View Full Version : Eldar Iyanden

03-03-2008, 18:54
Well after that great battle with stugmeister its got me back in the painting bug. and people who remember my blood angels and orks know that i painted bloody darn quick.

but i was going to do Tau but the cost from forge world would have been insane. i had 100 to spend due to a few things being sold.another reason for eldar was it was my 1st epic army back in the day of epic 40k and i do miss them after i sold them off.

so i managed to get a 2000pts army using the iyanden list.

so i got myself a single warhost box for all the inf i need.
and then:-
8 wave serpents
12 falcon
6 night spinners
a single blister of vipers to add 2 of them to the jetbikes.

so i though this would be a good starting force to battle with. and i will add units at a later date to give some more flexibility to the army.eg war engines and aircraft.

So now I sit here and await the arrival of the post when ever it gets here hopefully saturday.

so now i'm surfing the net looking for any pics on iyanden. If any of you guys find any good links please mail them to me.