View Full Version : 2000pts Empire - Upcoming Tourney

02-03-2008, 18:07
So that time again to prepare for an upcoming tournament in the area, instead of my regular Lizardmen i decided to bring out the Empire, as i haven't had the chance to use them in a tournament yet, onto the list...

Kurt Helborg (325)

Ludwig Schwarzhelm (220)

Captain (128) Barded Warhorse, Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Aldreds Casket of Sorcery, Sigal of Sigmar

Mage (95) Rod of Power

5 Knights (123) Musician

5 Knights (123) Musician

6 Knights (178) Full Command

8 Knights (278) Full Command, Inner Circle, Banner of Arcane Warding

5 Outriders (126) Marksmen w/ Hochland Long Rifle

Cannon (100)

Steam Tank (300)


So that's it, few things about it that make me think "hmm?" are the outriders, not used them before and wondering if they are worth it. Also the 2 units of 5 knights, not sure on their uses over handgunners or the like.

C & C welcome :)