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04-03-2008, 10:09

On Thursday ive got my first ever game of warhammer (yippie) kinda looking foward to it. But i know im most likely going to end up loseing, because 1. its my first ever game and 2. my oppenent is a gameswork shop employee. So yea he isnt going to be easy to beat or going to make to many mistakes, also i did a beginers game vs the same person and won, much by luck and him taking it easy on me.

My other problem is he is going to be useing a 1000points of wood elfs vs my 1000 points of high elfs. but, he knows pretty much every type of unit i could use because he sold me most of them or ive told him already what ive got. One of my questions is, what would i expect to see in a 1000 point woodelf army Vs High elfs.

Ive done a little bit of reasearch and im expecting, lots of archers of somesort, wardancer and dryaids. ( in my beginers game i was woodelfs :) and dryaids kinda kicked ass)

My army selection consists of........

1x Noble on Foot
1x Noble on Mount
1x Mage
1x Caradryan

16x Spearmen + Command
16x Archers + Command

10x Phonix Guard + Command

8x Silverhelms + Command
1x Lion Chariot

1x Bolt Thrower

Ofc i cant use them all becuase it adds up to around 1400 points, i put what i had here so maybe someone could come up with some idea's how to use certain units Vs woodelfs. Not asking you to choose my army, just wanted to know what you guys would do in my postion and how you would do it. When i go play on thursday i dont want to totaly get killed. I want to hold my own and give him a run for his money :) and who knows maybe beginers luck will prevail.

Thanks for taking time reading this, sorry for all the grammer and spelling mistakes it isnt my strong point :) but i tried.

Thanks Jack

04-03-2008, 10:51
Battle of the elves eh? This is a tough one, especially if you are facing a GW employee. It depends on what kind of guy he is, most of them at my place are the friendly fan types and I could see them going easy on someone if it is their first game.
But onto your list. First thing I would drop is Caradryan as he costs too much for only a 1k game. For your army I would use everything but the Phoenix Guard, add them last if you have any extra points. Add your mounted noble to your silver helms, the noble on foot to the spearman, and the mage to the archers. Give her either the lore of fire if he uses any tree spirits. I will leave it to you how you want to upgrade your heros as I don't own the High Elf army book.

Edit: fixed Caradryan

Good luck to ya,
-Private Jon

04-03-2008, 11:04
first of all, you can expact a lot of archers and wardancers of course.
also lookout for an alter kindred elf. its a nasty single model woodie character with a lot of punch and shooting in stock.

My oppinion; take the spearmen as core and give the silverhelms if possible magic attacks to negate the wardsave of the forset spirits. woodelfs have problems with dealing heavy armour.
magic comes in handy, because their anti magic is a little on the soft side.
and the boltthrower comes in handy to take out the archers in the back.

04-03-2008, 11:39
One thing i was thinking about is totaly dominating the magic phase as it is a low level game there wont be to many mages, fingers crossed. A possiblity i was thinking of was with my mage i was going going to have

Annulian Crystal - Remove one of there power dice and add it to my dispell pool with the + 1 on dispel i get for being highelfs, i think i could stop almost any spell he has.

Slivewand - for an extra spell, so i would have 3 spells to choose from. ( as i would make my mage lvl 2)

Then somehwere in my army.... was looking at the PG for this, adding the banner of sorcery for extra power dice to cast spells.

Also i was thinking about taking fire to, lots of dmg and with them being wood, if there is some other magic that is good vs WE feel free to say.

With the sliver helms i could give my noble the amulet of light - all attacks made by the bearer and the unit he is with count as a magical. (15pts) so fairly cheap to.

But could someone explain the magical attack vs ward save thing plz.

I kinda have a choice to make when it comes to the units i can use either the chairrot which sounds like it can dish out a lot of damge. with 2 S5 attacks and 2 S6 attacks plus the impact dmg. always nice lol

Or the PG with the magical banner and fear, and pretty tough to kill.

Out of them two with the magic thing, which would work out better? for hurting the woodelfs.

Also Caradryan is a hero choice and is 175 points. but i agree he is to many points for this game take up the same pretty much as i would use for my noble on foot and mage.


04-03-2008, 12:03
from my encounters much of the wood elf magic and items is geared around dispelling and counter magic.

you could use this tactic to stop your opponent using magic offensively but I wouldnt rely on it alone.

the WE are a very mobile force and I got an utter spanking off them for bad deployment in my last game. make sure you dont get flanked, once in CC they are weak and easily beatable, but the conundrum is getting in close enough to clobber the slippery little buggers.