass dknights and silver helms. Ive found, laurels of victory helps against 3 ranks of spearmen striking first and also xbowmen and maybe a cannon and a mortar.

HE Biggest threats:

Repeater Bolt Thrower: capable of eating your heavy armoured troops quickly and cut chunx in your block troops.

Saphery: 2D6 S4 hits hurts, espec if they casting it like x2 a turn. Also that 5+ ward save helps them survive nasty high Strength charges.

Phoenix "Cheese" Guard: Causes Fear remember and on top of that have their own ward save and a decent armour save and strike first and fight in 2 ranks.

These prolly the big 3 for you.

Empire Strengths:

Knights: Your knights can take a fair amount of bowfire, not really RBT fire, but bowfire and S5 on the charge wounds on 2's against pretty muchg everything they got.

Prayers & Magic: Unbreakable is priceless in moving, espec infantry, through a barrage of arrows and magic. Also soulfire is devastating, D6 S4, wounds elves on 3's. The ward saves helps you through them striking first and hatred helps make wat is left standing count. Combine these wit fire, if you wanna zapp them back or shadow if you wanna try and get your guys into combat faster.

Artillery: This will kinda depend on your oppenent. Big infantry blocks go mortor or hellblaster. If the using knights, hellblaster or expose a flank then CANNONBALL!!. If they using bowfire, i suggest the mortor. The hellblaster is only 24" range and that mortor will blow a whole in most bowmen units.

As far as heroes go, a warmachine/mage hunting Captain on a Pegasus will rock. Just make sure he doesnt get blown away before he can get to them.

Id think about using an Arch Lector. Fun, fluffy and helps in both combat and dispel areas. War Altars rock too!

Prolly need a mage to help dispel. Think about 1 scroll and a Doomfire ring. That will also sort out pesky eagles.

Hope this helps you some, i played HE wit my empire list just the other day for the 1st time and so i hope what i picked up from that is usefull to you.

03-03-2008, 18:23
Sir Spoon, this has reallly helped, thanks for your advice.

I have now played the game and was annihilated. This was because of the strike first on the charge thing and some poor dice. Its a shame because although I like the game of late this player has simply acted the rules lawyer and has sought to extract all the fun out of the game for me (he gets plenty of fun by whooping me).

Mini Battle Report:
Two detachments and knights go up one side and the centre. His knights go down the other side. He retreats his three detachments to a semi circle at the back thereby preventing flank and rear charges with knights and detachments. Each of my infantry blocks (swordsmen and halbediers - large) charge in along with my general and two of them run away (including the knights).

His knights setup for a rear charge - game over although i did kill his bolt throwers with my cannons (one killed itself misfiring).

I have to advance or I will lose due to his superior range and BS but if I do I gain no advantage in charging and he assumes a dwarf like defensive formation, am I missing something here? Perhaps you could provide further advice for next time (this is beyond a test game and is now more of a teaching game - for me!)


03-03-2008, 18:35
Phoenix "Cheese" Guard: Causes Fear remember and on top of that have their own ward save and a decent armour save and strike first and fight in 2 ranks.

I'm not sure where you got the two ranks, to my knowledge Phoenix Guard only fight in the first rank.

Sir Spoon 88
04-03-2008, 06:19
I'm not sure where you got the two ranks, to my knowledge Phoenix Guard only fight in the first rank.

Yeah my apologies, thought all block infantry had teh fight in an extra rank rule, lol, now they dont sound so scary, thanks for the correction

No probs on the help, but sad to hear any empire player getting whalloped.

04-03-2008, 07:58
Sir Spoon, do you know of a particular counter to the strike first thing?

Sir Spoon 88
05-03-2008, 12:34
Armour. They can strike 1st, and with elf WSwill proll hit you, but they gotta wound you on S3 which wounds on 4's and has no negs to armour. greatswords and knights. Also spearmen for Hand weapon and shield and also WS4 basic troop!

25-03-2008, 10:33
thanks I will consider this for next time!

25-03-2008, 20:06
if your relaying on armour be carefull, i know in my high elves list i almost always take two 6 man units of SM just to chill by my archers and bolt throwers. most people ignore them because they really don't move in the first few turns my Dragon princes move forward. taking all the fire. 6 Sm if charged get 12, 6 WS St5 atK's SO ALWAYS BE CAREFULL!

remember shoot SM, Wl are stubborn but will fall in time, PG are a good fear causing tar pit if i had to face a larg block id lore them out of battle and try to kill every thing else1
hope it helps! good luck

25-03-2008, 23:08
I've played against HE a few times now with my Empire and I have a few recommendations.

1. Leave the handgunners at home and go with crossbowmen. Strength 4 at 30 inches equals the range of the HE longbow and hits harder. Make sure you load up on plenty and aim to sweep away their archers as quick as possible. Once this is done hit their lightly armoured infantry.

2. Take cannon. Use these guys to lay down counter battery fire on the repeater bolt throwers. One good hit will usualy make matchwood out of an RTB and will alos provide your best chance of taking down any Dragon your opponant may field.

3. Knights are a great option but remember to keep them out of LOS of the RBT's untill you've dealt with them. Also steer clear of White Lions and Swordmasters as their GW and ASF can threaten your 1+ armour save. Use them to hit weaker enemy units. I found that my opponant was unwilling to engage them directly as it opened his numericaly inferior army up to the possibility of being engaged in the flank by my block troops.

4. Go for magic supression. A couple of low level wizards, a priest, a couple of dispel scrolls and a Rod of Power can quickly screw up a Magic heavy HE army unless they totaly go overboard (Arch mage + Book of Hoeth, several mages, Banner of Sorcery etc) where upon you can hopefully hold them back long enough to get into combat.


25-03-2008, 23:16
A steam tank and a waralter with VHS, thats all you need to kill a hole HE army, trust me