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01-03-2008, 18:22

i dont have the army book yet, so this is just a rough list worked out using values from WD. so i dont no how to equip my lords or what upgrades units can have besides command. if ive got anything majorly wrong equipment wise please say, but other wise just leave your comments

Master Engineer
2 Pistols

Hand Weapon + Shield

12 Warriors
Shield+ Command

12 Warriors
Shield+ Command

10 Thunderers

10 Thunderers

8 Miners

Cannon + Crew


01-03-2008, 19:08
To be honest you're about 120(ish) points short of 1000 points right now but thats fine because you may want to do some work on the list. For instance you'll want you'll want your warriors in units of at least 20 men (dwarfs) to get full rank bonuses.

Next I'd either drop the command on your thunderers because unless the situation is really dire you don't really want your misslie troops in closs combat. But if you want to keep the commands or just don't have the models (I'm assuming you're using the BfSP minis) you could combine your thunderers into a 15 strong unit with full command and shield who can be fairly effective at both shooting and close combat.

You going to need the army book for equiping your character, but I can give you a fairly effective 1000 point list that would only require you to buy another 8 dwarf warriors. (if you want to get them cheap you can buy them from the battlewagon bitz section at the warstore, or check ebay, they're really cheap)

Heres a fairly basic 1000 point list

Thane- Shield, Master Rune of Swiftness (always strikes first), Rune of Cleaving (+1 Strength), Rune of stone (+1 to your armour save)- 117 points

Warriors x20, Shield, full command- 205

Warriors x20, Shield, full command- 205

Thunderers x15, full command, shield- 250

Miners X8 Full command- 113

Cannon, with engineer (engineer with 2 pistols) - 110

Total 1000 points

Hope it helps

01-03-2008, 21:25
thanks for the advice, once i get some more cash i will buy 6 thunderers to replace the commands,

but one thing i dont understand,how i only need to buy 8 more warriors, i have 2 sets of 12 so 24 and the list you gave has 40??

also what does the engineer joining with the cannon do??:confused:



01-03-2008, 22:35
'cause my math skills suck ,that was a typo sorry about the confusion. By purchasing an engineer for your cannon you can re-roll misfires, hopefully avoiding catastrophic misfires. :)

01-03-2008, 22:36

and i will probaly put my engineer with my cannon then, or get a second.

02-03-2008, 02:25
I personally don't like to use Cannon until 1.5K or so.
Rune of Forging is a must on Dwarf Cannon. It let's you re-roll Misfires on roll to Hit or Bounce. So with RoForging, you don't even need an Engineer.
But with that said 125 pts is rather price in a 1000 pt game.

I'd suggest you take a Bolt Thrower with an Engineer instead. For half the price, you'll get BS 4, S6 Bolt Thrower.

Unit of 20 Warrior is always great. But only put champion in a unit that will have a Character in it. A unit champ has same stat line as a regular troop, but with 1 extra attack. So he'll die just as easily as others. So there's no sense in paying extra point for the guy.
But if the Character is present within the unit. The unit Champ will serve almost like an extra "wound". And give flexibility when it comes to challenges.

As for Thunderers, I'd just take 10 in a unit with shields. They'll be just there for shooting.
If you do need to use them for combat, they'll just be there to flank charge whatever your warriors are holding up. 4+ save will ensure they won't give out easy CR to your opponents when you do a flank charge.

Miners can drop the command. With just 8 men, they won't be able to accomplish anything other than sacking warmachines. Which they can easily pull off with or without full command.
Prospector with Steam Drill can stay though, if you want them to be more reliable.