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04-03-2008, 15:31
Ok, this is a risky army, because it doesnt have a lot of magic for a 1500, but it does have alot of hitting power, which is what im gunning for, if he puts his mages on foot, my vampire wolf will chew on them, if they are in a unit, itl be that unit i go for first with the knights, because i reckon these knights can take a unit in the front, with a little help, every time.

Level 2,
Helm of command (gives a unit the vamps WS, as long as vamp is out of combat)
Black periapt (Stores a magic dice)
Avatar of death (not sure to go for 3+ save or great weapon, as this will be my general)

Infinate hatred (re roll to hit)
Talisman of wolf (M9)
Flayed H (2+ save)
Walking death (+1 combat res)
Sword of battle (+1 A)

Wight King
Barded Steed
The hand of dust (power Lvl 3, unit in base takes 2d6 S5 hits)


23x Skeletons
Full Command
Banner of the dead legion (doubles unit strength)

23x zombies

Corpse Cart
Balefire (all enemy mages are -1 to cast withing 24")


3x Fell bats

7x Black knights
Full command
Banner of strigos (Hatred)



Right, the idea is that they wont be expecting hand of dust on a wraith, and they will see i have no bound spells soon enough, so the knights hit (always marching due to varghulf) and get 8 or 9 S7 attacks, with hatred, and should have wiped out a rank or 2 in the magic phase.

Although 5 power dice is a risk, im hoping my ability to kill mages will make up for this.

I am considering giving the general the book of arkhan and something, but that means losing a dice storage, but gaining a spell they have to stop every turn. However that leaves him more open to attack.

The corpse cart is there to again minimize magic, i usually have a necromancer on it, in a unit of skeletons, but then i can have the wight, and he is pretty integral.


05-03-2008, 14:05
Nobody cares.... *Sniff*

05-03-2008, 19:38
From what I can gather, you'd like your general to stay out of combat. For this reason, I urge you to give him helm of commandment. Keep him near the uber black knights unit and grant them WS 6 when the time comes. WS 6 with hatred? Hmpf, I can...smell incoming killing blows!

Yes, that means you have to skip the gem which, by the way, 1/6 times kills your general. Buy him a hellsteed and pick the hand weapon/shield from avatar of death. 2+ save because of Heavy armor, HA/s, mounting AND mobility to avoid confrontation when wise to do so.

I'm not sure what you intend to do with the 24 zombies. To me, zombies seem like free points to the enemy if you deploy them from the start. Of course, if your opponent is whacky enough to fire precious shots at the zombies instead of other things, then they are wonderful :P.

They do have some useful functions when summoned, however. They can occupy crewmen, you can deploy them in front of your precious units as screeners and place them so an enemy unit won't overrun into the unit you want to protect..and so on.

I would cut out some zombies to be able to afford the hellsteed for your general.

Otherwise, I like you army :P

05-03-2008, 20:17
I don't get why u call this a cavalry army. U only have 1 cav unit. Its decently good, though.

05-03-2008, 23:31
I never said it was a cavalry army..

And yes the helm is a good idea, but how does a hellsteed (6+), heavy armour (4+) and a shield (3+) get me a 2+ save? (remember you dont get hw and shield on a horse) And then he cant join units, because he flies, so a nightmare, for the 3+ save, is the same but cheaper. Vampires cant take barding on their horses. For some reason..

Edited for helm. Its scary that my 2k army is this, minus a corpse cart, plus some gouls and a lord...

EditEdit: Oh and the zombies... are 4 points a model, and i can bump them above 23, 20 of them with ranks will be better than 10 gouls or skeletons with no ranks, because i don't have the magic to bump them much past 10.