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02-03-2008, 20:16
I'm sorry, I thought I posted this here before now. I understand if no one can make it, but I thought I would present the specifics to anyone who can make it to Memphis on 2 weeks notice.

Final Check in will be at Noon, March 15th at the Memphis World of Battle, 6221 Holmes Road, Memphis, TN. 901-541-7700.

Approved armies are Space Marines, Orks, Feral Orks, Eldar v1.8, Imperial Guard, Baran Siegemasters, Black Legion and Lost & the Damned.

There will be three rounds of 2 1/2 hours each, with a 30 minute buffer/break between rounds.

Players should bring with them:

*Their Army, 3000 points
*3 copies of a legible written list. One for registration, one for your opponent and one for yourself.
*3 Objectives for use in the GT scenario.
*4 or 5 terrain pieces to help out (if possible)
*Some cash. There are soda and snack machines, and if you buy in, there will be some pizza.

Scoring will be explained at the tournament. But basically the scale of the win is by the difference of goals in the GT. (A win by 2-1 is not as good as 2-0).

Sportsmanship is awarded at the end of each round and is 2-10 points. The average of the score will be added into the final score.

Painting will be judged by all players, and the average out of 5 points will be added into the final score.

Local Epic players are planning a Friday night Epic gaming activity at the GW Battle Bunker and will be available for additional games for those who may arrive early or stay late.

16-03-2008, 02:48
Been there - won that..... ;)

Thanks to all for a great day of Epic. Hats off to Greg Lane for being a great mentor!

:skull: "Fight the Korps......live no more!!!" :skull: