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02-03-2008, 01:15
This is abit of a themed army. while trying to be somewhat competetive, input apretated.

Dragon mage lvl2, silver wand

mage lvl 2, 2 dispell scrolls


10 archers
17 spearmen, full command, warbanner.

17 phoenix guard, full command, gem of courage, banner of sorcery.
6 dragon princes, musician
6 dragon princes, musician

2 repeating bolt throwers


03-03-2008, 17:36
Apologies in advance - I'm not the most experienced player - but I wanted to get you some comments on your HE armylist before I posted my own. One HE thread at a time...! :)


First of all, running through the points values, I get "1978 pts", which is 20 pts short of your total... are you missing something? An item perhaps?

The Banner of Ellyrion is always handy for Dragon Princes, although you're a few points short of that...

I assume that your 17x Spearelves and 17x Phoenix Guard are ranked six across, with Caradryan and the Mage filling out the ranks, right? That makes a couple of decent anvils to soak up opposing units, but my concern is that there aren't enough hammers. I don't know that either unit, even with a static CR of +3 / +4, will be able to win combat by itself (and Caradryan doesn't hit very hard, unless he is killed, of course...)

Your Dragon Princes could obviously counter-charge with authority, but they're probably already heading upfield to support your Dragon Mage, who otherwise would be left hanging by himself... not good, for what is going to be "Public Enemy #1".

You might be able to scrape together enough points for a small unit of Swordmasters (5x SM for 75 pts), although that might mess up your theme.

Or, swap out Caradryan and add in either:

a Noble with Armor of Caledor / Amulet of Light / Great Weapon,
or Noble BSB on Barded Elven Steed with Dragon Armor / Lance / Shield (still sounds like a funny combo to me...)
Either choice gives you a 3x S6 hitter with a 2+ armor save, for 130+ points... (and 40 more points to spend, in addition to the missing 20).

Overall, I think the list looks good and fairly competitive. Hope this helped...

04-03-2008, 01:51
Hi, thanks for the ideas, and sure i can check your list.
Iv played quite a few games, though it was some time ago with my elves, not used the new book.

Caradryan well, i like the model(but i could use him as a champ just), part from that i think he fits the army, I thought might be real handy against big dragons etc wanting to charge them but in the same way a bsb would be good to insure my blocks not running.

Was thinking of using dragon mage/princes sorts as extras, fleeing charges or flanking when needed, im aware of that neither spearmen or phoenix guard have enough to win combats good enough alone.

Getting a BSB on steed and one more phoenix guard would set me just short of a great eagle , so that would get me a magic item instead.

I could get a lion charriot, standard bearer for both knight units, one using banner of elyrrion. that would be pretty sweet part from the charriot maybe not being part of the theme that great.

Could add a hero with blade of no armor save, talisman of loec, heavy armor, shield in phoenix guard unit and a great eagle for warmashines/redirecting charges.

Not sure what would be best, mostly i think it be some work to convert the bsb on steed.