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Lord Inquisitor
01-03-2008, 23:20
Vampire Lord (450)
Blood Drinker
Crown of the Damned
Nightshroud (enemies strike last against him)
Infinite Hatred
Red Fury (+1 attack for every wound inflicted)
Walking Death
Extra magic level (lvl 3)

Vampire (175)
Level 1 wizard
Dispel scroll
Walking death
Dread knight (lance, heavy armour and barded nightmare)

Vampire (165)
Level 1 wizard
Lord of the Dead (+1 when raising skeletons)
Book of Arkhan
Black Periapt

Vampire (175)
Dark Acolyte (lvl 2 wizard)
Septre de Noirot (can raise double numbers of zombies)
Avatar of Death (heavy armour and shield)

20 Skeletons - spears, standard, musician (195)

17 Skeletons - standard, musician (146)

20 Zombies (80)

19 Grave Guard - full command (258)

10 Black Knights - full command, Royal Standard of Strigois (hatred) (355)

* * *

So, here's my first proper list with the new book. I've included brief descriptions of new items and powers.

Okay, I'm probably spending too much on my characters. I've already tried to cut costs (each vampire was 200+ points to start!). It's terribly easy to spend over 1000 points on characters with the new list.

The Vampire Lord goes with the Grave Guard, and should be able to beef up that important unit with his Blood Drinker. Hopefully he won't go stupid at a critical moment!

The dread knight vampire will go with the Black Knights (yeah, I know he can't move through cover). He's there to keep them marching (and hopefully benefit from their banner!), but he'll leave and join one of the ground units if I need them to go through terrain.

The Lord of the Dead vampire will hang around with the under-strength skellies and try and push them up in power.

The septre-wielding vamp will try and forge ahead and raise more units of zombies!

02-03-2008, 15:15
your second regular vamp has 2 arcane items...
Can i suggest also getting hunter in the dark and armour of night for your scetre de noirot wielding vamp.

Lord Inquisitor
03-03-2008, 15:57
Hmm... good point - I'll swap the Book of Arkhan and the Dispel scroll. Thinking about it... are you allowed to have an arcane item AND a dispell scroll? Or just more than one scroll per person?

I've been pondering about the hunter in the dark. It has a nice feel to it, a vampire, alone, creeping up on the enemy army. I just think he's going to get zapped with magic missiles or just charged - he can't even join units of zombies that he raises. Have you tried it?

03-03-2008, 16:22
Dispell scrolls are exemp from the one arcane rule iirc.

To me i would take the second level on your vamp, ok you lose 4 skeletons to do it, but the extra power dice and spell will be worth it in the end.

EDIT, oh actually id drop a vamp and take a wight lord on a horse, he gets to keep ethereal on your blck knights, also gets hatred AND can have 2+ killing blow.

Or, for something noone expects, give the wight the hand of dust, 2d6 S5 hits on the unit your knights hit? that will lose at LEAST a rank bonus before the combat starts, yes please.

03-03-2008, 23:07
do you really need a vamp lord in grave guard? they should be able to get by well enough on there own. i understand the combo with the blooddrinker, (i have been tempted to do this in many of the lists i put together) but truthfully its probably just too much with a fighty vamp lord, maybe if he was magic heavy and needed protection but otherwise too much.

03-03-2008, 23:10
Crown of the dammed is a 4+ ward, but stupidity. and he will "regenerate wounds" every successful wound he makes.