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04-03-2008, 14:20
Hello all,

I've made this list for a 2250 ETC tournament (with the usual ETC restrictions of unique rare choices, up to two same special choices, e.t.c)


Slaan (4th generation, Plaque of Tepok, Totem of prophecy)
Skink priest (level 2, dispel scroll)
Skink priest (level 2, dispel scroll)
Saurus Scar-veteran (Great weapon, Light armor, Charm of the jaguar warrior)

13 Skinks (blowpipe)
13 Skinks (blowpipe)
13 Skinks (blowpipe)
10 Temple guards (Champion, musician, st.bearer, shield) = 215

3 Kroxigors = 174
5 Saurus cavalry (Champion, musician, st.bearer) = 250
3 Terradons = 105

3 Salamanders = 195
Stegadon = 235


Any suggestions?

04-03-2008, 15:12
Why a fear causing banner on the toad when the temple guards only are 10 man strong?


04-03-2008, 15:40
The fear-causing banner also has the effect of making you immune to fear, thus not auto-breaking (I know, snakeeyes can still save you), when beaten in combat by outnumbering fear.causing enemies. Helps alot with a stubborn unit, although I would personally beef up the unit a bit for survivability-reasons.

04-03-2008, 23:38
Take out the 2 priests, bring the slann to 2nd gen, and give him a plack of protecton. 2nd gen slann is way better then all the other gannerations.

04-03-2008, 23:48
I think you will find that Slaan rarely make their points back. Your army would benefit from some saurus units in lieu of the slaan and the temple guard. You will also have points left over to put some spawnings on your characters.

04-03-2008, 23:57
Take out the 2 priests, bring the slann to 2nd gen, and give him a plack of protecton. 2nd gen slann is way better then all the other gannerations.

Well, he can't do that due to the restrictions imposed by the ETC rules. (maximum powerdice used each turn = 9, including the free dice from the 2nd gen ability).

To be honest, 10 temple guard seems too much of a liability to me... Terror causers will have no problem dealing enough casualties to outnumber and autobreak the unit. What's more, you'll be obliged to deploy the slann inside the unit, making him a sitting duck against enemy shooting and the dreaded pit of shades.

I'd much rather invest in a larger unit of temple guard, even without the Totem of Prophecy, or an even larger unit of regular saurus warriors. Static CR will make sure they stick around.

Another thing that's bugging me is the saurus cavalry unit. Judging from the points cost, you have probably included a war banner (wise choice). However, the model count is too low and it only takes a single casualty or two to render the unit nearly useless. I'd swap the champion and musician for an extra model.

Finally, you're paying for 10 power dice when you can only use 9 of them. Is there any particular reason for that? If not, consider dropping the second priest altogether and buying yourself more troops (perhaps boosting the temple guard?)

All in all a good list, it can be very effective as it stands. (especially if you support the temple guard with the kroxigor and stegadon...this might negate the lack of numbers). Feel free to keep it as it is, what I just posted is personal experience, not a "must" in any way.

05-03-2008, 14:42
Thank you all for your comments. I will remove one skink priest and add some more temple guards :)