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04-03-2008, 22:48
Now I don't consider myself ultra-competitive; I think the fun of a good game (of anything) lies in working your way to a victory. On the other hand, I'd rather not lose too often, and our local group is extremely competitive. For example, I'd love to try out the "Prince on a Dragon" armylist that won the UK GT, but a buddy of mine has gotten irritatingly accurate with his (always four!) cannons, so...nevermind. :eek: I'm hoping that the following armylist will produce its fair share of victories, and prove suitable for 2250-pt tournament play... Any and all comments are extremely welcome!

E.W.A. ("Elves With Attitude") [1998 pts]

Noble with Armour of Caledor, Amulet of Light, Great Weapon [133 pts]

Mounted BSB with Battle Banner, Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armor, Shield & Lance [218 pts]

Mage level 1, with 2x Dispel Scrolls [140 pts]

15x SpearElves with full command, War Banner [180 pts]
10x Archers [110 pts]

9x White Lions with full command, Lion Standard [190 pts]
15x Phoenix Guard with full command, Banner of Arcane Protection [280 pts]
8x Dragon Princes with standard, musician, Banner of Ellyrion [285 pts]
1x Lion Chariot [140 pts]
7x Swordmasters with musician [111 pts]
7x Swordmasters with musician [111 pts]

1x Great Eagle [50 pts]
3x Repeater Bolt Thrower [300 pts]

So the way I see it, I have three anvils to engage the enemy (WL, PG and SpearElves) and two hammers to counter-charge (DP & LC). Actually, the anvils might do well in combat by themselves... the Noble adds some 3xS6 punch to the WL, and the mounted BSB with dragon armor, shield & lance (that is legal, right? still feels funny...;)) brings a Battle Banner to the PG, which along with 3xS6 on the charge should break most units.

I've also got a couple of small Swordmaster units to guard the bolt-throwers, clean-up stragglers or serve as re-directors. (And I'd like to say I know exactly how to use the Eagle, but I don't really...)

So, here are my questions:

Overall, does this look like an effective "all-opponents" army?
I've never dealt with "comp" scoring - would this armylist be OK?
I think I'm generally better off if the opponent approaches me (I can still initiate the charge if it makes sense). Do I have enough missile fire (3xRBT, 10x Archers) to encourage my opponent to attack? Or should I add something else? Or... should I just advance myself?
Most of my units are small - are they too small? Especially, what about the 7x Swordmasters...? Keep in mind that I don't think I care about rank bonus for these guys; they're there simply for the hitting. (Basically, they're elven goons...:D)
One oddity of our local playgroup is that we've been burned enough by magic, that we tend not to use much, so my magic defense is just a scroll caddy, and a 25-pt banner of Magic Resistance (2) on the PG. I figure that it's almost like a Dispel Scroll (specific to the PG, of course), but the opponent may be forced to continually target the PG anyway because it's likely to be my primary attack, between the ward save and the battle banner. Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

04-03-2008, 23:00
1) It looks ok. You are light on your own magic phase which can bite you particularly if you deal with competitive people who are good with cannons. That Lion Chariot better have the ward save spell on it or it's a free 140 points. You can't hide it from 4 cannons and you won't have enough other things out there for them to shoot at over it.
2) It's looks pretty good comp wise mostly. You might get dinged for the two unit of swords like that since it appears min/maxing.
3) That's not enough shooting or magic to force them to engage. They can weather that and hold back to set up their assault. Nothing here screams "Must Engage!!!" to me.
4) I think they are too small, but that depends on the amount of shooting you expect to receive. 7 Swordmasters only need two losses to panic as well as really limiting the effectiveness. You also have little that can take on fully ranked units. That's going to be a problem. Reavers would go far in helping this and DP's as you have them are overqualified and facing the wrong usage in this type of a situation.
5) I wouldn't waste a spell on the PG personally whether I knew they had MR2 or not. I certainly wouldn't be throwing spells at them after that. MR2 is free dispel dice I can't stop. Hit the SM's to render them ineffective, strip a rank off the WL's, etc. About everything in your army I would hit before I'd burn more spell dice at the PG, particularly if your group limits magic enough. I'd combine the swordmasters into one unit, add the noble & war banner off the spear elves and run with it. Better combat ability and using them as redirectors isn't playing to their strenghts and makes neutralizing them harder.

05-03-2008, 01:04
To answer your questions:

1. The list is effective no doubt.
2. Let's just say I couldn't see how you would get a bad comp. rating.
3. Base your tactics on the list you're facing, but from the amount of shooting in your list atm, it seems like you'll generally be bringing the enemy to you.
4. Well they are kind of expensive as "bait-and-switch-goons", if that is what you are saying; spearmen would be a better choice imo if you're going for that sort of tactic. I guess they're ok at that size for purely utilizing their attacks.
5. Ummm you kind of make sense, but if I were fighting against this list (with dwarfs) I would aim strait for your spearmen, archers, and Sword Masters with shooting. Why would I take the risk of aiming at your PG, and you making your ward saves, when I have the assurance that my crossbows/thunderers will wound and kill your other low armored elves with no armor saves? With weakened support units, I can wither down your PG with combat resolution, should you seek to put them in combat.

Tactics aside, I like your list a lot, but I would just change some things: Drop an RBT for another great eagle, as well as a lvl.2 upgrade and a silver wand for your mage. Two RBT's are plenty for 2k, and I think having three spells will allow you for some supportive versitility for what little magic you do have.

06-03-2008, 02:21
Thanks for your advice guys! I'll try to experiment more with Reavers and Eagles...