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01-03-2008, 14:49
Gordon Bennett! It's the start of another month and time for an update from the Tale of 40K Painters. Doesn't time fly! We're 8 months in now, so most of us should be at around 1500 points or so, which is a good sized gaming force.

For those of you who're in the tale - I think you know the deal by now. This is the place to post your painting for February. Since there aren't so many of us now, we can probably relax a bit but the general idea is the same as ever: Post in the thread to tell us what you painted, how many points it costs, a picture of each unit, how you did it and so on and so forth. Feel free to use this (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1790884&postcount=2) post as a template. Of course, if you haven't done anything this month, please post anyway to check in and, if possible, include some form of comedy joker image. Submissions in the next 7 days (or so) please!

For the viewing public, here (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1692451&postcount=1) is a brief explanation of what the Tale is about. If you want an even briefer summary: Basically, it's a way to motivate lazy painters to actually finish an army. Every month, over 12 months, we post 200 points of our chosen force. For two of those months we are allowed to do nothing and play a "joker". That makes 10 months of 200 points a month, for a total of 2000 points. Right now we're on month 8, so everyone should, in week's time, have between 1200 and 1600 points completed.

Last month's thread will now be locked - please use this thread for all posts, feedback, banter and so on.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Sam (McMullet)

As of the current time, the following painters are enlisted in the 40K Tale:

AnkhAngel ( Ankh Angels (homebrewed Marines) ) : 828 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
greyclaw ( Renegade Guard ) : 1036 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
Heldane ( Space Marines (Raptors) ) : 1684 points painted; 0 joker(s) played
Iziuth ( Eldar (Guard Allies) ) : 1001 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
Jim Reaper ( IG ) : 971.67 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
Marksekay ( Imperial Fists ) : 1020 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
McMullet ( Tyranids ) : 1257 points painted; 1 joker(s) played
Meticulous ( Space Wolves 13th Company ) : 1064 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
Norsehawk ( IG ) : 1146 points painted; 1 joker(s) played
Norsehawk ( Marines ) : 1028 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
penguin663 ( Death Guard ) : 982 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
Silvereye ( Eldar ) : 995 points painted; 2 joker(s) played
SuavelyDunn ( Eldar ) : 1429 points painted; 0 joker(s) played
Thoth62 ( Space Marines ) : 987 points painted; 2 joker(s) played

If anything in the list (or elsewhere) looks wrong, do feel free to shout obscenities at me. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!

01-03-2008, 15:52
Hey all.

Well I've been so busy with World of Warcraft and painting more bretonnians (I'm beginning to hate them nopw) that I've done nothing this month.

A joker from me I'm afraid.


01-03-2008, 16:52
No worries Dan, you're still ahead of schedule after January so the joker doesn't even count to your total.

Incidentally, I'll probably be posting my work next week sometime. Nearly there.

01-03-2008, 20:14
Shadows of Orphan VII: February 2008

This Month: Rune Priest with rune weapon/staff, bolt pistol, Chooser of the
Slain, runic charm, Mark of the Wulfen. 196 points

Total Army Points: 1260

Background/Theme: As a psyker, I figured it would be appropriate that this model's looted armor come from the Wolves great, spellcasting archnemesis', the Thousand Sons. The armor was taken during the attack on Prospero.

Build/Conversion: The stone spear is a SM arm, Fantasy Chaos warrior standard-beared hand, and a shaved spike of sprue. The shoulder pad just had hollows drilled out and cracks carved, with horns from the new Tzeentch aspiring champion head shoved in there. The strips of hide are just green-stuff.

Painting: Basecoat of black. Red was slapped on, many many coats, and washed in purple ink before being highlighted up to red.

Basing: Grey drybrush, simple.

Still to Do: There are a few teensy slips on there, like on the horn and the base, but that's about it. I'll get to them eventually.

Highs: The whole model turning out good.

Lows: Trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do with the right arm short of scrapping it. The hides cover up a really poor-looking bit of anatomy.


It looks far better than this, I have no idea how the camera picked up all those details I can't see.


Left Side:

Right Side:

The second two pictures have more accurate colors, and the first one is actually (more) in focus. I swear I'll get a tripod some day.

03-03-2008, 05:54
Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to say that I am frantically trying to finish the dark reapers for last month's painting. Will hope fully have them finished for the weekend & will post then. Don't want to have to joker...

Got a bit distracted by Wild West stuff so apologies to the group.

Will be painting a harlequin a week as these guys will be taking much more time (damn those checkered diamond patterns...) but a least there won't be as much armour (is that a good thing?) to paint.

Have fun!

03-03-2008, 13:37
No worries, Meticulous. Pictures have a way of doing that... Looking good though. Nice conversions.

I do have my squad painted, and I'll get some pictures up later tonight.

03-03-2008, 18:41
Silvereye's Eldar: February 2008


Farseer with oodles of wargear and lots of psychic-fu (165)
Spiritseer with witchblade and Destructor (51) - Bonesinger model.
Warlock with witchblade and Destructor (45)
Warlock with singing spear and Enhance (43)


Warlock with Conceal (40) - leader for last months Guardian unit

Total value painted 324 (go the splurging on wargear).


Minor stuff again, removal of hair and a weapon update (to the new shuriken pistol) for the warlock with singing spear.


Same colours use previously, the witchy weaponry was liche purple to warlock purple. The rune armour was just picked out in chainmail.


Will base the entire army at the same time when I decide on a terrain scheme.


Minor touching up and the gemstones. Still not sure on the robes though, I keep thinking I need to do them over. Layered from black to midnight blue...?


Highs: Getting a load of Rackham stuff to distract me.
Lows: Spraying indoors.

See thumbnails.

This month's task
Back to the tanky goodness. I have more spray undercoat and glue.... Hopefully the weather sill stop being rubbish so I can spray outside. I'm also going to try and get 20 Dire Avengers assembled too.

03-03-2008, 18:47
@Meticulous if you look at the first two photo's you have posted, there is a nicely in focus black under coated chaos marine in the background of shot. Maybe try moving the mini away from the lens a bit. Otherwise looking good, well worth the many, many coats of red. Looks like the champion has just ripped a lamp post out of the ground and is about to pound on something with it.

04-03-2008, 20:44
Silvereye: Thanks for catching that, it honestly never occurred to me. New pics have been taken, they look a gajillion times better! Also, for your base scheme, may I suggest winter? The white surroundings make those models pop like Jiffypop on a volcano.

And, now that it's visible, yes I know the robes aren't highlighted. I don't feel decent enough at robe highlights yet to try it, at least not on a nice HQ choice. He'll get attention later.

04-03-2008, 22:56
It could just be you need macro on.

05-03-2008, 13:36
Thoth62: The Brotherhood of Iron: February 2008

Bike Squadron:

4 Space Marine Bikers with 2 Meltaguns (148)
1 Veteran Sergeant Biker with Thunderhammer (77)
Attack Bike with Multimelta (65)
All have Preferred Enemy - Eldar (6)

Total value painted 296.

Edit: Total Army size: 1283


A few minor things. 2 weapon swaps in the forms of the meltaguns, which were put on bolt pistol arms. And the thunderhammer is a bit from the Iron Hands conversion kit.


Same as before except for one thing. Shoulderpad trim is painted blue, not red, to signify that this squad is from the 8th reserve company.


In progress. To this point I've assembled and primed the bases. I'll post a shot of the bikes on the bases when they're complete.


Bases and a few touchups to the highlighting. I also want to redo all of the highlighting on the black.


Highs: Cavalry Hammers FTW!!!
Lows: Lack of time and motivation. I'm begining to feel like I'm on the home stretch now though.



Right Side


Left Side




And would you believe it? I finally have a shot of the whole army. I must admit, it's starting to look awfully impressive.

I was hoping to do another tactical squad with a rhino, but I've been waiting on some bits from forgeworld since the end of December. At this point, if I don't get those by the end of the week, I'm going to slide over to option 2. Another devastator squad. But this time, they come with the awesome power of 4 heavy bolters.

06-03-2008, 14:46
Hi all, glad to see were all still here......

Ok this month i add my second termie squad.

same load out as the last! cant remember which one i posted so heres both....



thats 220 more points done!

06-03-2008, 20:19
@Marsekay - Very, very nice figures. Makes me jealous.

@Thoth62 - Army is looking good!

Will have my figures finished this weekend so will hopefully post on Sunday.

06-03-2008, 23:28
hey guys, i'm really not sure if this is the place to post, but i'd really like some help, i really like the paintings on here and i thought perhaps some of you could help me, i'm not a great painter but im slowly getting much better... i havent done very many good paintings and im aspiring to have atleast one amazing looking army...

Anyway... my question is, what can i do with capes? i've painted very little of them and very few Inquisition models, here is one model that i'm trying to finish off but is still a WIP...i still have to clean it up a tiny bit... but i just cant find what to do with his cape... (my painting isnt great so please dont destroy me on here lol) I just inked it black but i'd like to do something different like a pinstriped trim or something like that painted on... anyway here is the link let me know what i can do? please? any feedback (even negative) would be very very much appreciated...


07-03-2008, 10:39
Meticulous: Nie job - the second set of photos were well worth it!
SuavelyDunn: I guess painting cowboys is a mighty fine excuse for being late. Nice avatar by the way.
Silvereye: Good stuff. I think a fairly muted colour (grey/urban) for bases would fit well with your colour scheme - ether than or snow.
Thoth62: Cracking work on those bikes!
Marsekay: Another great unit, as I said to you on MSN I love the Termie offering his gun up to the heavens!
ShadowKnight: Heh, well I guess this is the wrong place... You might have more luck opening a thread in the MP&T General forum. Highlighting the folds in a cape requires quite bold highlighting, and some writing along the edge always looks good. That's what I did for my Crimson Fists Commander (http://warseer.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=320&ppuser=408).

Now, it's the 7th so I should really post my update...

McMullet's Custard Tyranids: February 2008

I'm currently finishing the half-painted 500 points I posted last month, so these models are only worth half their actual points.

Unit 1: 12 Hormagaunts, no upgrades. 120/2 = 60 points.

Unit 2: 3 Ripper Swarm bases, with "leaping" Upgrade. 42/2 = 21 points.

Unit 3: 3 Hormagaunts, toxin sacs. 36/2 = 18 points.

Unit 4: 1 Lictor. 80/2 = 40 points.



The setting for this army is a ruined/ruinous city that is being partially reclaimed by the desert as the Tyranids and Imperial forces fight over it. I'm also keeping a purely close-combat force as I don't like the ranged bio-weapons the tyranids use.

Most of the Gaunts are standard, except for a couple of reposes.

The Rippers are converted a bit, to look like they're coming out of the sludge/manhole or rearing up, ready to spring.

The Lictor is reposed a bit to be hanging off the wall, ready to pounce on some unsuspecting marine/guardsman/etc..

Same as usual...

Same. As. Usual.

The only difference is using water effects on the sludge for the Ripper base.

There are a couple of Hormies still needing final highlights. Also, some of the models are already chipped from being used in a tournament last month...

Highs: In addition to finishing most of the stuff I half-did last month, I spent this month tidying up a few things that I'd not quite finished from previous months. It was nice to see everything finished properly. Another high was using the Nids in a tournament (is this the first ToP army to have an official public outing?).

Lows: I'm getting a bit bored of Hormagaunts.


Lictor and Rippers:

Regular Hormagaunts:

Upgraded Hormagaunts:

The whole army so far:

Apologies for the shoddy army picture, but unfortunately it's getting hard to find space for all these models, not to mention the not inconsiderable time it takes to arrange 70+ models for a photo...

Next month I'll probably play my second Joker, as I want to paint something for my Lizardmen.

07-03-2008, 13:18
Looking really nice there McMullet.

A quick little update for me... I've got the bases for the bikes done, and I'm in the process of mounting the bikes on them. I've only done one, due to time constraints, but the rest should be done tonight, and I'll get some pictures of the based unit up then. Pics of the current state are in my P-log. (Including the finished bases, so check them out!)

Jim Reaper
07-03-2008, 14:39
Wave after Wave of Jim Reaper's Men: February 2008

Well here we are, another week of frenzied activity after realising it's the end of the month and I haven't painted anything results in this months stuff.

Unit 1: Command Squad, no upgrades. 40 points.

Unit 2: Sentinel, armoured crew compartment, lascannon. 70 points.

Unit 3: Infantry squad, missile launcher, grenade launcher. 83 points.

Unit 4: Lascannon team. 36.67 points.




Guard without any visible means of transport. I guess they could hang on to the Sentinels...


I was planning to model this Sentinel emerging from a sort of swampy thing, but time pressures mean that the conversion is half finished and will be applied to next month's Sentinel instead.


Well that would be the same as every other month so far.


Not done, again. I caught up on basing some of the other stuff, but I'm still behind.


The basing.


Highs: The Forge World Cadian bits are some very nice parts, I have decided. Plus I am now the right side of 100 models!

Lows: Didn't get those supernumerary 5 conscripts from last month done. Ah well, somtime soon I promise...


Infantry Squad and Lascannon:

"E" platoon Command Squad (That's the heavy weapons platoon, army organisation fans):


1200 points of Guardy goodness:

NEXT MONTH: Urg, this is a bad one. A sentinel (surely you jest Mr. Reaper!), 10 conscripts, an infantry squad and a missile launcher team.

07-03-2008, 16:05
I will have to psot my stuff tommorow. I left it at my friends house :(

08-03-2008, 14:27
Jim Reaper: I don't believe it! A sentinel and some blokes! I never know what you're going to come up with next. Great painting as ever, that army is looking seriously big and will make a very square meal for my Nids come May.
penguin663: Thanks for letting me know mate, look forward to seeing them. :)

I'm still waiting to hear from AnkhAngel, greyclaw, Iziuth and Norsehawk... are you guys out there?

Also, a question/announcement, mainly for those of you in the UK: Harry and I have been discussing a little get-together in Warhammer World once the Tale is finished. There probably won't be enough of us for a real "tournament" but it would be nice to meet up in person, have a few games and a beer or three in Bugmans. If you're interested in this, please let us know what dates would be good for you. Sometime after June would make sense as that's the last month of painting, and so far the weekend of the 26th July has been blocked out by Harry. I'm probably going to be away from the end of August. Any thoughts you have are most welcome!

08-03-2008, 14:45
A get together would be nice, if possible some time in the summer holidays as then I dont have to try to book time off work (working in a school can suck sometimes!)



08-03-2008, 15:00
When are the school holidays? From mid-July or something? It's a while since I was there...

I guess that would suit Harry too.

08-03-2008, 15:09
When are the school holidays? From mid-July or something?

They normally run from around the last week of june or the first week of July.

Anyway, It looks like I'm regrettably going to have to drop out of the tale.
I've got most of the models built, and a few undercoated, but that's as far as I got this month.
I thought I would have had more time this month but I had to write a long essay, and spent a good portion of my holiday rendering videos for a website.
I've also got my final project for my course starting in the next few weeks, so I'm likely to have even less time than normal for painting.

I'll still be watching everyone else's progress though.
Good luck to the rest of you, and thanks for motivating me to get some painting done while I was here :)

-Ankh out. :chrome:

08-03-2008, 15:11
That's a little disappointing... I'm sorry you have to pull out.

On the topic of a get together. It's likely obvious that I won't be able to make it, so whenever it is, have a couple pints for me, take some pictures, and have fun.

Cheers guys.

08-03-2008, 15:37
When are the school holidays? From mid-July or something? It's a while since I was there...

I guess that would suit Harry too.

Term for me finishes on the 2rd of july, so any time between the 25th of jluy and the last week of august would be good for me I suppose....prefferably the first week of august (just after payday see ;))

Its a shame your dropping out Ankh, seems that we're loosing memebers a lot quicker the the WFB tale?


08-03-2008, 16:04
Good luck with finishing your models, AnkhAngel! In a few months, pop back in so we can see what you have done at that point.

I'd have to say the get-together is a no-go for me, sadly. Airfare :/.

On another note, I started painting some Rubric marines again. Isn't that the ploar opposite of what I should be painting?

08-03-2008, 16:13
No worries, I'm painting some Khorne Berzerkers today...

08-03-2008, 16:26
AnkhAngel: Sorry to lose another one. :( Best of luck with your course and with the painting.
Heldane: OK, first weekend in August suits me fine. How's that for everyone?
Meticulous, Thoth62: I kinda figured it would be too far for you guys. ;) We'll have a drink on your behalf. Also, don't worry about the Chaos, you're closer than me, I'm painting Saurus Warriors.

08-03-2008, 16:35



Not done.


The basing.


Highs: Finally having a fully playable force

Lows: Rushed the painting




08-03-2008, 18:56
Also, for your base scheme, may I suggest winter? The white surroundings make those models pop like Jiffypop on a volcano.

Silvereye: Good stuff. I think a fairly muted colour (grey/urban) for bases would fit well with your colour scheme - ether than or snow.

I was vaguely toying with a pale red-desert or urban grey, however from your comments I think the ice/snow will be too much into the blue. I'm now toying with something crazy like a mare regolith/silicon dioxide glass (luna rock) effect.

I kind of like the idea they are warring on a dust covered planetoid with no atmosphere (although two of my pathfinders do not have helms....)

08-03-2008, 20:24
Heh, I was more thinking the Space Wolves - Thousand Sons connection.

Penguin: Who ever said Typhus had to be neat? Looks good.

09-03-2008, 00:49
Hi all, glad to see were all still here......

Ok this month i add my second termie squad.

same load out as the last! cant remember which one i posted so heres both....



thats 220 more points done!

I love the Guys on the far right of each picture :D
I can just imagine them standing in front of a Carnifex and saying


great job btw...

09-03-2008, 22:13

5 x Dark Reapers (including Exarch with tempest launcher, crack shot & fast shot skills) - 237 points

Autarch (Scorpion Chainsword, Shuriken Pistol, Mandiblaster & Forceshield) - 85 points

Total this month - 322 points


BACKGROUND/THEME: Originally played Ulthwe Eldar for many years and bought the new codex and models earlier this year. Saw the "Carnage Tale of X Gamers" on Warseer and the eldar of Rob Peck. Loved the idea & scheme and this gave me the inspiration to start my army in July.

Not very adventurous in the conversion front so most of my figures are "out of the box".

Black outfit, bone head (!), with red gun. Gems painted blue for contrast.
Autarch as many colours as you can think of....

My friend has designed and produced in plaster a series of bases which match the gaming table we play on. Drybrushed grey, black edges with the addition of static grass plus leaf scatter.

Nothing for these figures. Apart from getting rid of the shiny varnish that is...

Low: Getting carried away with Wild West thread on Warseer. Bad Harry for starting it :D
Figures are still shiny, but have got some matt varnish in a bottle, so will start re-varnishing eldar soon...
High: Decide to punish myself & finish the Autarch as well. Puts me well on plan for army completion!

Swooping Hawks. Definately Swooping Hawks. Yep.
Might be that Gravtank though...:evilgrin:

Have fun!


10-03-2008, 09:01
Hi guys,

Last month has been very busy for me. Uni and work have taken up most of my time. And it looks like the coming months will not be any better. So I've decided to drop out of the tale.

I'll swing by to see how you're all doing and hope you make it to the end. As for the work already posted by you guys, it really looks great.

good luck

10-03-2008, 15:29
penguin663: Yet another very icky-looking model there! :D
SuavelyDunn: Good stuff, the red and black on the Dark Reapers looks great!
Iziuth: Sorry to be losing another one. :( Best of luck with the painting and with uni, at least you got 1000 points done which is a decent sized army I reckon.

12-03-2008, 00:14
Sadly, This semester school is kicking my **** roundly, so I didn't get anything meaningful done at all, I have several figures that I started, but no time to finish them, so I am in effect, playing jokers on both. Which means my Marines are dropped out, and my IG are on their second joker, and to be frank, they are pretty much done for next month unless I can get something going.

12-03-2008, 11:07
Shame about the Marines mate. :( Well done for carrying on with two armies for so long, you've already finished well over 2000 points in total.

I'll put you down for a Joker on the IG and let's hope you can pull something together for them - you could always just 3-colour a Russ or something. ;)

12-03-2008, 13:06
At least its not like I have quit painting all together, but I am working on a scheme for my cadians and I did decide on a scheme for the catachans I have as well, If I get the urge enough, I may even do them as a selling army.

and while I could do a 3 color scheme on the marines, heck, I could have put up the whirlwind that I have sitting on my desk for this month, but its not done to my satisfaction, so it counts as unfinished. I just can't bring myself to do a low quality paint job. Which means that even if I never bought another figure, I would have at least a few years worth of painting that I could do before running out (if not an entire decade)

14-03-2008, 13:43
Not an update per say, but I thought I would inform all here. I had my first game with my space marines last night down at the store, and it sorta turned into the feature game... It was 1000 points vs. a Dark Eldar Kabal list. We rolled up Gamma - Cleanse, on a 4x4 Table.

My Army:
Chaplain, Jump Pack, PE-Eldar, Bolt Pistol Frag Grenades.
8 Assault Marines, PE, Furious Charge
-Vet Sarge, Power Weapon

5 Scouts, PE, Sniper Rifles

10 Marines, PE, Plasma Gun

6 Devastators, PE, 2 Lascannons, 2 ML's

2 Land Speeder Tornados, Assault Cannons

His Army:

Wyches, wyche weapons, succubus, combat drugs, raider, dark lance, night sheild

Archon, shadow field, hellmask (?), Incubi Retinue, raider, dark lance

2 talos

2 units, 10 warriors, 2 Dark Lances each.

Long story short, I won a solid victory.

Both my Land Speeders were gone by the second turn, as were both of his talos. But the speeders and the tactical squad forced one warrior squad to fall back off the table by the second turn. His wyches took several rounds to beat down my tactical squad, but they were in the open on my turn 6 and the 3 that were left got blown apart by the devastators. The assault squad annihilated the incubi squad in a single round of combat, while the incubi caused 2 unsaved wounds on the chaplain (master of sanctity). They then managed to take cover behind a downed raider before assaulting and destroying the second warrior squad. Scouts infiltrated into a position with ruins to get a 4+ cover save, and harrased by taking down a couple of warriors as well as 2 of the incubi.

In total, the devastators and the assault marines accounted well for themselves. The devs killed both talos, and a raider, and the assault marines took a warrior squad and an archon with his retinue, while the tactical squad took down the wyches raider and then held out long enough for the wyches to be caught in the open between the devs and the snipers. Scouts took one of the free table quarters, and the assault marines took my opponents table quarter for a solid victory.

I still need to figure out how to properly use my land speeders. It was a fickle game trying to avoid dark lance fire, while still being able to get into the 24" range I needed for the AC's to be effective. In the end, they didn't manage to do so, and only ended up killing a couple of warriors. No rending rolls to speak of.

24-03-2008, 01:02
Hey Guys,

Just trawling the forums before bedtime - and couldn't find the thread until page 4!!!

As an update, the swooping hawks just begged me to paint them (something strange about small lead figures talking to you - nah) and so I have finished 3 and am well on the way to 4. In total, there will be 6 including an exarch. Am on holiday at the moment (yay!) so will try to get some stuff "banked" for the coming months.

Looking at them Harlequins and thinking it's a lot of checkered patterns...

Will try and post on time for once...

@Thoth62 - good news on the victory! DE are a difficult army to play against, as they do have a silly amount of marine killing weaponry and are insanely fast if played well.

The meeting at Nottingham sounds good - are you guys thinking of a day/weekend?

Signing off as need beauty sleep (desperately before anybody adds anything)



25-03-2008, 17:29
Page four indeed! Shocking. I've nearly finished my Saurus Warriors. Whoops.

Congrats on your victory Thoth - it's good to see these figs getting used!

Good job on getting the Hawks done, SuavelyDunn I look forward to seeing them in a week or so!

No idea on the details of the meet-up in Nottingham yet, though I'll probably be over there for a weekend as it takes so long to get there...

25-03-2008, 17:35
It's good to use them. And when this month is done, I should have enough for a 1500 point army, at which point I'll use them far more often.

That being said, I've been terribly busy with home reno's last week and this week, but with any luck I should be able to finish them tonight. Which means tomorrow is for moving the furniture back in, and setting up my brand spanking new computer, (which I will obviously post pictures of... It's my precious) and hopefully get that dev squad done on the weekend.

However, they are still sitting at the same point they were two weeks ago when I was making good progress... I.E. they're primed... That's it. I need to finish up the black basecoat and then on to the rest. But it's only a squad of 7, and there is a lot of black on them (as in, the heavy bolters...), so they shouldn't be hard to finish in a couple of days.

And I might even take pictures at my next game with them.

01-04-2008, 11:48
Good stuff Thoth - now it's posting time, chaps! Here you go: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2486711#post2486711